September 3, 2006

"I was moved when Sean came to my defense."

Jude Law reveals the pain and sorrow, how Chris Rock hurt him so much at the Oscars in 2005 when he joked and then just kept joking about how Law was in so many movies these days. Oh, it's such a mercy that there are profoundly humorless souls like Sean Penn to come to the rescue of that poor man.


Wickedpinto said...

I hate "cats."

Let me call whine one one and get him an WAAAAaaambulence.

(I totaly stole that from someone on aces site, but it kills me)

Wickedpinto said...

Not to mention, it was funny, yes, and it mentioned judes name a bunch of times, yes, but he was mentioned as being in every movie that year.

He was being ribbed for being successful! I remmeber the Dennis Miller bit from the late 80's early 90's where he says "the other day I'm sitting with my wife watching our wedding video and I'll be damned if michael kane wasn't standing at the buffet line"

It's a COMPLIMENT! to be made fun of for being successful.

He's obviously brittish. If he were french he would have won an oscar and immediately give it to arnold scwarzenegger.

nedludd said...

I'm tearing up here, really.

I feel sooooo very, very badly for poor Jude. He got picked on at the Hollywood version of "Plumber of the Year."

And for what? Being a very busy actor, who actually had a lot of work for the year. Thank God for that great scholar, reporter, humanitarian, etc, Jeff Spicolli. Otherwise, Jude would have had to shoulder the burden of made fun of )get the feeling this guy didn't spend a lot of time on playgrounds as a kid) for being a busy working actor.

My heart is bleeding so bad I may need a transfusion.

Troy said...

Jude the Obtuse

Wickedpinto said...

Jude isn't just obtuse, he's full of Tom Cruise. In the article he says his friends were "livid" because of the jokes? What kinda friends are those?

I have had friends see me get read the riot act for no reason, and no matter what I said after, I would have been, and in fact was, mocked and humiliated by my friends at every opportunity. That is how men interact with men.

Clearly Jude doesn't have friends, if they were actually "livid" he has a Posse of sycophants.

nedludd said...

I just wonder what I have to do to have someone tell an international audience how successful I am at finding work in my chosen field.

Please mock me for being successful.

Chris O'Brien said...

My prediction: whatever 2018's version of The Surreal Life or Dancing With The Stars will star Jude Law.

And he'll be willing to cut off his left arm for the opportunity to be made fun of at The Oscars for being in too many films again.

Doug said...

There is a morning radio show in Detroit that plays the Sean Penn defense of Jude Law at least once a month to mock Penn and his overseriousness and lack of humour.

Being upset about that is hard to understand. I saw Chris Rock savage those in the music business far more than that when he did the MTV awards, and these people were in the audience. He shredded the Backstreet Boys and other boy bands, white rappers, and "Kid Rock's midget".

This guy gets to act in movies, gets paid millions to do so, was apparently allowed to bang his nanny and get away with it (since he is still with Sienna Miller) and he is whining about this? Sounds like a cushy life. Hell, Ron Jeremy was the butt of many a joke about how he appeared in about every other porn movie twenty years ago, and he doesn't whine about this.

Mark said...

Well, if no one else will, I'll come to the defense of Jude Law. Bravo to him for refusing to pretend he didn't mind the insults. They were insults. Only if you think Law is a 3rd-rate actor would you find Rock's comments funny. Many people may think that, but you don't expect Law himself to have that opinion of himself, do you? And for Rock to say what he did with the butt of his joke sitting in the audience while it was broadcast to millions was just rude.

I'm so tired of this idea that we all have to be self-deprecating and laugh along with those who insult us and if we don't then we're overly-sensitive and "humorless." Being offended when someone is being offensive is a virtue, not a vice.

Stephen said...

Give Jude Law some credit: "If you can’t get Billy Crystal, then wait." is great comeback. (Not too much credit though; he did have months to come up with it...)

37921 said...

Ann, I thought for sure you were going to comment on this article. Vera Farmiga may be a good actress, but the article and the twee photos make her come off as so pretentious that I was laughing out loud. Offered a role as a Bond girl, "she needed to find an emotional connection to the character ... to justify flying to London to audition for the part". A Bond girl! Wasn't there a running joke in "Tootsie" about Dustin Hoffman's character getting kicked off a Fruit of the Loom commercial because he was trying to make an emotional connection to the bunch of grapes he was portraying?

Haven't actresses (and actors for that matter) always complained about the lack of good roles? I'm sure you can find Meryl Streep -- whose name gets dropped here about a million times -- complaining about the same thing back in the day.

Mark said...

I'm also confused about why it's appropriate to be offended about a joke about your taste in wine but not one about your ability to perform your job.

class-factotum said...

But at least he's gotten to play the "dream role of any actor, a (gasp) journalist!"

I wonder how he feels about that "noble profession" now.

"I loved the idea that my character, who was a reluctant journalist, was digging up dirt on people and had no moral quandary about what he was doing because he didn’t care about the repercussions of his work."

What a crybaby.

Gahrie said...


Don't look're sense of humor is missing....

JDM said...

Hmm, I wonder how he feels about the (fake) cover of his (non-existant) autoboigraphy that I saw on the interwebs some years ago.

It had a picture of a smiling Jude Law (is there any other kind) and the title: "Cutting a swathe through a field of pussy".

My heart bleeds for poor Mr Law.

MadisonMan said...

I agree with Mark -- it seems like the jokes went a little overboard to me. But I wonder how Law interprets any of Rock's humor. At least Rock didn't make fun of Jude's receding hairline.

I'm cracking up at the Whine One One comment.

Simon Kenton said...

Mark, MadisonMan -

Your thoughts re Colbert on Bush?

ChrisO said...

I'm willing to bet that if Chris Rock read Law's Billy Crystal comment,he would find it mildly amusing. I really doubt that he would have been outraged. And let's not forget the way Rock finished that routine: “You want Denzel (Washington) and all you can get is me? Wait,” he joked. “Denzel’s a fine actor. He woulda never made ‘Pootie Tang.”’

As bad as Jude Law looks, though, Sean Penn still seems like the most humorless prick in Hollywood.