November 4, 2007

Let's take a closer look at that...


... sign.


I'll have more on my beautiful drive north of the city today. But right now, I'm in a bit of a rush and only have time for a little childishness. Oh, wait. From the same beach, take a close look at this:


And here's a closer look at a different iteration of that graffiti:


I certainly hope there's some local politician named Buss. Or perhaps the artist is exhorting us to have sexual intercourse and also to kiss.


George said...

Professor, I'm surprised you don't recognize this.

It is indeed "Fuck Buss," a "piece" of land art by Andrew Goldworthy. Personally, I love the tension between the human-crafted wooden phalli and the female pubic-type earth formation, complete with seemingly natural vegetation. I also really love the way the sand has been raked and textured.

If memory serves, it went for about $3.5 mil. at Sotheby's to an anonymous bidder a few months ago.

John Stodder said...

Maybe it's a digruntled LA Lakers fan. There's a lot of controversy going on around their superstar Kobe Bryant. The ownership family name is Buss. Buss said he might trade Kobe, who's been complaining a lot lately.

Maybe Kobe went up to San Francisco and did the graffiti himself. That would be such a passive-aggressive thing to do.

Maxine Weiss said...

You're lucky enough to acquire a $500.00 a night hotel room.....that you're not even going to be in?

Your kids must be peeved that their inheritance is being thrown out the window.

Althouse is spending as if she didn't have any beneficiaries to think about.

I'm sure that doesn't sit well with her heirs.

Kids think of nothing else, you know.


Trooper York said...

Actually that's the front of Lucky's beachfront mansion. He just spray paints really fast and misspelled Bush.

shake-and-bake said...


Maxine Weiss said...

1. Ann's room at the Ritz-Carlton:

....which wasn't taken by her!

2. Ann, and friend with the Doorman:

....which she didn't photograph.

The majestic port-cochere, complete with Corinthian (Doric?) columns, pediment, volutes etc...

Don't wait for Ann to take that photo, either.

I had a dream that Ann Althouse stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, but then refused to take any pictures of the fixtures/grounds/accommodations.

Maxine Weiss said...

Another photo of the Ritz you'll never see on the Althouse blog:

You see, Althouse is completely non-plussed by this stuff. It means nothing to her. A stay at the Ritz is just like any other day.

She's not even savoring the room. She's out driving around. Driving driving driving.

Other people are bowled over by that sort of thing---festive decor and such----Althouse couldn't care less, and so, readers won't get to experience the fanciful little details.

Totally idiosyncratic---what strikes her and what doesn't. And, the Ritz-Carlton moves Althouse about as much as the wildfires, or the Virginia Tech massecre did.

That's just the way things are folks. It's just who she is.

C'est La Vie !

Luckyoldson said...

All-Time Wingnuttiest Blog Post Contest
(Choose up to 5)

Ann Althouse: "Let's take a closer look at those breasts."

Steven Den Beste (shortly before the Iraq war started): "It's the waiting that wears."

John Derbyshire (after the Virginia Tech shootings): "Where was the spirit of self-defense here?....It's not like this was Rambo, hosing the place down with automatic weapons."

Ben Domenech: "Pachyderms in the Mist"

Kim du Toit: "The Pussification of the Western Male"

Pam "Atlas Shrugs" Geller: "My Sharia!"

Jonah Goldberg (before Katrina): "Attn: Superdome Residents....grow gills...."

Robert Hahn: "I will suggest that President Bush understands money better than any President we have ever had."

Hugh Hewitt: "I'm sitting in the Empire State Building...."

John Hinderaker: "It must be very strange to be President Bush. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius...."

Michelle Malkin: "The Defeatocrats Cheer"

Glenn Reynolds: "Maybe we should rise above the temptation to point out that claims of a 'quagmire' were wrong....Nah."

Lee Siegel: "The Origins of Blogofascism"

Bill Whittle (after Katrina): "Tribes"

Trooper York said...

