July 14, 2006

This is not a bear.

Nina treks the Canadian Rockies.


SippicanCottage said...

The Dude looks curiously at the small, nattering animal.

Nice marmot.

The man with the string scoops up the marmot and tosses it, screaming, into the bathtub.

The Dude screams. The marmot splashes frantically, biting at the Dude in a frenzy of fearful aggression.

Vee vant zat money, Lebowski.

The Dude, screaming, grabs the lip of the tub and starts to hoist himself up but the first man lays a palm on top of his head and squishes him back into the water.

You think veer kidding und making
mit de funny stuff?

Truly said...

I'll bite. What is it?

BrianOfAtlanta said...

Marmots do know how to enjoy life. Nothing to do but eat and sun on the rocks. My family and I just spent the last 2 weeks of June touring parks from Dinosaur National Monument to Glacier National Park. Lots of marmots to be seen laid out on the rocks.

DBrooks said...

The "marmot" in the Big Lebowski looked more like a ferret to me. Marmots, or groundhogs, are pretty smart, and can be quite friendly. I have a whole family living in my backyard, and they all recognize me. If someone else, even my wife, comes around, they scamper for their den, but they go about their business when I am working back there.

Joe said...

It looks like a young manbearpig to me. I am serial.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Does Nina ever stay home?

Simon Kenton said...

It's a hoary marmot, Marmota caligata. "Caligata" means (roughly) wearing small boots; cf the emperor Caligula (Little Boots); you can see in the photo at the link the brownish feet.

They live a mellow life under the harshest of conditions, and are therefore sometime thought to be the totemic animal of law professors.