August 22, 2006

"The is the first time chilli has been used to get out of this penitentiary."

As opposed to other penitentiaries? Pathetic!


Jeremy said...

Before I read the article I imagined an inmate faking stomach illness from a bowl of Dennison's and escaping through a lax health care ward. Chili water in the eyes, though? That sound like a Three Stooges stunt.

Jim H said...

Who was the genius who let the inmates have peppers? There's nothing new about chili pepper to the eyes--capsaicin is the active ingredient in pepper spray, after all.

Bissage said...

Dissolved in alcohol?


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Bissage: They call it "hooch" in the pokey.




Oh, who gives a shiv?

Bissage said...

RAA: lol!

Good thing the prisoners were armed with nothing worse than chillis.

P.S. Maybe some day I'll tell the (very brief) story about the time I got trapped by an Iranian expat who forced me to do shots of his homemade hot pepper vodka.

wv: bxwzeze. Isn't that some kind of Czech liqueur?

Ron said...

There was a Mythbusters episode testing the myth that you can break out of prison with salsa. They used it to corrode the metal bar by running an electric current though the salsa.