A little further down the beach, you can see where he wrote “Blom Me”.

Luckyoldson said...

Trooper York said..."Actually that's the front of Lucky's beachfront mansion. He just spray paints really fast and misspelled Bush."

Back to the trash talk, huh?

*Can you see the ocean from YOUR backyard?

I can see it from mine.

Luckyoldson said...

What's come over you?

Back in the wing nut fold...or did you ever leave?

Luckyoldson said...

More about..."Buss"...

Poll Finds Americans Pessimistic, Want Change
War, Economy, Politics Sour Views of Nation's Direction

One year out from the 2008 election, Americans are deeply pessimistic and eager for a change in direction from the agenda and priorities of President Bush, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Concern about the economy, the war in Iraq and growing dissatisfaction with the political environment in Washington all contribute to the lowest public assessment of the direction of the country in more than a decade. Just 24 percent think the nation is on the right track, and three-quarters said they want the next president to chart a course that is different than that pursued by Bush.

Do you think things in this country are:

1) Going off in the right direction - 24%

2) Off on the wrong track - 74%;

3) No opinion - 2%

Overwhelmingly, Democrats want a new direction, but so do three-quarters of independents and even half of Republicans. Sixty percent of all Americans said they feel strongly that such a change is needed after two terms of the Bush presidency.

Peter Palladas said...

"You say groin, we say groyne. Let's call the whole thing off."

Question: who is more sexually alluring - Maxine or her mother?

It's the sort of question you find yourself asking after watching the new Stephen Poliakoff film.

Meade said...

Buss is Maxine Frances Buss. She's a distant relative of Maxine Weiss (on her mother's side). Buss hated what she referred to as her overly decorated festively feminine-sounding first name, insisting always on being addressed simply as "Miss Francis Buss."

In 1865 Buss formed a women's discussion group called the Kensington Society. They later became the London Suffrage Committee and began organizing a petition asking Parliament to grant women the right to vote.

tcTom, who traces everything wrong with the world back to M. Francis Buss and the original suffragettes, is the graffiti artist.

Trooper York said...

Dude, just jerking your chain. Everyone is so sensitive. Comedy is like Guiliani. It great when you make fun of the guinea mobsters or the homeless people but make fun of something you like and then you get upset. I can actually see water outside of my window, it's just that it's the Gowanus Canal. So make a joke about that and we are even. Don't tense up, it's bad for your prostrate.

Trooper York said...

Deliberate misspellings, grammatical errors and piss poor sentence structure to give all the schoolteachers here a feeling of superiority. Dashing off a comment
can be soooo invigorating

Meade said...

Gowanus is spelt wrong? Who would ever have guessed?

Lying down flat on your face is suppose to be good for relaxing that gland. Lucky should try it. It's like yoga or something.

Ann Althouse said...

Maxine: "She's out driving around. Driving driving driving."

Yeah, but you should have seen the car I was in. I will post a picture of that. Prepare yourself.

"Other people are bowled over by that sort of thing---festive decor and such----Althouse couldn't care less, and so, readers won't get to experience the fanciful little details."

Perhaps this will help you understand the magnitude of what I'm leaving out all the time!

Luckyoldson: "All-Time Wingnuttiest Blog Post Contest
(Choose up to 5)"

Why are you putting that here? Don't you see that I linked to that in an earlier post? Why track that crap in over here. Really boorish of you.

Luckyoldson said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sorry for not reading every single one of your postings...before I comment.

And God knows I certainly wouldn't want to appear "boorish" with this crowd.

Palladian said...

"And God knows I certainly wouldn't want to appear "boorish" with this crowd."

Too late. Much too late.

Luckyoldson said...

And if anyone here knows plenty about being would be you.

I'd tell you to kiss my ass, but I'm afraid you would.

Trooper York said...

