November 4, 2006

The rule against photographing the Prime Minister's profile.

Some high level vanity from Poland:
Polish press photographers were briefly barred from taking pictures of Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, left, from the side. The rule was published by the Polish government’s press office, the newspaper Nowy Dziennik reported. There was simply no need to photograph Mr. Kaczynski’s profile, a government spokesman, Jan Dziedziczak, said, rejecting assumptions that full-face pictures might be better at hiding the prime minister’s double chin. Photographers at a news conference called by the prime minister on Thursday were forced to obey the pronouncement, and outrage quickly followed. The rule was rescinded yesterday, reportedly on the order of Mr. Kaczynski.


Edward said...

Eastern Europe is still struggling to transform their countries into real democracies, and full freedom of the press is one of the main points of contention in that process.

Poland also happens to have some very strange leaders at the present time.

Zeb Quinn said...

It reminds me of Grouchy Old Cripple's Saturday Blonde Joke .