November 29, 2005

"UK scientists have identified the part of the brain that determines whether a person perceives themselves as fat."

Would that be the part connected to the eyeballs? Oh, I'm just being mean, and this is the second post today about fat people. (Althouse is obsessed!) Actually, it's a pretty interesting study.

And did you know that "people who suffer from migraine with aura can sometimes experience a phenomenon called the 'Alice in Wonderland syndrome', where they feel that various body parts are shrinking"?

Ah, that calls for another link back to an old, related post: "My scotoma."


SippicanCottage said...
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Troy said...

Great. If I'm having a migraine now I have to worry about shrinkage!

or that infernal Jefferson Airplane song.

Patrick said...

"a person perceives themselves" suggests that the headline writer may have a negative aura.

APF said...

It seems this is more about proprioception than it is about body image per se, which is why the connection to the perception of limb-shrinkage, etc is drawn in the article.

vbspurs said...

I have a fat posterior parietal cortex. :(


Pastor_Jeff said...

Look a little closer huh, will ya huh?
Close enough to look through your eyes, scotoma.

Medical mystery, gets to me,
Lines in the midst of my sight, scotoma.

Never gonna stop, give it up.
Such a messed up mind.
Always see those spots on my eyes; they're the migraine kind.

My my my yi yi woo!
M-m-m my scotoma...

Pancho said...

Would that be the part connected to the eyeballs

That's purdy funny :>}

Having been a rather pudgy kid myself, I still have a sensitivity to being "fat". However the US Army Airborne and the desire not to be "pudgy" helped me whip myself into shape.