Ooooooohhhh! Everyone is so feisty tonight. The air is electric. Conflict and misunderstandings are in the ozone. I haven't felt anything like it since the Riddick Bowe vs Andrew Golota fight where I ended up hitting Flavor Flav in the head with a chair as we ran out of the Garden. Let's get ready to rummmmmmmmmbllllleeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Maxine Weiss said...

Just assume a diagnostic mood when you come here.

---As if you are caring for patients on the sick ward.

You'll not be disappointed, then.

Luckyoldson said...

Maxine Weiss said..."...patients on the sick ward..."

And who would know better?

Maxine Weiss said...

At least when I pay for a room at the Ritz-Carlton, I don't leave the room.

And I make sure to photograph bathroom fixtures, sinks, flooring, mattress covers etc...

I never try to act like I'm too cool, or above it all, in such surroundings.

Maxine Weiss said...

The least she could do is tell us if the toilet is American Standard, or Kohler.

It's not as if I'm asking her to dismantle light fixtures to find out if the bulbs are GE or Sylvania....

Even though, future guests of the Ritz might like to know that before they spend top dollar on a room.


Maxine Weiss said...

Love staying in hotel rooms, and always manage to find things to keep me occupied.

rhhardin said...

The Rooster Ritz

They have the shades mostly drawn, but can see the ocean from up there, I think.

They call room service at about 3AM, and arise around 5.

Trooper York said...

But what happens if they are both tops, do they fight for the best place in the pecking order. Enquiring minds want to know.

Titusdj said...

Don't be mean to Paddalian LOS. She will go into one of her special investigations into your web postings.

She likes to call everyone "predictable and boorish and loathsome" but those are words that I would say define her.

No suprises from her. She's a part of herd coming in for a landing whenever there is a Clinton or liberal post.

Titusdj said...

Go Pats!!!

Beat Indy 24-20.


Luckyoldson said...

Maxine Weiss said..."The least she could do is tell us if the toilet is American Standard, or Kohler."

Now that's...boorish.

jeff said...

According to Nobel winner Al Gore, I should be able to see the ocean from my window in a few years. I, however, will refrain from the graffiti on the front of my building.

Luckyoldson said...

First you HAVE to have a window.

Trooper York said...

When they first began to appear on the show, it was very difficult to keep the main villains under control until it was time to go to the set. Natasha loved to smoke opium in her trailer and her partner would loose all control due to his drug use and defecate all over the floor. When we went in to call them and saw the mess, Natasha just shrugged her shoulders and say "Hey what can you do, he's just Boorish"
(Jay Ward and Alex Anderson, Rocky and Bullwinkle The E True Hollywood Story)

Ralph said...

My Funk & Wagnalls defines "groin" as 3. (engineering) A structure of piling to accumulate sand and shingle on a beach and to act as a breakwater.

Only near San Francisco are they marked as such to amuse the population.

Luckyoldson said...

"Those who denounce should be denounced."

jeff said...

Got four 8 by 5 windows in the living room four stories over the street. Should be sufficient to see the newly moved ocean.

Luckyoldson said...

C'mon, People.

Can we please get back to the brand of toilet fixtures at the hotel?

This is becoming rather boorish.

Luckyoldson said...


But the ocean is nowhere to be seen.

By the way, it was gorgeous today.

jeff said...

Well of course not. Otherwise my gratuities shot at Al Gore would make no sense. Try to keep up.

Trooper York said...

Boris had a sad life after the show ended. He worked as a record store clerk while posting inane drivel on the internet. His name didn't come up until he was captured on To Catch a Predator on Dateline. He was attempting to contact a 12 year old boy with the promise of showing him his moose and squirrel. The only job he can get now is cleaning the urinals in the bus station. Of course he will only clean the Koehler models, because even though he is not an American, he still has standards.
(Jay Ward and Alex Anderson, Rocky and Bullwinkle The E True Hollywood Story)

Luckyoldson said...

"I denounce whoever posted that earlier denouncement quote...unless of course, they're denouncing Islamic bad people"

Luckyoldson said...

