September 13, 2009

"But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!"

Maureen Dowd lets us listen in to what's ringing around in her head.

Why is she not ashamed to let us hear that? Because she somehow really thinks that what comes from her own brain does not come from her own brain. That's not just unfair — as her statement reveals she knows — it's crazy.


Synova said...

No Democrat ever yelled "Liar" at Bush.


John Stodder said...

Gee, Maureen, why stop there? Maybe the real unspoken word in the air was the n word. And maybe instead of "you lie," he really said "string him up."

Ahh, journalism at its finest.

wv: dededies. What's really going thru Maureen Dowd's head.

Martha said...

Why is Maureen Dowd not ashamed to let us hear what racist nonsense is rattling around in her head?
How can Dowd attribute her own prejudiced thoughts to Congressman Joe Wilson? Because, Dowd has no shame.

And after reading the Comments on her column at, I was horrified to discover how many other "politically correct" New York Times readers thought the exact same thing as Dowd when Joe Wilson yelled "You LIE!" during the President's address to Congress.
So much for a post-racial Presidency.

Jason (the commenter) said...

She hears it because SHE is thinking it. How can she not notice how racist SHE is?

rhhardin said...

It's the process of elimination.

That's the same logical process used in the 80s by a guest on Southwest Radio Church, to deduce that flying saucers are piloted by fallen angels attempting to attract the attention of the media.

Old Gray Bitch said...

It's funny because, fair or not, when we read what Maureen wrote, we read "fair or not, what I heard, you right-wing, child-molesting, mother-fucking assholes was . . ."

So it's probably just another case of moral equivalency

Chip Ahoy said...

Projection: it's not just a river in ... oh never mind.

traditionalguy said...

Maureen has a bad case of living in the past, when black men were oppressed and political analysis was easy. The world today refuses to go back to that 40 years ago past with all of its guilt. Maureen needs to find another man to target...she can re-run some Bill Clinton pieces. But the White Southern Racist Fairy has quit putting easy columns under her pillow forever.

steve said...

Did Obama ever say he was sorry to the cop in the Gates incident? I don't recall that he did. Being a leftist means never having to say you're sorry

JAL said...
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Wince said...

The question I have: who is this race-card strategy aimed at?

Is this an attempt to shame Obama's most ardent ("racist") opponents in to dropping their opposition?

Or, is it aimed at increasing the cost of disloyalty for those Democrat in congress who, despite their natural inclinations toward the Obama agenda, can read the tea leaves in advance of the next election?

Dowd's racist projection is aimed at Obama's supporters, not his opponents.

JAL said...

I am just a naive, northeast born, and educated, living sometime in the third world, living now as a Southerner for 30+ years person.

It NEVER occurred to me that that was what Wilson was saying.

I don't know if that's funny. Or weird. (That I didn't hear it.)

Why do you suppose I didn't hear it? Someone help me.

Have I used Zicam too many times?

WV = gizgbil
Something lefties have which allows them to think they can hear other people's thoughts. And write in internationally read newspapers about them. So the whole world can know what a crappy racist --- person Maureen Dowd is.

victoria said...

Wilson has no shame. He did it for effect an achieved what he wanted, noteriety. Publicity. If any of you think he did it spontaneously you are naive to the extreme. You go, Maureen

JAL said...

Being a lefty racist means you never have to say you're sorry.

I'm Full of Soup said...

The local paper here chose the Obama as The Joker poster to depict what the Tea Party was all about.

miller said...

You might not know you're a racist because you don't think you are or feel you are, but the great priestess and mind-reader Down can see into your black (excuse the word) hearts and deduce you are racist.

Especially since you oppose Teh One™ -- ipso facto, you are racist.

Don't you feel ashamed for not loving Big Brother?

JAL said...

Victoria whoever you are. Go pick another name. Our favorite vbspurs is the only Victoria here.

Wherever she is.

ricpic said...

...she somehow really thinks that what comes from her own brain does not come from her own brain.

Are you saying that she's delusional, that when Wilson shouted "You lie!" she heard "You lie, boy?"

I disagree with Dowd, but I don't see her as delusional. She may have convinced herself that Wilson meant "You lie, boy." But that's not delusional. It's willful misreading.

Or am I misreading?

Moose said...

From earlier in another post comments.

Dowd = middle aged twunt...

rhhardin said...

The process of elimination works this way.

You consider all the possibilities.

If you can logically rule out all but one, then that one is the truth.

The trick is to get all the possibilities in step one. That's pretty important.

In this case, "Direct action has perverse consequences" was left out as a possible reason for opposition, is all.

It would never occur to the left.

Intentions should take care of everything.

Sissy Willis said...

It was the Big Guy himself who started this racist thing, way back before he announced:

Did Obama just call me a racist?

