December 19, 2006

"Let's not talk about philosophy while we're walking."

Says a college girl waiting to buy a take-out drink, in line behind me at the café. "And let's not talk about God." The students are tired of studying for exams.

I sit down -- in modified lotus position -- in a chair like this one.

Espresso Royale

Next to me is a plant that is apparently named Gabriel.


God's messenger?

They play this song, and I'm enjoying it. They get to this verse:
So, we went to the cinema, we came home from the cinema
We went through the front door, up the stairs,
Through the bedroom door, onto the bedroom floor
I’ve seen her naked twice, I’ve seen her naked twice!
And I say "I love this song" out loud.

There's lots to think about while drinking this cappucino. It's stirred up now, but before I dumped the sugar in, it had a spiffy design the barista made out of the foam. He said he tried to make it look like a nuclear explosion. I said I thought it looked like a man without facial features, smoking.


Sanjay said...

My thought would be, oh, "Gabriel" is buried here. Perhaps a beloved cockroach.

MadisonMan said...

Maybe they want you to blow on the plant.

brian said...

If you dig Art Brut, you should give Moving to L.A. a whirl. The lyric "Everything is gonna be just fine, I hear the murder rate is in decline" always cracks me up. (And btw, Ancora makes wonderful latte art too!)

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Pssst. Podcast.

Anonymous said...

Says a college girl

Wow, years of living in Madison hasn't trained that out of you? :) All I know is that the PC police in Ann Arbor are quite vocal in their zeal to suppress the use of "girl" for females over 18.

Ron said...

Can you get me an almond biscotti and a latte when you go back up? Thanks a bunch...

Anonymous said...

Divas don't add sugar to their cappuccinos.

(maybe honey, but not sugar)

Charlie Eklund said...

Ann, that is definitely a groovy song. I just bought it on iTunes.
Thanks for the recommendation.

More please!

Anonymous said...

I second the good song notable. I'm listening to Moving to LA right now ...

Jacob said...

Sounds like you'd like Louis XIV.