June 12, 2014

Prime music.

A great thing about this new feature of Amazon Prime — which you can buy here — is that it asks you if you want to immediately "rip" some of the CDs you've bought on Amazon — which ones depends on their licensing. Amazon doesn't know whether you bought these CDs for yourself or as gifts, and it's funny to suddenly have access to a lot of things you never intended to buy for yourself.


Unknown said...

I rip it and ship it to whomever it seems a good fit. Like a random hello but better

traditionalguy said...

Prime has lots of free movies and all of the original HBO series for free too.

And if you make 20+ orders a year from Amazon the free 2nd day delivery saves more than the $100 annual dues.

A cheap friend lets me make her Amazon orders using her credit card and shipping to her home directly, all to use Prime's free shipping. Two 40lbs bags of gourmet bird seed saves her $24 on shipping. And she keeps many birds and squirrels dining well.

Graham Powell said...

I don't think you have to be a Prime member to get AutoRip, or whatever they call it. I anyone who's bought a qualifying CD can open the Amazon cloud player and download the MP3s.

Alex said...

Meh, only 1 million songs. Very little of the type of music I'm into. XBox Music is $10/month and you get access at more than 20 million songs in the US.

fivewheels said...

Yeah, Autorip is for non-Prime members as well, and it's been around for quite a while. And it's retroactive, which is nice.

As for saving the cost of Prime on 20 orders ... it's a classic false savings if, like me, you wouldn't have sprung for 2-day in the first place. The slower free shipping is fine with me.

Most of what I buy is non-emergency: a thumb drive, a dutch oven, candles. How often do you really need something in two days rather than four or five? Maybe I'm just patient in my old age.

Choey said...

Since Amazon came up with the cloud and now the free streaming I've discovered that I have a whole lot of music in my cloud that I never knew about including some that I've never heard of and some I wouldn't have bought on a bet. It seems that if I had a single tune from some albums I suddenly had the whole album on my cloud. Oh well, I guess I should be grateful.

Scott M said...

I'm a prime customer and think that, even at $99 it's completely worth it.

Just heard about the new streaming service yesterday and went to check it out. I have previously subscribed to Pandora, but ended up dropping it because my Rhapsody subscription has something very similar.

Surprisingly, Amazon didn't make it the easiest in the world to use. Is there an app?

eddie willers said...

This is the feature that finally got me off the fence.

Within seconds I had Dylan's "Blood On The Tracks" and Paul Simon's "Graceland".

Two that I bought on vinyl, then CD and then lost over the years.

Hip, hip hurrah!