Automatic_Wing said...

Dowd isn't delusional, she's just pushing Democratic party talking points.

This column seems like a pretty good guide to Obama's strategy from here on out - marginalize dissent constantly pointing out that the opposition comes from the Old South.

And you know how those people are.

Alinsky's Rule # 12: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

Rialby said...

Keep calling us racists lefties. It will never fail to alienate... Here's Bill Maher calling Drudge a racist.

tjl said...

Dowd's column is actually a good sign. The race card is what people play when they've completely run out of better options.

Charlie said...

I'm always amazed that people laugh at Bill Maher's "jokes".

Penny said...

The target isn't just southerners. Keith Olberman was saying, the night after Obama's address, that the outburst was to be expected from people who think "like those Iowa caucus voters."

If they keep these talking points up, they will alienate everyone except those on the right and left coasts and Chicagoans.

ricpic said...

Chicagoans, who have to take the el down to the loop, are beyond alienation.

David L. said...

This, I think, applies quite neatly to MoDo:

I think you've got to slow down before you start to blow it
I think you're headed for a breakdown, so be careful not to show it

"But you really don't remember, was it something that they said? Are the voices in your head calling, Gloria? Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria "

Anonymous said...

The race card isn't giving Obama cover - he's just a front to enable the race card.

In the real game, the race card is giving cover to a lot of power-hungry white boys, Rahm and David being only two of the more visible thereof.

wv: yargi

An average bear's cousin, whose visiting jelly stone from Israel

Penny said...

Which begs the question, ricpic, can aliens be aliened?

Penny said...

"The race card isn't giving Obama cover - he's just a front to enable the race card."


Now I must admit that when Obama ran from the far left to center right just before the election, I saw some potential plusses in this.

I foolishly imagined that this was the ONLY President who could cajole the nation away from Affirmative Action legislation, and back to us ALL being "created equal".

Instead, we apparently need to go through the next phase where young, able bodied, white males need to show disparate treatment through laws that were created to protect everyone BUT them.

What a silly world we live in, where legislators "make work" for themselves. They are TRULY a perpetual motion machine.

blake said...

And, of course, each cycle requires more government power.

Government: The cause of and solution for all of life's problems.

wv: diatedia -- when you're bored from both sides

Big Mike said...

I read down to the end of the second paragraph, where she wrote "Joe Wilson yelled 'You lie!' at a president who didn’t."

But of course, the whole point of Wilson's outburst is that Barack Obama really was lying and Wilson had gone past his fed-up point.

For MoDo and the gang down at the NYT it's always fifty years ago, and everyplace is Mississippi.

Unknown said...

What I heard, unspoken, as I read Miss Dowd's column was the heart wrenchig cry of a spinster. While Joe Wilson, unspoken, spoke of "boys," Ms. Dowd longed for, unspoken, a boy of her own, a boy that she could take home and, Michelle-like, unspokenly dominate. What I heard, faintly, unspokenly, after reading Miss Dowd's crie de couer, was nothing less than the evocation of post-menopausal oldmaidishness itself. Yes, the unspoken lament that harkens Healthy Choice TV dinners, flannel jammies, and the Leno show, and more subtle still, unspoken even, a 1-900 call for Boy--Oh, Boy!!

Lawyer Mom said...

I would say "it takes one to know one" if I knew.

The "worship Obama or you're a racist" folks are pervasive; some are just more subtle than Garafalo and sister Dowd.

Chris Matthews, for example, is constantly saying things like, "And don't you think some of these town hall criers are criticizing Obama's plan because of his background?"

Penny said...

Old Dad, please try harder not to be a mysogynist ageist while we are debating a left wing projectionist?

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I do find it odd that so many liberals know people who seem to have no qualms with tossing around the words "boy" and "nigger" all willy nilly.

I live in the Deep South and haven't heard anybody I actually know actually talk like that.

It has often been said that you know people who believe as you do. When I smoked pot, I knew an awful lot of pot heads. Now? Not so much.

Perhaps we should ask just how racist the Left really is.

kentuckyliz said...

She's a racist. I'm surprised she didn't hear something about lynching the n-word. Wow.

The Old South is now the New South. You know, where people and jobs and wealth are moving to.

Ain't no racism like northern racism. She's too blind to see it in herself, so she hears it instead.

I've lived in the south for 15 years and have never heard anything from within or without like what she's saying.

Unknown said...

Why Penny old girl, I'm duly chastened. Would it have been better if I had referenced Lady Dowd's "Oldmaidenhood," or perhaps, as unlikely as it may seem, her "Oldmaidenhead"? ;)

vw: joisto--which follows oh boysto!

Penny said...

