September 20, 2013

"Reality TV constructs its quite openly fake reality in order to elicit emotional responses in the audience..."

"... so what’s the point of watching crazy people melt down and then get shown the door? Especially when no one will have the nerve to say to him, 'I’m glad you’re leaving. You shouldn’t be here and you made things hell for the rest of us,' instead of the half-assed and completely unbelievable nicey-nice being made at the end?"


colleen cafferty said...

I haven't watched reality TV since the original MTV "Real World" seasons, which gave me a deep and justified sense of foreboding.

I look back and laugh now. They were really so well-intentioned and innocent for those first few seasons, almost like PBS. Still, as soon as celebrity happened, you could see the transformation into pure shit taking place by Season Five.

Reality TV is the single biggest reason I don't watch TV any longer, but survive on Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube. It gives me back a modicum of control over my media environment. If I go by someone with the TV on I practically gag out loud.

Lo Pay said...

I even know a few confused souls that think the housewife shows are how women should treat each other. Very sad.