Okay, hate Al.

But that's not getting you any closer to the ocean.

Maybe a better job?

Or...a job.

rcocean said...

LOS is both a bore and boring.

No doubt he can "see the Ocean" after he leaves Mom's basement and gets on top of the outhouse.

Luckyoldson said...

I hate to sound boorish, but I think it's

Unless of course, you're tipping Al.

Luckyoldson said...

Welcome to the fray...asshole.

Luckyoldson said...

When you say; "bore and boring"...are your trying to be redundant or are you just dense?

jeff said...

Well, of course I don't hate Al. I leave the hate for you. I just wouldn't vote for him and I have no problems ridiculing him for saying stupid things such as the ocean rising 20 feet. Which is how I would end up seeing the ocean. Usually your slow, but not this slow. Tough night at the drive thru window?

Luckyoldson said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Jeff...take it easy.

Even if the water levels rise 20 feet or'll still be safe.

And by the way, what office is Al running for?

Titusdj said...

Looking at these pictures makes me think about where I live when I get older. I am thinking about where I want to be when I am over 50.

Certainly, not where I am now. I had a timeshare in Ptown for a couple of summers but it is dismal there in the winter. Maybe Ptown in the summer and Key West in the winter but that may be too gay.

I need to be near the ocean and preferably where it is warm.
Where do the rest of you plan to retire or age gracefully?

Luckyoldson said...

Me, I'm moving in with Jeff.

The view sounds spectacular.

tc said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Palladian said...

I like the sea, but only in cold places. SF is cool, but not cold enough. Maybe someplace like Maine or New Hampshire (wish it had more coastline).

Luckyoldson said...

Oh, look...Tom's shock treatments are over for the day.

Luckyoldson said...

I realize everybody's enthralled with toilet fictures, Al Gore and being boorish, but catch 60 Minues tonight and you'll get an eyeful of Curveball...George, Dick and Rummy's bested buddy.

Luckyoldson said...


Luckyoldson said...


Luckyoldson said...


Luckyoldson said...


john said...

Lucky, you must be splitting a gut.

Sorry, I tried not to get sucked into this conversation, but the Sunday drive was awesome and my son, my dog, and I hiked through some beautiful fall colors here in S AZ. Not a chance to see the ocean though, even if it rose 1000 feet, I think.

So everyone in the house is doing homework, and I look around for a little intellegent read. Oh well, I take what I get.

john said...

As long as LOS is here and were off topic anyway: what say we kill those 300,000 people after we take all their wealth and give it to the remaining 150,000,000? Except for all the money spent on funerals, I say we have either a net economic loss or at best a zero sum game. Besides, Lucky, you will just have to repeat the redistribution every so often, as the best still tend to rise to the top, the envious still lurk at the bottom, always looking up.

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

Welcome to the fray...asshole.

rcocean: Actually that's more like, "Welcome to the asshole."

The thing you and other sincere participants in this blog should understand is that Lucky is playing a comic character, like Maxine, Titus, or, less amusingly, blogging cockroach.  Except that he's the echt-comic character, the trickster, a meth-buzzed Maxine, Titus and cockroach rolled into one total concept of pure id.  Why do you think Althouse tolerates him?  Others have pretended to do drunk blogging, 'shroomed blogging (still laughing, Bissage), LSD blogging, and now Lucky is doing meth blogging.  It's so pure and perfect that it has moved beyond the merely comic to become almost a Gesamtkunstwerk.  Think Lorenzo St. Dubois with Tourette's on meth.

What about your reactions?  Blind rage?  Disgust?  Wanting to smash the computer?  Other urges too dark to mention?
Can't you see this is all part of an extended piece of performance art?  I remember back in the '70's, early performance artists started doing things calculated to bore the audience, and then played with the reaction of boredom in various ways.  Similarly, Lucky is playing with your reactions of rage and disgust and observing everything with an artist's eye.  So should you, if you want to get the most out of this blog.

