June 22, 2008

"Is Obama's new faux-presidential, alternative-reality seal his 'Mission Accomplished'?"

Speaking of seals.


rhhardin said...

But Mission Accomplished was for the aircraft carrier, and it had done it.

ricpic said...

It's Soros'...er, Obama's way of telling us peasants that it's a done deal. Unless. Unless Soros...er, Obama is stopped by, wait for it...RACISTS!

Zach said...

(Reposted from the prior thread)

There's something comically grandiose about designing your own seal, isn't there? You're taking all the little heraldries of the presidential seal and deciding how each one relates to you personally and which ones stay and which ones go. You're not just running for president, you're running for super-president, with all of the good things and none of the bad things.

Update -- What's the most prominent heraldry that didn't make the cut? It's the stars and stripes! They've been replaced by the Obama symbol.

Cedarford said...

Quite the exercise in self-idolatry.

Of course, Team Axelrod has not explained the symbology yet.

1. The eagle clutches a bunch of nerf arrows in one claw, symbolizing Obama's commitment never to hurt an enemy combatant and stop them from getting their day with a civilian court and a liberal judge.

2. In the other claw, the eagle clutches a bunch of arugula, because Everyone who is Anyone has it served on their private jets.

3. The multicolored bands leading to "Vero Possumus" symbolize the Gay Rainbow Flag and Obama's commitment to Gay marriage and perhaps taking a gay lover once he is in the White House.

4. Vero Possumus is a bad Latin try at "Yes we can". There are better phrases that cover it. But the phrase is also an outreach to bitter, stupid white people to convince them that somehow, Obamessiah likes possum as much as they do.

5. The center of the Tribute by Team Axelrod to their great Teleprompter Reader is not rays of the sun, but pages from the Holy Qu'ran Obama finds especially inspiring. In better lighting than the photo the media got, you can make out the Arabic letters Obama once memorized in a Madrassah.

6. The seal is just one move by Obama to prep him for the job the Chicago Machine said was to be his. Get him used to the real thing. Yes, people are commanded to rise when he enters the room and a hip-hop version of "Ruffles and Flourishes, plays. Any infirm unable to initially rise are commanded to do so after Obamessiah touches them. He wants his plane called Air Force One-Minus...that is the plane that will be designated AF-1 minus the days before the certain eventuality of his taking the oath of office happens.
Already detailed ocean measurements are being undertaken and environmentalists are similarly monitoring Gaia's Healing. Plus the jobless rate and number of sick people is being quantified: Since Obamessiah announced future generations would mark the moment Obama became the Dem Nominee, in deep, humbleness - as the moment the rise of the oceans began to slow, the Earth began healling, the sick began to be cured, and the jobless in the glow of his great aura - began getting good jobs.

7. The Grand Seal of Obama is also perfect to replace the reverse of several coins with, with it no longer reading "Obama for President" but simply "Obama". Normally, coinage and currency only has dead people on it, but if Obamessiah undergoes apotheoosis as soon as he is President, he really wouldn't be a mere living human being anymore. But the Transcendent figure he claimed was his destiny back when he was a State Senator 6 years ago taking calls on potholes and trying to get nickel and dime earmarks for more welfare momma goodies.

Verso said...

I first heard about this while perusing the blog Ace of Spades. Wow, the venom from the commenters was amazing. Here are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th comments:

"what a fucking asshole"

"What an arrogant piece of shit"

"What a complete jackass boob. [...] I feel sorry for our once great country."

Then they debate whether he can be arrested for this offense:

"18 USCS § 713. Use of likenesses of the great seal of the United States, the seals of the President and Vice President, the seal of the United States Senate, the seal of the United States House of Representatives, and the seal of the United States Congress."

"lets try that mother fucker"

"Jihadist sympathizer"

Then we have the obligatory right=wing death threat:

"obama delenda est"

A few more gems from the conservatives over there:

"You have GOT TO BE SHITTING ME. [...] Barry's seal should be his tight slacks and big buljess in the slcaks showing to the foxes, who will sleep with him if they see the how big the bulge is."

"Maybe Obama could get that thing made in gold about 4" around and wear it while he campaigns."

"Just wondering. Were Obama's parents married when he was born? If not, and he is elected, will he be the first bastard President?"

"How funkin DARE the leftist commiecrats foist this forking muslim bitch on this country, hare DARE they.......... Jeeez Kerry looked 100 times better then this. What an insulting mess we are all in, other countrys are laughing at us. My Asian buddies want to all move back to RED china, they are scared and apauled."

My personal favorite:

"Using the Latin word "Nero" in his motto? Doesn't B.H.O. realize Nero is also the Roman Emperor who started the first major persecution of Christians that included the death of St. Peter and St. Paul? This may be a clue to his future plans if he becomes president."

One day later:

"'Vero', not 'Nero'? Oops, I guess the prescription on my glasses ran out. But, still, Barack's a dick."

This is where the new Tim McVeigh's will come from if Obama is elected.

blake said...

Right, Verso, because those guys are just itching to blow them up some government buildings.

Padre Steve said...

Let's hope that it has the effect of deflating his overblown lead on John McCain. Obamas faithful in the media think this is a slam dunk. Let's pray they are wrong!

Moose said...
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Methadras said...

I'm laughing at your innane equivocations Verso. Badly played, sir.

Pogo said...

Get ready for mandatory posters of Himself all over town.

Moose said...

You just can't underestimate how much someone can overreach their grasp of reality in times of stress.

Obama is just your garden variety Huey Long wannabe. He'll show his true character in the runup to the election.

Particularly if he keeps taking hamfisted advice that lead up to this idiocy...

Revenant said...

This is where the new Tim McVeigh's will come from if Obama is elected.

Obama will solve that problem by pulling all our troops out of North America. Then the terrorists will magically go away on their own.