December 22, 2017

"President Trump signed the tax cut bill into law this morning.... He was most gracious, even to the hastily assembled news media..."

"... in a very informal signing ceremony bereft of other notable personages. This was a kinder and gentler Donald Trump that more of America needs to see. A particularly nice touch: instead of handing the signing pens to the politicians, who were not present anyway, he offered the souvenirs to the news camera men and microphone boom holders — the faceless laborers of the news industry...."

Writes David Blaska, with video of the low-key, rambling but nice Trump event.


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Rusty said...

Not in my memory , Elyse. And not with such obvious disdain.
Maybe you can give other examples of republican presidents doing the same.
Sorry about the spinelessness.

Are you Inga in another internet personality? I ask because I haven't met you here before and Inga changes characters more often than her underwear.

Paco Wové said...

"Are you Inga in another internet personality?"

Not Inga, but Inga-esque. She hated on Mitt Romney using a different pseudonym back in 2012.

Paco Wové said...

elyse has been around before. She's a lot like Inga.

Bad Lieutenant said...

But - to return to the Big Mike comment that set me off and my response: it's not personal. It is about all left-leaning people and the idea that *everyone* on this side of the political divide is "mean-spritzed", an "enemy of Trump" and does not have the best interests of the American people at heart.

It's inconvenient to preface every observation with "2.5 million of you believe this over 90%, 11.2 million believe it 75%, 42 million believe it 50%," and so forth. "We" must treat "you" like 60 million individuals, whereas you may wrap us up into a wad and shoot us out of your straw. A little more conversational nimbleness would suit you, as well as a thicker skin, a deal more self-awareness, and a damn sight more education/information. It's not agreeable to your interlocutors to make them teach you the ABCs and how to make fire, every time they tell you something you didn't already know AND ACCEPT. This is the advanced course,Kitty. There's so much you seem not to know that maybe you should talk less and listen more.

Oops, I said talk and listen but this is a written forum! See, you need to wrap your mind around certain conventions, or you will never be happy or successful here. One such convention is the conflation of written and spoken word. Another is that you=your side, the leadership you empower, the intellectual clique you take your information and ideas from. Some differentiation is necessary at times, but harping on it is a mere tactic.

Hope this has been helpful and reasonably polite.

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