He pretends to be in favor of Sen. Clinton, but that is a very odd choice for someone who wants to be seen as a liberal/leftist.  The Clintons' machine politics and passion for control are well known, so Lucky plays at being a cog in that machine, albeit a very rusty one that's come off its pinion, still spinning at high speed.  Again, this is hilarious viewed as pure parody.

It also serves a deeper purpose.  Althouse deletes the truly insane.  Once you realize you're playing a role in someone's else's performance art, there's much to be learned from Lucky's rantings and slashing insults.  What is your relationship with your ego when you're the recipient of one of his obscenity-filled affronts?  Observe your reaction.  There may be the beginnings of a little enlightenment here.

If Althouse has no other intent than to preside over a blog informed with a kind of updated, Fellini sensibility for the Internet, Lucky would still play an important role.  But Althouse may be playing the Zen master, teaching us, together with Lucky, invaluable lessons we may not have quite realized we were getting.  This is always the way with a true teacher, isn't it?

Ann Althouse said...

Ooh, Clang, you imbue me with so much power and intentionality.

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

If it's all random, there's even more to be learned.

Althouse may deny intentionality, but lack of conscious purpose could be the point. She finds the flow, the perfect moments for action or inaction, not by calculation, but by being one with the energy of the blog. The trickster comes, and Althouse knows how to let him teach his lessons.

Joan said...

What about your reactions? Blind rage? Disgust? Wanting to smash the computer? Other urges too dark to mention?

What is the word that best describes the reaction encapsulated in rolling the eyes, thinking, "Oh jeez,here he goes again, scroll-scroll-scroll, ah,here's the next comment." I'm thinking dismissive comes the closest.

I'm not going to waste my time. If I took the time to read it all, I would be bored, but life is short enough as it is, why should I give any of it over to such a fruitless experience? Similarly, were I to attend a performance in which the artist's intention was to bore the audience, I would get up and walk out. I'm successful at avoiding boredom because I see it as a choice, not a condition that is imposed on me. In an environment like this,there's no excuse for claiming boredom when you can just keep scrolling.

John Stodder said...

It takes a lot for Althouse to delete a comment or ban a commenter. Mere disagreement--which has gotten me kicked off some of the most beloved sites of the left and the right--won't do it. Pointless, "so's your old man" type name-calling is completely tolerated. Lengthy insane rants with a vaguely menacing tone are within bounds as well.

To have any adult fun around here, you have to just treat posts of this nature like road apples along a lovely trail. They add a little authentic fragrance, but you don't want to step in them.

Ralph said...

The chicken has a CER-tain...intentionality.
(Florence Henderson)

It's nice that blogspot puts the commenter's name on top, so you can SOB (scroll on by).

john said...

I get it!

Thanks Clangy, I admit I got stuck at where you described Lucky as having a "slashing insult", and figured no point in trying to read beyond that.

But then I got to thinkin' about what you said, performance art, vaudeville even, and now it starts making some sense, even the name: half the team of Pozzo and Lucky.

So it's Beckett, not Fellini. I feel a lot better now. Lucky, you really fooled us for a while.

peter hoh said...

Reminds me of a spray paint job I saw in the early 1980s, on a blank billboard in southern New Jersey.


john said...

Well, except that Pozzo is blind and Lucky is dumb. So I could be half right.

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

John Stodder and joan:
I think our trickster makes a specialty of being very hard to ignore.  His comments may be like road apples, but if they get thick enough, the wheels pick them up and start throwing them all over, making for a very messy trip.

Also, Althouse can, and frequently does, delete comments from, say, 'Mary.'  She did that on one of the current threads earlier today.  She's been on and off deleting 'tc,' but almost never with our trickster friend.   I can ignore comments with the best of them, but it still seems to me that there's a completely different dynamic to the conversation when he's around.  A friend sent an e-mail last week, putting the situation in a Zen light that inspired my little analysis tonight: 

"A thread without Lucky is like a bell ringing in an empty sky."

