September 24, 2006


Nina returns for the harvest. Seriously, if you are into wine or France, you need to hang out over on Nina's blog. Even if you abstain from wine and hate France, you might want to go there just because the colors purple and green are beautiful:


David said...

It is almost harvest time in California. At one of our favorite micro-wineries in the Santa Maria appellation the wine club members are encouraged to attend a wine press using bare feet a la Lucy Ricardo! It is just as described with food and wine.

Mourvedre is a fine grape (Rhone valley varietal) and imparts the flavor of that region in the grape wherever it is grown!


The Drill SGT said...

I read her blog, however, for a Law prof, her essay was more of a musing than an intelligible chronicle of events.

I know more than a bit about oenology and viticulture. I found her seeming hope that it would rain confusing unless it was separate and distinct from her essay on the harvest. Rain in the last months of wine growing is bad, rain during harvest is very bad.

In the last trimester (borrowing another lexicon) you are looking to reduce water consumption of the vines which tends to dry the grapes up and concentrate sugars. As well as more rain means more clouds, meaning less sun, which is also not good.

Same thing at harvest. Rain, yields mud, making mechanical harvesting and moving wagon loads of grapes more difficult. Rain also encourages rapid formation of molds and rots on your ready to pick grapes. not good.

However, I very much enjoyed the photography.

Ann Althouse said...

Drill: Nina's writing is usually about something other than what appears on the surface, more like poetry. I haven't studied this one, but I'm guessing she's telling a story about her personal life and you have to try to imagine what exactly it is.

nina said...

drill: Ah, so you think I wish for rain to make the harvest fail? I would be a poor guest at a winery if it were so.
Though indeed, it rained today, Sunday. A day of respite. The harvest has had such good weather that no one minded.
Not ever do I mean to teach people about winemaking on my blog. The fact that I am a law prof is sort of irrelevant.

The Drill SGT said...

My apologies.

I consider myself spanked.


Ann Althouse said...

... by two incredibly cool female lawprofs.

Gerry said...

Hey Ann,

I found a cozy little thread that does not have much discussion going on in it to bring this up.

I recently found a Firefox extension that does something I was looking for in order to troubleshoot your issue where some folks (including me) get an old page repeatedly until we force a refresh.

What this extension does is add to the Page Info (under Tools in the menubar) all of the HTTP header information-- what your browser sent, what the server responded, if the version being viewed is cached, and all sorts of other good debugging information.

Right now, when I look at the Page Info for your front page, I am seeing that it says it "Expires" Tuesday, May 05, 2020 8:12:05 PM. This despite the fact that the Meta tags clearly say no-cache and that it expires "-1" (which should be always expired).

Something is amiss here. I believe the problem is with Firefox and not with your site per se. I have some more troubleshooting to do, but one thing you can try in the meantime is to change the META EXPIRES tag from having a value of "-1" to having some date in the past, in the following format:

<META http-equiv="Expires" content "Tue, 11 Sep 2001 08:46:30 EDT">

(I used that date just as an example and a tribute. Use whatever you like.)

Please note that half the time, when I force a refresh on your site, it results in nothing being in the Expires field on the Page Info page. I am not sure which is 'correct' for Firefox-- but I am guessing right now that it either should not have any expires date or should have some thing in the past, rather than something in 14 years. I also suspect this might be contributiing to what we are seeing.

I'll keep troubleshooting.

ps- if you want to install that Firefox extension, it is here:

Bill Woods said...

There seems to be a problem with the link [space added] from-france-from-field-to-bucket-or.html , which gets me a 404.

I think you want [space added] from-vacquieres-france-from-field-to.html