October 11, 2005

Some questions for "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fans.

Did you like all that "Passion of the Christ" material in the new episode?

Was there any reason to have that brassiere subplot in the same episode?

Was it the best use of the cross as a weapon since "The Graduate"?

How much religion can Larry David pack into this season? Will it work as well as themes from earlier seasons, like opening the restaurant and being in "The Producers"?

My profoundest question: Are you for Susie or Cheryl?


Brendan said...

The orthopedic shoes were much funnier than the "Passion" stuff, and Larry mincing on that videotape was priceless. BTW, is there a more disagreeable character than his best friend's wife? What's with all the f-bombs? What (upper-class) woman speaks like that?

Cheryl? A little too cold.

katiebakes said...

As a first-year-out-of-college newcomer to the expensive city, I am too cheap to have HBO, so I can only watch Curb on DVD. (I *almost* caved during Entourage/Comeback season, but I held strong, and I am regretting it now, as I am missing out on Curb and hear that Extras is also a great show!)

Anyway, I can't answer the first group of questions, but, going from my knowledge of the first three season that I have seen, your Cheryl/Susie question is a very tough one!

As I mentioned in another thread, Susie is my favorite character. You had a great point that the nature of her character does, however, require that she be seen sparingly so as to allow us to fully appreciate her.

Cheryl, on the other hand, is much more palatable and a good foil to Larry, as she is practically the only character on the show besides Jeff who generally puts up with his antics, and even goes along with them at times.

Cheryl is one of the only characters that Larry ever listens to ... while Susie is pretty much the only character that Jerry is afraid of.

I am laughing out loud picturing Susie standing in the driveway as Larry drives in, with the wild west music playing as his eyes widen in terror, inevitably because they are about to be the subject of Susie's favorite epithet for Larry...

Robert said...

"Extras" is hysterical...get HBO now.

We can't watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David is just too painful as a human being.

Rick Lee said...

About the bra thing and the Passion thing in the same episode... the bra episode was what gave Jesus his motivation to attack Larry... so it was all intertwined (as usual). While watching this episode, it occurred to me how crazy Susie would have to be to treat Larry like she does, given that Jeff actually works for Larry (manager, agent, whatever). Since Larry is one of the most successful TV people of all time, he must be a valuable client... and yet Susie treats him like the scum of the earth. I guess that she knows that Jeff and Larry are really close and nothing she says will affect that relationship.

Dogtown said...

Generally, I find the opportunistic swipes at Christianity to be pathetic, but Larry treats all religion with indifference, if not contempt. Him putting up that messuzah on his door only to appease his father proves this. What gets under my skin with his show is when he goes off on long riffs that get the reaction from co-stars as being offensive ("Oh, Larry, stop being such an a**hole!!"), but leave me the viewer wondering how much is for comic effect or just offensive for offensive's sake. For instance, his riff to his father-in-law (the one with the nail) asking why Jesus couldn't have been a Jane as opposed to being a man, so that Larry could be more comfortable worshipping a woman. (After all, worshipping a man is kinda......gay, right?) Was that funny? I wondered, after it went on and on.

The bra subplot, I think, is meant to show Larry's insufferable inadequacy regarding sex and women. Rather than be able to come right out and deal with Cheryl's request of him in a mature way, he gets himself into all these social contortions to get the job done, with minimal discomfort, but that in the end gets him into the uncomfortable mess he's trying to avoid, especially with his occasional nemesis, Susie.

Cheryl's the perfect Ollie to Larry's Stan Laurel. She's the straight man (woman, to be exact, a size 34). Susie is a sterotype of a Jewish wife, the very person that makes Larry cringe, and why he married a goy. I like Cheryl, because she loves Larry for who and what he is. Susie's a comic foil, but I always like to see Larry win over her.

XWL said...

I've enjoyed Curb this season so far, and Extras kicks so much arse that despite the need for subtitles (the Irish lass' brogue is sometimes a little difficult for my American ears) that I really look forward to each episode.

Regarding religion this season, it's presented for shock and amusement just as the racial and orientation humor was the previous week so I have no problem with it (but then again I'm a pagan/heathen).

Now as to which wife I am for.

For as in fan of, or for as in desirous of, or for as in suitable, I would probably side with Susie with all three.

She can be a frightening harridan at times, but you always know where you stand, Cheryl's passive aggressive routine is far more off putting to me than Susie's actual aggressiveness (aggression washes away after a moment, passive aggression wears on endlessly).

Physically Susie is more sensual and seemingly more emotionally available and she seems quite capable of sweetness with her husband it's just Larry that rubs her so raw (and who wouldn't be rubbed raw by that putz).

So I find her more interesting as a character (so I am for as a fan), more desirable (so I am for as in desirous) and compatible with my own experience of the kind of people I can put up with (so I am for her as in suitable, passive aggressiveness drives me beyond distraction).

With all that said I'm glad Susie is presented in small doses as Cheryl is a far superior foil for Larry's insanity.

lindsey said...

"(After all, worshipping a man is kinda......gay, right?) Was that funny? I wondered, after it went on and on."

Yeah, I found that offensive, and I'm not the type to find religious stuff offensive or even find Curb Your Enthusiasm offensive.

miklos rosza said...

The visuals of Larry (looking as he does) being chased by the guy with the cross reminded me of some very bad vampire movie, worse even than the second Count Yorga film (the first was rather good).

Was it an homage to the Paul Morrissey-directed version of Dracula,in which Joe Dallesandro pursues the terrified Udo Kier? Probably not, though there is a small taste of the same flavor.

David Boyd said...

If you're a Christian who believes Larry is unfair to your religion, just think about how bad Larry makes Judaism look. He's not exactly someone you want to emulate. I was rolling on the floor when Larry and Jeff were dragging Jesus down the hall.

I second everyone on Extras. If you're not watching this show, start this week. It's brilliant. The first episode where Andy (I believe that's his name) went to bible study in a John Travolta SNF suit was hysterical.

bill said...

Haven't seen CYE - don't have HBO. Just passing along that Ron Rosenbaum, in the New York Observer, isn't enjoying the current season: But judging by the first three episodes of the new season of Curb, something’s gone terribly wrong, Larry.

Harkonnendog said...

Cheryl's character is perfect. Susie is a caricature, practically.