December 15, 2010

"Ann, You should bump up your Amazon link for us late shoppers.

"Like the Salvation Army ringer outside the grocery store, we need a reminder to leave a decent donation."

"Donation" is a misnomer. Just start your shopping search here and you'll be giving me a percentage without increasing the cost to you. (And that box is always in the sidebar, if you're ever looking for it.)

And thanks, as always, to everyone who shows some love for the Althouse blog by using that Amazon portal.

AND: Another way to show the love is to make a direct donation, as some very special readers have done.

It's very encouraging!


TML said...

Yes! I'm VERY special.

mc said...

I'm pretty broke, but I tell everyone about your blog!

No joke- Just a note to say a holiday thanks, sans money.


jimspice said...

I'm not in the mood to dig through the Amazon TOS, but in other affiliate programs in which I have participated, alluding to to your commission was a violation of terms.

rdkraus said...

What level of "support" are these special readers sending?

With wife working for B & N, I'm not hot on contributing to "the enemy."

t-man said...
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t-man said...

If I link through and put items in my shopping cart, but purchase them later, do you still get the percentage?

Martha said...

I was wondering same thing that t-man asked.

Also it would be helpful to bump the link to the center postings once a month for those of us who need prompting and/or have tunnel vision when reading your blog and rarely look at the sidebar.

I am both an inveterate shopper and addicted Althouse blog reader-----the perfect combo!