January 26, 2006

"Generation Alito."

Don't miss "Generation Alito" on Open Source Radio tonight:
[Yesterday] morning the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Samuel Alito by a 10-8 vote. Now the nomination will move to the full Senate, with a vote expected as early as tomorrow. So as early as tomorrow we may have a new SCOTUS Justice. And with him, a very different looking court. As we say around here, how are you counting to five?

We’re following up our November SCOTUS show. But rather than talking to the usual grey-hairs, we’d like to have on a sample bunch of law students about to begin their careers. What does the conversation sound like amongst the next generation of lawyers, judges, and legal scholars, whose careers are about to be reshaped by the decisions the new court will ultimately hand down? They’re going to be the ones to uphold and/or test the law, maybe even before this very court. What are they talking about? And how are they counting to five?
I'm not sure who the students are going to be yet -- possibly some from Wisconsin! I'll be on the show too, to provide whatever suppport from a lawprof that ends up being needed, but it shouldn't be much about me -- the "grey hair"!

I was on the linked November show, by the way, and thought Christopher Lydon did a great job with it, so I'm especially looking forward with tonight's show. You can still stream the audio of the old show, and the new one should be available too, for listening at your leisure.

UPDATE: This show has been moved to Monday evening. They will cover the Palestinian election tonight.


Charles said...

Don't worry Ann. "Blue hairs" are the new "gray hairs." It would be interesting to hear a summary of the thoughts for those of us who are time impaired. I am not so sure things are so locked up as many are predicting.

reader_iam said...

Remember the old chestnut, "All cats are grey at night?"

I like to think that as we grow older, the greying of our hair is merely symbolic of the empowering and improving of our "little grey cells," as M. Poirot would put it.

That said, "Red Forever"! (At least as long as I have the Irish temper to match.)

Dennis said...

URGENT: Call your senators NOW at 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588 and tell them "Vote NO on confirmation of Alito or I boycott GOP contributor and antiabortion supporter Dominos Pizza." Then call and tell that to Senator Frist. Then call a local Dominos Pizza and tell the store owner that unless he can get the CEO of Dominos to get the Republican Party to withdraw the nomination of Samuel Alito or get the Senators to reject Alito, you will never do business with Dominos Pizza again. No CEO wants 50 percent of his customer base to disappear.
Spread the word on the net and post this at libraries and supermarket bulletin boards. A demand without a boycott will not work.

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