April 30, 2021

"There is little countries can do to lift their native-born birthrates; nor is it even clear why the U.S. fertility rate, which now stands substantially below the replacement rate of 2.1 babies per woman, is so low."

Says the Editorial Board of The Washington Post in "The 2020 Census is a clarion call for immigration."

I was just saying that President Biden's plan to vastly increase support for families with children could be justified by the need to inspire Americans to keep having children. Here's what I wrote 3 days ago: 

There was some concern expressed yesterday over the "remarkable slackening" in population growth seen in the 2020 census. What will it do to the economy going forward if Americans don't maintain the long human tradition of robust reproduction? I was inclined to say, don't worry about it, less population growth is good for the environment. But if you took the other side of that debate... you'd better worry about women declining the option to undertake childbearing and men and women passing on the potentially fulfilling endeavor of child-rearing. It's terribly expensive!... [Y]ou're going to have to incentivize reproduction a little bit. The old scheme of locking women into childbirth as a consequence of indulging in sex failed long ago, and you sound like a fool talking about it now, especially if you attempt to stand on the foundation of love for babies, when what you are doing is justifying freeing rich folk — people who make over $1 million a year — from paying a 40% capital gains tax. Can't dishearten them in their enthusiasm for investing? What about the young people who are disheartened about having children? Worry about them.

But the WaPo editors have nothing to say about these new children-friendly policies. They just say there's little that can be done to motivate Americans to choose life with children. They go right to immigration: 

This nation’s prosperity, pluck, ambition and effervescent character are the products of more than 100 million immigrants who have sought better lives in the United States since its founding.

It's probably true that these children of Americans who are not getting born would probably be dull slackers compared to the plucky, effervescent immigrants. 

FROM THE EMAIL: Temujin writes: 

"There is little countries can do...." This is utter bullshit. And not even passable. There have been a decade of studies, articles, and even books on how our culture has changed to the point of either having fewer children later, or having no children at all. There is plenty that countries can do to change it. After all, they broke it in the first place. That is, the culture broke it. And that culture was promoted, incentivized, and proclaimed as smart, freeing, and the future. Indeed, it is a limited future.

One can point to the 60s and the rise of the feminist movement as one of the cogs. Yes, I know, that movement did a great amount of good. I completely agree with that. But it also left carcasses along the road as it changed, mutated, and diverged into man-hate, tradition-hate, and the ideas that the career was more important than creating your own offspring, your own family. We've spent decades now praising women to eschew marriage, or to eschew having children, or most certainly choosing their work over either marriage or having children. We've broken the Black American family completely. In the 60s, Black children were part of a two parent family over 73% of the time. Today 73% of Black children are born into single parent families. How's that culture working out?

Our young women are getting more undergrad and graduate degrees than men. They are getting more jobs than men. And it's not even a close competition. While we've spent a couple of decades praising women for being, at the same time we were also denigrating boys- just for being. We've drugged boys, refused to call on them in class, changed curricula to things of no interest, and finally, let them know they are toxic. Drugged and toxic. That's a fine goal. The result is that fewer men graduate, fewer go to, or finish college. Fewer get grad degrees. Also- studies have shown that todays 'men' have fewer sperm and less motile sperm. We've created a generation of Beta Men — seriously. And we've done it by design. So now in the real world you've got hard charging women, focused on their careers, a new Beemer, a nice condo in the downtown area of some major city, who are not about to stop working to have children now, but might be looking for future adequate partners with which to raise children. However, the pool of applicants is less desirable than any time in recent history. It's not working.

Those women who are having children are starting later, so that they are having only one, sometimes two children. And sometimes doing it by themselves, having given up on finding a man's man in a world of Pajama Boys.

And finally — when you do graduate college, and you've got a $200,000 loan to pay off, you can barely afford to live on your own, let alone find a guy making a decent living, let alone being able to afford having children. There are so many ends to this, but we've done this to ourselves at every turn. Economically, socially, demographically. Again — we're so sophisticated, we're sophisticating ourselves out of existence.