December 8, 2006


What's going on over at Bob Wright asks himself a question -- "Where's Mickey?" -- and answers:
Excellent question! Normally a Bob-and-Mickey diavlog would be showing up about now, but this week Mickey phoned in with a lame excuse. Bob, in a desperate attempt to appease Mickey's fans, has lined up several non-lefty bloggingheads for the remainder of the week: Jonah Goldberg, Ann Althouse, and a well known conservative blogger mystery guest who will be making his bhTV debut in a diavlog with Bob. Also debuting will be globetrotting foreign correspondent Joshua Hammer. If all goes according to plan (Hah!), one of these three diavlogs will show up some time tonight. --Dec. 7
So it's a veritable Bloggingheads logjam (of the Mickeyless kind). It takes a while for them to put the video together for a Bloggingheads episode. Apparently, it's a technical feat of some difficulty. I recorded a diavlog at 10 a.m. yesterday, but the video that went up last night is Bob with Joshua Hammer. If mine goes up next, it will be quickly pushed down from the top spot by that third one. So I guess it's better to come in third.

I have this blogger's angst about all the topics going stale. Blogging makes you feel that everything must go up immediately. But Bloggingheads is more like the podcast. You look back over what you blogged about recently to come up with some topics, then you talk about that... and digress. Did we get some good digressions in? I think so. I had to listen to my recording to pick the segment breaks and titles, but that mean I only heard my side of the diavlog, with all the long empty spots. Something makes me roll my eyes way more conspicuously than I've ever done on Bloggingheads. Anyway, stay tuned.

UPDATE: Actually, the news is that Jonah's computer crashed! I still have my end of the conversation, with me rolling my eyes at now I'll never know what. As Jonah puts it:
Due to technical disasters at Bloggingheads HQ, my hour long conversation with Ann Althouse for BloggingHeads has been lossed [sic] to history forever. We discussed everything from transgender issues to "liberaltarians" to the author of The Conservative Soul. Gone, gone forever.
Except my side. Someone could take my video and add an audio track making up amusing stuff for the other side of the conversation.... A project that would appeal to my blogger-enemies, probably.

Anyway, it was great fun talking to Jonah! Wish you all could have listened in.


Anonymous said...

(Dare I tempt fate with another comment? ;)

Bloggingheads is a great idea and the participants usually interesting. I especially appreciate the ability to play it at a faster speed. (I usually select 1.3x)

Bob Wright's note today makes me think your podcast will not get published because of technical difficulties. Too bad, I was looking forward to the back and forth between you and Goldberg.

Gerry said...

According to Jonah, your conversation 'with' him has been lost.

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah. That happened.

Too Many Jims said...

I am guessing that the eye-rolling came when something was said about the author of "The Conservative Soul".

The idea of letting someone take what you have and fill in the other side of the conversation is very appealing.