June 13, 2005

Guest-blogging at GlennReynolds.com.

Go check it out. And feel free to do comments here.


Bruce Hayden said...

Sorry, but my view is that you better here.

But still, congratulations. Again making the big time.

chronicler said...

Congratulations for hitting th ebig time! Good article.

Does that mean we now have to refer to you as AnnAlthouse from now on? ;-D

Ann Althouse said...

I'm just filling in for a week over there. I've done that before. I'm not leaving this blog. Don't worry!

Gerry said...

"And it's especially compelling to think about Bill, because to think about Bill is to think about sex. "

Thank God I have never suffered from this affliction.

Iron Teakettle said...

It is neither irrational hatred nor a conundrum. President Clinton was simply not presidential. He degraded the dignity of the office of the President. He is intelligent, well-educated, likeable, a near sociopath, certainly a pathological liar, an adulterer, not to be trusted farther than he can be thrown, does not know what the meaning of "is" is, thongs and pizza in the Oval Office ... should I go on? Would you stop a bullet for him if you were in the Secret Service?

Kathleen B. said...

Please iron teakettle. given the current administration, let's not talk about "degrading the office of the president".

BABU said...

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