May 13, 2005

"What? There's another episode?!"

I wonder how many people across the country said that at the end of last night's "Apprentice." They left absolutely zero suspense about who would win. The whole episode was cut to make Tana look hilariously bad and even more hilariously delusional about herself. Meanwhile, there was almost nothing wrong with Kendra. The next thing we're shown will happen is that each woman's teammembers will talk about her behind her back, but we already know Kendra's people loved her and Tana had no rapport at all with hers. What's to watch next week?

I guess it might be funny to hear everyone tear into Tana and destroy her ridiculous, smug confidence. We've been prepped to find that amusing. How can anyone like Tana anymore after she said "I have a husband and children to go home to. Kendra has nothing"?


Dave said...

I found it very telling that Tana was stupid enough to shoot her mouth off about what she thought of the teamates assigned to her. She was riding in the limo with Carolyn, and was going on about the "three stooges."

Talking about the people who work for you behind their back is a sure sign of insecurity. Carolyn is too smart and perceptive a businesswoman to let a faux pas like that slide.

Circumspection is critical in many business situations, especially when you are talking with a person more senior than you, who can have a disproportionate impact on what the top guy (Trump) thinks of you.

Perception matters, and bad-mouthing your team only creates a bad perception. It's inappropriate, in the context of a corporate hierarchy, to commiserate with a person who is senior to you.

Sorry, but this is a pet peeve of mine because it is at once so obvious and so stupid. Keep your mouth shut if nothing good can come out of it being open.

(It should be noted, of course, that a lawyer would say the same thing to his client.)

tiggeril said...

She may be an extremely successful Mary Kay saleswoman, but she doesn't have a grasp on the common sense principles needed to manage effectively. I'm only a year out of college and I was cringing at how she handled setbacks. Snapping at the governor's aide, making assumption after assumption about how her team was going to get things done, and blaming the team for tasks and setbacks she should have taken care of herself.


I would like Kendra a lot more if she? Would stop? Talking in upspeak? Other than that I think she did a great job.

SAMPLES said...

I particularly loved Tana's statements that the Street Smarts folks, unlike Book Smarts, had to fight and claw for everything they have--as someone who just graduated from law school, I found that particularly hilarious, because the JD just fell into my lap and there was absolutely no hard work involved!

jennifer said...

I have to believe that we haven't seen everything. I cannot fathom that they've essentially given us the ending and think everyone will tune in with breathless anticipation of the finale.

There has to be something we don't know yet. Either that or, because Tana seemed to be the frontrunner for so long, they used last night to drive home the "here's why Kendra will win" point.

I have never gone from admiration to disgust faster than I did last night.

I wish Kristen had belted her. (Right after she doctored the program: hysterical!)

Rantburger said...

Tana and Kendra are the weakest pair of finalists in the three years the show's been running. Unless Burnett & Co. do a better job of selecting next year's crop of wannabe's, this show is running on very short legs.

EddieP said...

Kendra has not always been loved by her teammates, remember the Pontiac promotion episode. I have never found her to be the type of person I'd want to work for. Both women are poor delegators and managers. Both are well suited to be "special projects" people, but if I were Trump, I wouldn't hire either of them to positions where they need to manage people.

ajwpip said...

The fact that it is cut so strongly in one direction means that the actual winner will be the other lady. This is fake suspense and surprises through editing of reality tv 101. Get hip to it!

CM said...

"What? There's another episode?" was my reaction exactly. I'm annoyed that I have to tune in for five seconds of finding out who won and an hour of The Donald congratulating himself.

I don't think they'll do a bait-and-switch on us. It hasn't happened yet this season; the outcomes are usually what we expect (maybe not in the boardroom, but at least in terms of who wins the task). Kendra has shown herself to be a marketing genius since the beginning, and showed that she could manage a huge task in this episode. Tana has charisma, but that can only take her so far.

tiggeril said...

Good god, I hope not. I suspect that may be the case, but that would be an incredibly boneheaded move.

Last season was bad, between the ill-advised firings of Stacie J. and Pamela, but uuuuuugh. I don't even want to think about it.

What I'm trying to say is that I miss Bill and Troy and Kwame, I guess. :)

tiggeril said...

And by "I hope not," I mean Tana's being hired.

Ann Althouse said...

Ajwpip: I know that it should be the case that the opposite of the obvious is true, but the only way that could happen is if Kendra does something insane in the boardroom at the very end. But that part is shown live, so it can't be edited to misdirect us. The ending hasn't happened yet. Well, I just hope it does swing around the other way, because ...well, just for the hell of it.

Jeremy said...

Kevin said: " Tana and Kendra are the weakest pair of finalists in the three years the show's been running. "

I honestly had no idea that there was a second season that I didn't see. lol...I guess I just skipped a year.

At any rate, Kendra will win. She proved herself over and over again. I was surprised at her ability to just magically get things done--and get them done well.

Beth said...

"But that part is shown live, so it can't be edited to misdirect us."

Well, it did appear the final episode was staged and scripted last season. All I can say is thank God for dvr/tivo and being able to fast forward thru the inane stuff.