December 23, 2005

Computer troubles, Martha's "Apprentice" gossip.

Sorry I haven't posted more today. My laptop has been acting up. I've turned the thing off and on about 50 times today trying to get it to work. It's an iBook G4, and the 3 times I got it going, it froze up. All the other times, it would just hang up on a blank blue screen. I've been looking at that blue screen trying to think up new strategies for getting past it for a long part of today. It's not all I did today. I did an NPR interview about Alito over at the WPR studio, and I got some shopping and wrapping done. But generally, it's been frustrating here! (I'm writing this on an old, annoying computer.)

And, yes, I know the NY Post had a gossip piece about Martha's "Apprentice."

A former contestant who was in the green room and overheard the child's remark told PAGE SIX: "Jennifer Koppelman Hutt [Charles' daughter, who works with Alexis] and her little girl were making small talk with the cast before the show. Someone asked the little girl, 'So, who do you think is going to win?' The little girl confidently replied, 'Bethenny is going to win, Martha didn't like Dawna's fashion show.' "

The shocked mother quickly whisked the tot out of the room as word rapidly spread throughout the stunned studio.

The former contestant who was there tells us, "They quickly sequestered the castmates. It was very strange. They put us all in separate rooms. The producer announced to the audience, 'We have last-minutes changes in the script. We want to keep the suspense up to the very last minute.' "

I think the grownups probably got the little girl to say that to create excitement about what was a very dull contest that Dawna was obviously going to win. That is, the girl didn't spill the answer, causing Martha to change the outcome. The girl was used as a device to inject some tension into the situation. It didn't work too well, though apparently some people who were there got jazzed up about it. It did not reach through to the TV audience.


reader_iam said...

See the e-mail ... perhaps some available if you need/want it ...

reader_iam said...

Help desks can--oh, I hate this word, but it obtains--suck on holiday weekends.

in_the_middle said...

ann, put your original mac os software disc in, and follow the instructions on the cd to start up from that cd.

basically when you start up the computer, hold down the 'c' while your mac starts up and when you hear the cd start to be read, you can let go.

then run what's called disk utility, under the menu up top. i suggest repairing your permissions first.

after that is finished, run a hard drive repair (you can skip verify), and if everything is okay, you should try restarting your computer without the 'c' being held down, just normally.

hopefully that will do the trick. if not, there are some other options from the startup disk, including setting what startup items run when you run a computer, and adding a new user account to see if that does the trick.

sometimes little software programs that run upon startup become corrupted.

hopefully it's not your new podcast mic.

hope this is helpful....

in_the_middle said...

p.s... in case you didn't know, under disk utility, you can repair permissions by single clicking (selecting) your hard drive, then the 'repair permissions' button will appear under the 'first aid' tab.

i do this often on my mac just as a general rule to keep things from getting corrupted.

vbspurs said...

Psst, Ann -- if you get a chance, look at this site.

I may have the wrong end of the stick, but it looks for all the world like a spam site that has somehow channeled your blog here.

(I saw it because it showed in my linkbacks section of the "Divided Kingdom of Kos-Wingery" post)

Anyhoodle, I didn't want to email it to you, alongside my holiday greetings, you know? Kinda weird.


vbspurs said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ann Althouse said...

Victoria: Please don't link to them! I know about them, and I can't figure out what to do. I've written about the problem here as well. You HELP them if you link to them! Please never do that anywhere.

In the middle: Yeah, I'd done that. More than once. It hasn't solved the problem.

Reader iam: I'm trying to get to the email...

brylin said...

I just spoke with my brother who is a Mac expert. Then I read in_the_middle's post above and the advice is identical!

It's suspicious that your problem occurred just after you connected the new microphone.

in_the_middle said...

okay, when you don't close out a simple HREF tag, it's hard to maintain credibility as someone who knows what he's doing with a mac... duh.

here it is again:

can you start up your machine after you've forced it to shut down (you do this by holding down the power button until the thing just shuts off and screen goes dark)?

if so, try this (i awoke in the middle of the night remembering i should have told you this first... you'd think i'd have better things to cloud my mind in the evenings):

when you start up, hold down the shift key. this will boot you up in 'safe' mode, with no extensions running.

if you are able to get past blue screen, then you have a problem with one of your startups.

run those permissions things that i mentioned.

then try again. if no improvement, then go back to the holding shift mode down, then go into system preferences (under the blue apple top left of screen), into accounts, then click on your account, and look at 'login items' by clicking on that button that appears.

turn every one of them off.

then i will suggest adding another account in this same area, in the left column. call it 'test' or whatever and give it administrative privileges.

login using your normal account. if it works, then you can slowly turn on your preferences for login items to eliminate which one is bad. if you find a bad one, you should re-install that particular program.

still no help? then go force a shut down, log in using your 'test' account.

still no solution? you likely have a corruption at the OS level, and that will mean a couple other options.

my first would be 1-800-APL-CARE if you have purchased the apple support package (worth every penny and unlike Dell, they are incredibly fast and helpful and don't blame you)

secondly, a few other 'self help' options:

if you can get your mac to download and run a program, i'll suggest 'cocktail', a shareware program you can find at this websiteby searching for that name. it's a utility that cleans out some of the gunkier things that can trip up your mac.

still no help? you may be looking at a re-install of your software.

i would do this as a last resort only. and perhaps a visit to will help you find a solution from a mac geek who is geekier (and more in tune than i). i go there lots and get tons of help.

if you start wayyy over: likely goes without saying, but when you do, make sure you do a full backup of your hard drive for your important files, then reinstall using "clean install", which starts from scratch and erases the entire hard drive (so make sure you do this as a last resort).

then after you're done there, go to software update (under blue apple), get your system up to date, then you should be up and running again.

it's an all day affair. do you hate football and/or get tired of the family? today or tomorrow might be perfect!

hopefully you're at 10.4.3 (tiger), but if you haven't upgraded, you'll do the same things for panther (10.3.x)

IF for some reason you still have issues, and you don't have apple support, i'd resort back to the forums to see if you need some more extensive repair tools.

for general maintenance in the future, it's helpful to occasionally repair permissions using the disk utility found in the 'utilities' folder. it's also a good thing to leave your mac on overnight occasionally with a network connection and without it going to sleep, as the mac runs general repair stuff very late at night that keeps your machine running ducky.

also, a download of that 'cocktail' item is also quite good for keeping caches cleaned out among other things.

good luck!

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, in the middle: I had done most of these things, including reaching the point where I was ready to erase and reinstall (with Tiger). My problem though is that it freezes and can't complete the process. It can't be the software, can it, if I'm starting it off the DVD and trying to reinstall everything? Shouldn't I conclude it's the hardware?

in_the_middle said...

that could very well be the issue, the hardware. have you unplugged everything from the computer (external mice, keyboards, etc).

i don't know if you have had time to go to the forums, that is if you're without options for free support from apple.

do you have either of the following:

apple care (the three year extention), and are you within it?

a program called disk warrior?

vbspurs said...

Victoria: Please don't link to them! I know about them, and I can't figure out what to do. I've written about the problem here as well. You HELP them if you link to them! Please never do that anywhere.


A little "thanks" wouldn't have gone amiss, despite the blooper though, Ann.

BTW, isn't what they are doing copyright infringement?

Anyone know any good lawyers?


Ann Althouse said...

Victoria, Sorry. I have blogged about this problem before. I don't know how to identify these people. Of course, it's copyright infringement.