Also, joan, you may walk out of a boring performance, but social convention dictates that a certain percentage of people will stay.  Seeing how many would, in fact, walk out, and generally messing with people's minds has been an element in all kinds of performance art.  Another factor is what would be considered "boring."  We're getting into areas of psychology and art here that are a little too recherch√© for a midnight blog comment.  I still maintain that the best way to view Lucky is as an appendage to an ongoing performance, and to completely ignore him is to miss something that I think is, at least, training in objectivity.

Have I bored everybody yet?

Luckyoldson said...

For someone who, at least according to the purely pseudo-intellectuals here, is sooooooooo irritating, etc...I sure illicit my fair share of inane comments, attacks and musings...and God knows I hate to detract from hotel room, plumbing fixtures and China discussions.

And please, keep those long-winded, overwrought pontifications coming.

I'm truly humbled...

P.S. - Clang!Honk!Tweet! (Too wordy.)

Luckyoldson said...

Ralph said..."...SOB (scroll on by)..."


Anybody remember the "Stroll?"

Randal Rogers said...

No, Clang!, it is an interesting idea. And it does seem to dovetail quite nicely with the theme of Althouse-as-performance-art, which is a subject that comes up every once in a while.

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

BTW, who wants to try to get Lucky's hat back?

Titusdj said...

OK,I just watched Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream from TCM-who knew Mickey Rooney was such a good actor and he was only 10. I need to read more Shakespeare.

I also need to figure out where I am going to live when I am older.

Titusdj said...

Can't we all just try and be cordial to each other?

I am guilty of this and I apologize to Palladian for being so mean and rude and disrespectful. I feel bad about some of things I have sad to Palladian. I was just responding to being called loathsome.

I am sorry Palladian.

Titusdj said...

It's now 12:30 on Sunday here and I don't want to go to work tomorrow and respond to mindlesss emails and phone calls.

Calgon take me away.

Luckyoldson said...

"Althouse deletes the truly insane."

Why would Ann delete my comments when she allows people to rant and rave about WMD that didn't exist, torture, wiretapping, promote inept Presidnts, lying A.G.'s, etc....and of course, blowhards like yourself who fancy themselves as arbiters of who and what is right and wrong.

Do what Ralphie suggests: SOB.

P.S. Titusdj: Move in with Jeffy and me.

Luckyoldson said...

Titusdj said..."I was just responding to being called loathsome..."

Now why would being called "loathsome" illicit a negative reaction?

Titusdj said...

My company has a feature on their phone system where callers can identify their calls as urgent and private and they are the first I receive. I hate those calls.

One of my most favorite sounds I love to hear is "you have no new messages"

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

Titus: When you get old enough, you will not have to worry about this 'living' business.  Age has its consolations.

You know, I've been trying to promote embracing loathsomeness tonight as a way to enlightenment.  Maybe that's what Palladian had in mind.

Titusdj said...

I would love to take one year off of work and travel the world and not work.

Unfortunately, that is not in the cards for me....ever.

Why couldn't I have been born rich? Ah well, work will be my life for quite some time.

I do love the Althouse vortex though. It is a nice outlet for me.

Luckyoldson said...

I see by your extensive profile, that you're in the "transportation" business.

How long have you been delivering pizzas...and to what zip codes?


Randal Rogers said...

Can't we all just try and be cordial to each other?

As a general rule, no, not after about 20 or 30 comments. Then someone might as well invoke Godwin's Law and turn the lights out. Every once in a while, there are such refreshing moments of spin-and-hate-free conversation, but they only serve to bring into sharp relief the reality of internet discourse.

Luckyoldson said...

Titusdj said..."I would love to take one year off of work and travel the world and not work."

You can share a room with Jeffy.

It won't cost much...(no view.)

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

Bravo, Lucky!

