September 6, 2004

Observing Labor Day.

In observation of Labor Day and the time-honored labor tradition of getting paid for working, I'm adding an Amazon PayPage for this blog. I love writing this blog--I love my regular job too--but it seems appropriate to make it possible for readers to support my work here and to help me cover some of my expenses. I've written over 300,000 words and almost 1300 posts since starting the blog on January 14th. Check the SiteMeter and see that it is about to hit to the quarter-million mark, after hitting 100,000 less than a month ago. So I've picked up a lot of new readers lately. Maybe some of you, new or old, will be in the mood to chip in a dollar or a few dollars just to show you care. Whether you do or not, thanks for reading. It's a huge gratification just to see that there are so many people reading this!

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