The degree to which we use hyperbole to make our point is directly related to how much we care to either,

1. Win an argument, or

2. Give up our spot at the independent, center right or center left table of discussion.

Penny said...

Chastised, more likely, Old Dad. ;)

Something tells me it has been quite some time since you have been "chaste"?

lucid said...

Most Irish Catholic religiously educated schoolgirls of Maureen Dowd's age and era have long since outgrown whatever racism they picked up along the way. But Maureen hasn't outgrown her racism--she has just denied and projected it onto others.

This really is to some extent a generational thing. My wife teaches high school. If a black kid gets in mild trouble at this mostly middle-class school, the kid will sometimes say with a sly smile and as a joke--you're just giving me a hard time because I'm black. And everyone laughs. It is just people of Maureen Dowd's and Bill Maher's generation who don't get that the joke is on them

vanderleun said...

And here's the wind-up from deep inside Dowd's brain, the pitch of the brain towards the Althouse bat, a swing (crack of bat)... it's up... it's high... it is outta here!

Dust Bunny Queen said...

This column seems like a pretty good guide to Obama's strategy from here on out - marginalize dissent constantly pointing out that the opposition comes from the Old South.

OR from the North West, the Rockie Mountains, the Kansas plains, the Texas flats, the Gulf coast...or my part of California.

Yep. Just them southern fried racists from the Old South. Those are the only ones opposed to Obama....uh huh.

Yep. All about race and NOTHING about his political socialistic policies. Yep.

Racists. Or as Barny Frank would put it .....Wacists!!!


Methadras said...

Come on you guys. Don't on plagarist Dowd for to long. I mean, it's not like she she's hearing voices or anything, right? If she was going to hear the unspoken, "You lie, boy!" why not just go for the gusto and say, "You lie, nigger!". She might as well. Ah, leftists and their own fabricated petards.

BJM said...

It's simple really, the liberal elitist application of Occam's Razor is that the simplest explanation for any situation involving a person of color and those outside the liberal echo chamber is racism. Therefore racism is the only possibility....and MoDo is batshit crazy

Republican said...

How despicable to play the race card-but that's what you can expect from someone whose mind only views life in blacks and whites.

JAL said...

He sure misrepresented in the health speech.

WSJ Fact checking President Obama

Who is using "scare" tactics??

This is dishonest and I am tired of him playing the Alinsky demonize the opposition card.

It is certainly fine with me if every cover-up news rag and news service in the country goes belly up. (They make Watergate look like a punk operation.)

They do not deserve one single dime.

wv = mentiv
I am argumentiv after reading Obama's smears.

Your Correspondent said...

The Plan:

Ann should get Dowd on bloggingheads TV and then not say anything. After all, Dowd can hear your unspoken thoughts!

Roger J. said...

Obama wasnt lying--just shucking and jiving. Wilson on the other hand was not going to be niggardly with his condemnation and realized there was some major spade work to be done. Clearly the jig was up.

Did I get all the bases covered?

Anonymous said...

Nice trick.

You can't sue the voice in Dowd's head for slander, or Dowd's reporting of that voice as libel.

After all, she was only reporting what the voice said to her.

wv: skintle - an organic fruity candy made from flesh

hdhouse said...

Well after reading what the darkside has written to fill up this toss the meat thread I conclud tht what rattles around here in the name of thoughtful discourse really doesn't much measure up to a blip on Maureen's screen.

She's right you know. Certainly more right than thee.

hdhouse said...

Synova said...
No Democrat ever yelled "Liar" at Bush.


didn't you mean really? with a ?.

plenty thought it. but in all of gwb's trips to the floor, nope no one ever yelled liar at the president.

and your point is what?

X said...

house hears the voice too!

prairie wind said...

"Now he’s at the center of a period of racial turbulence sparked by his ascension."

The whole sentence is crazy...what racial turbulence is she imagining?...but nothing is as insane as "ascension."

"It may be President Obama’s very air of elegance and erudition that raises hackles in some."

This reminds me of Sean Penn at the Academies when he said (something like), "At last we have an elegant president." What raises my hackles is the implication that levels of elegance and erudition are the way to judge a presidency.

What makes me laugh is the idea that either is particularly noticable in Obama.

RebeccaH said...

As i said elsewhere: As much as I dislike Obama and his policies, I believe he must find all this racism talk by ultra-tilted white liberals insulting in the extreme. He ran a campaign (however dishonest), and he got elected President of the United States, in a country that was supposed to be dominated by racists. He is POTUS, and as such, is responsible for what happens on his watch, the same as it would be for any POTUS past, present, or future. If the people disagree with his policies, why should that be because of his race? Why not just because of his ideas and his political philosophy, which, I might add, he did little to disguise during his campaign?