You're just warming up! ;->

Luckyoldson said...

Randal Rogers said..." Every once in a while, there are such refreshing moments of spin-and-hate-free conversation..."

Yeah, that why these blogs are so popular...the "spin-and-hate-free" discourse...


Titusdj said...

I am tempted to call in tomorrow but then again I am tempted to call in everyday.

I want to escape the monotony of caring about other peoples problems at work.

I pretend to care about the "needs" of the business. But there are times I don't give a shit. Like now. We are expanding our sales force and hiring many biotech sales people. All have to start by January 1.

I hate negotiating with them about money. They generally make a base of 100-150k and a bonus of 70-100k, but always they want more. It is especially tiresome when they live in North Dakota or Alabama and are 30 years old. I am like can't you live comfortably in that shithole for that kind of money?

Luckyoldson said...

Well, it's been a slice (and I don't mean pizza, Clank-A-Bell)...but I have a book to finish up (read War and Peace yesterday) we meet again...merci pour m'avoir, Ann.

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

Lucky, that's not funny! You need that meth edge to your comments.

Keep trying!

Randal Rogers said...

Yeah, that why these blogs are so popular...the "spin-and-hate-free" discourse...

I understand that that is hard for you to believe, but that is precisely what this place was originally about, and to some extent still is. You weren't here then, but you are here now, and still haven't figured that out. Which is fine with me - your loss not mine AFAIC.

Titusdj said...

One candidate recently from Jackson MS was bitching to me about the cost of living in Jackson is some foreign tongue I barely understood. Needless to say we offered him more stock and more base salary. Completely boring, once I offered him the revised offer he was still disappointed.

And my fellow my employees know they can ask me to get on a plane in a hours notice and I will be at JFK or Laguardia.

OK enough bitching. This is the life I chose. I make good money. I am contributing to the success of a company in some small way. I have good business relationships.

But I do envy the individuals who have a different life from me.

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

Damn! We're stuck with Titus, who is amusing, but a little off his game tonight.

How about it, Titus, buy any clothes recently?

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

Randal (formerly Internet Ronin):
Yes, a quiet chat would be nice.

I am reminded, though, of my youngest teenage son's snooty exam school here in Boston where we're very lucky to have him enrolled. I went with another parent to conferences last week, and on the way, she was complaining about how the kids (14-15 years old) treated each other. Nothing but insults and taunts, said she. Yes, I said, but that's normal for that age. Well, she said, I wonder where they're picking that up. Could it be the Internet?

Could be, I said. But then again, I said, everything on the Internet that's public seems to devolve into material appropriate for 14-year-olds.


Titusdj said...

Sorry let me get back on track.

I apologize for not being the court jester. I resorted to being human for a few minutes and understand that is not appropriate.

Yes, I did buy a few items. When in London I went to Harrods (saudis) and purchased the following:

Prada sport pants with zips at the ankles-a fellow employee told me he thought they looked like riding pants whatever that means.

John Varvatos athletic fit shirt blue that is small at the waist and makes me look gorgeous.

and....the crown de resistance.....

a new pair of Gucci loafers.

I also purchased socks, a manbag by Izod a fabulous pair of Jill Sander/Puman sneakers and Sisley jeans skinny fit.

It worked well for me in the lou at Trafalgar.

Titusdj said...

I always wanted to go to Exeter or St. Pauls instead....I went to Waunakee Public School in Wisconsin.

I did go to Harvard though and felt I redeemed myself although I was a fish out of water. I was the token poor kid from the midwest who talked like the church lady. I remedied that quickly. I found my footing and lived in Cambridge and Somerville and loved it. Boston is still one of my favorite cities in the country,although Harvard Square has become franchised.

Titusdj said...

My family is still on the farm. Spoke with my mom tonight who went to a church fish fry in Plain Wisconsin. My father was partridge hunting over the past week. My sisters went to a barn dance. And I, the lone wolf, was doing some guy from who knows where. Actually I know where he was from. He was actually from Pakistan because we talked about what was going on there.

