January 15, 2004

Blogger really doesn't like Macintosh much, does it?

I'll have to investigate how to indent a paragraph and hope it's not as cumbersome as linking. The only thing it lets me do with a button is spell check, and the only word it's ever flagged for me as misspelled was not misspelled.

Update: I figured out how to indent. It is cumbersome, but I got my wish. It's not as cumbersome as linking.


Icepick said...

Really, I never thought linking was that umbersome, even typing everything out. Weird. I don't recall indenting without using the buttons on the compose page, though, so maybe that is hard. I just don't know.

WV: fustoma

Icepick said...

Wait, do (or rather, did) you mean blockquoting?

Ann Althouse said...

I think I had to type out the html code back then.

I was hoping for buttons.