To paraphrase Shakespeare, is he not a man like any other man? Does he not bleed support when his particular philosophy is revealed? Calling his critics racist because they (we) don’t agree with him is disparaging the man himself, because it discounts his own beliefs and actions.

Beliefs and actions, I must add, are for which he must accept responsibility.

Thomas said...

If racists did not exist, liberals would have to invent them.

Tatter said...

It's not that she thinks the voices in her head are real, it's that she doesn't think it matters whether they're imaginary or not. Just like the people claiming Sarah Palin said she could see Russia "from her house," they know it was actually Tina Fey saying it, it just doesn't matter to them because there is no such thing as facts in their world, only feelings and suspicions.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will, Dowd is a hip-hopping, modern gal. And the perfect, post-racial hookup for Kayne West.

1775OGG said...

When Dowd said something, perhaps in her column, about Candidate Obama's big ears, I do recall she said in response to his complaint, that she was only trying to toughen him up. Did she then add: "Boy" to her admonition?

TOTWTYTR said...

I got about halfway through her column when I realized. She nucking futs.

She lives in her own world, much like Pauline Kael. Fortunately for her, she's not alone, because she has a lot of lame stream media company.

Unknown said...

Anyone else ever have the kind of girlfriend from hell who makes up outrageous things you "would have said" and then proceeds to blame you for it?

I'm not wondering why this woman is on her way to being an old maid. Said, since she might have been cute ten years ago.


Mergz said...

Actually Dowd isn’t the only one making this accusation – it has suddenly cropped up among liberal commentators. (see Joan Walsh in Salon – “Critics are trying to blacken the President”).

No, this meme isn’t really about racism, or what Dowd thinks. It is the equivalent of the liberal elite yelling “Abandon ship!” They now realize that health care reform under Obama is either headed towards total failure, or some form that bears no resemblance to what they desire.

So rather than allow their cherished ideal of socialized medicine to be tarred by this failure they have found something to blame – racism. It can’t be the idea that’s faulty, only the motives of the idea’s opponents. In that way health care reform didn’t fail with the American people, it was undermined by those with racial motivations.

It is going to turn very, very ugly in the coming months. People like Dowd are going to throw the racial bomb without regard to the societal damage it will cause. It is all about protecting the socialized healthcare dream, regardless of the collateral harm.

HalifaxCB said...

I think the term for Dowd's auditory hallucination is "projection". I can't remember where it comes from, but there's an old adage that "What we pretend to despise most in others is what we hate in ourselves". There really is no more effectively rascist society than the one found in big Liberal strongholds - particularly the great urban dependencies - if one judges by real effects ( disparity of income, impossibility of social advancement, education, crime, family breakdown, abortion rates by race, you name it) - rather than rhetoric.

Matthew Noto said...

It helps if you try to remember that Maureen Dowd is not a journalist, but simply a very bitter life support system for a vagina that no one wants anymore.

Unknown said...

If she's only reporting what the voices in her head told her, isn't that hearsay?

John Fischer said...

I'd rather not know what's in Maureen Dowd's head: every word she writes is an overshare.

Mambo Bananapatch said...

> But that's not delusional. It's willful misreading.

Semantics. She heard a man say something nobody else heard him say. Delusional, stupid...whatever.

Unknown said...

There are all sorts of demons swimming around what's left of her gray matter. I seem to recall that when she wrote a column on whether "The Passion of the Christ" was anti-Semitic she admitted that when she left the theater she wanted to beat up Jews.

invention13 said...

Dowd and her ilk are enthralled with Obama largely _because_ he is black. Supporting him makes them feel sooo good about themselves. Is it any wonder she believes anyone who opposes or criticizes him is racist?

Innovation rules said...

The old Grey Lady is dead. And standing on her ashes are the populist, unscientific press; bloviating with such Kafkaesque, vitriolic and prejudiced venom now that their darkest fears have been let out of the closet that the whole system takes on a Randian, futuristic quality of failure.

Dowd is the epitome. Her columns are the perfect articulation of an emotionally irrelevant, mistaken cultured old lady of class, who never in her life got it right.

Matthew Noto said...

@Whiskey Jim,

A refrence to Kafka AND Rand in the same paragraph?

You've obviously never read "Philosophy: Who Needs It?", Miss Rand's take on why people like Kafka should never have been taken seriously.

Griff said...

She kept calling him our "brainy" president. How do we know he's brainy?

Not because his transcripts or other college materials have ever been released.

We know he's brainy because MoDo and the NYT keep telling us he's brainy.

"Repeat a lie often enough..."

Anonymous said...

Top Ten American Political Quotations
(As Recollected by Pulitzer Prize Winning NYT Columnist Maureen Dowd)