January 15, 2004

After some deep thought, I've decided to go with my last name.

1. It's fairly unusual. I've never met anyone outside of my own family who has this name, though I always can find one or two in a phone book when I travel about the United States. Especially Pennsylvania.

2. It has the word "house" in it, which makes it seem like a place, and a blog is a sort of place.

3. I think the trend may be more toward using one's own name, but that is just a casual observation.

4. People who know me will eventually find this blog, and it's good to remember that what one writes in public counts against (or for) your reputation.

5. My family is so very small, so why not have a shred of visibility for the old family name--which really does mean "old" (along with "house").

6. I considered This Old House, but that too was taken.

1 comment:

Icepick said...

I don't think point three has held up through the years, FOR BLOGGING. Facebook and Twitter, OTOH, have really established the idea that most everyone will use their actual names. And we all know blogging is so 2004 anyway.