August 18, 2006

Radio. Deadline met. Things not read.

I'm going in to the WHA radio station in about an hour to do the "Week in Review" show. Yesterday, I was preoccupied meeting a deadline, or I would have spent more time reading and thinking about this week's news stories. In particular, there is the district court decision relating to warrantless wiretaps, which I've only skimmed. My impression was that it was not competently written. But let me start a separate post to survey what people are saying about the case.

POST-SHOW UPDATE: That was great fun and very passionate! My opponent on the left was Matt Rothschild, editor of "The Progressive," and he was in the studio, which made it much easier to argue. Last time I was on the show, the other guest was on the phone, and it had a big effect on the dynamic. Even though the show itself sounds quite passionate in the recording, I felt I had to dial it down to avoid overpowering the guest who was downsized by the phone line. Today's show should available for streaming soon. You'll find it here, at the 8:00 hour.

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nypundit said...

Ann if you get a chance can you let us know when the stream is on line? Thanks