I am the black sheep of my family.

heather mills said...

"Now why would being called 'loathsome' illicit a negative reaction?"

"For someone who, at least according to the purely pseudo-intellectuals here, is sooooooooo irritating, etc...I sure illicit my fair share of inane comments, attacks and musings...and God knows..."

we reveal our cerebral selves by the words we choose. Still, seems y'all did do some unkosher "illiciting" recently, and quite well. Absolutely enjoyed my fair share of the Joke, so thanks for that, Lucky and CHT :)

Ann Althouse said...

"Waunakee Public School in Wisconsin."

I don't believe anyone who went to public school in Waunakee would use the term "Waunakee Public School," capitalized like that. It's not the name of any school, though there are public schools in Waunakee. With that thread left hanging the whole tale unravels.

Titusdj said...

I went to Waunakee High School. I think I say public school because everyone else I meet out here seems to have gone to boarding schools or private high schools. I didnt even really know about private or boarding schools much when I went to high school. I did want to go to Edgewood High School but my parents woudn't let me.

Waunakee is the only Waunakee in the world. Home of the Waunakee Warriors. Home of everything "Waun-A". Examples are Waun-a-wash; Waun-a-Bowl; Waun-a-key etc.

Titusdj said...

Also, my parents still live in Waunakee.

And my 3 sisters live in Cross Plains, Lodi and beautiful Dane Wisconsin.

No tale unraveling missy.

Also, I made a heartfelt apology to Palladian don't I get any credit for that?

Ann Althouse said...


Pogo said...

Good to have you back, titus.

As for the public/private school issue, it seems of little import to me. You're born where you are born. You have or don't have unearned advantages in life (beauty, born to great wealth, having stable parents, good teachers, and such). Over these you have no control.

Better to reject desire as much as possible; all it causes is anxiety. Want for little. Take with thanks and grace what you have. You work, you play, you breathe, you die. What do you really leave behind anyway, but your effect on others?

All else is but shadows. Soon you are gone with all the others, and new ones take your place. Accept it, like a wave washing over you. To simultaneously matter and matter not is enough.

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

By God, we've got Zen masters all over the place!
This is going to turn into the most enlightened blog since One Cosmos.

Trooper York said...

Our show was one of the first to incorporate mail from our viewers as a vital part of the proceedings. We would read these letters on the show, and they were the primeval ancestors of the email postings of commenter’s on various blogs that all kids are talking about today. But the fan mail from a flounder eventually devolved to simple scrawls of “Blow me” or “You suck” and the musings of some lunatic who quoted other TV shows and song lyrics where he changed the words based on his twisted sense of humor. Why couldn’t our fans just stick with high minded boring discourse on legal opinions and current events. Sometimes fan mail from a flounder can be pretty stinky fish. That’s why I only read political blogs, it’s boring but safe so there’s no stinky fish. Well except for Amanda Marcotte.
(Jay Ward and Alex Anderson, Rocky and Bullwinkle The E True Hollywood Story)

Chip Ahoy said...

This is what happens when derangement becomes so great one can't even spell straight.

It's entirely Bush's fault.

Why can't you understand that plain simple truth?

Now to trot out numbers and polls to support this falls into a couple pools of fallacy all at once and to trot them continuously, that is to live by what one has already died by, is to be continuously fallacious. So it's not reason that's being appealed to here. Please don't attempt to get me to feel left out from a group of angry voters (?) "eager for change" that slurr even when they spell.

Eager for change. What a stupid thing to say. I spit on your eagerness. CHANGE THEN, I'll be happy to see it.

Luckyoldson said...

Clank says: "Except that he's the echt-comic character, the trickster, a meth-buzzed Maxine, Titus and cockroach rolled into one total concept of pure id."


Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

Bravo, Lucky!
Ha ha ha!
Now you're back to your old self!

Do some more, please!