March 20, 2012

At the Magnolia Café...

... please talk all you want all night.


The Crack Emcee said...

Can Someone Explain This "Bigotry" Thing To Me Again? (And Then, Please, I Need A Definition of "Hypocrisy"...)

edutcher said...

You are loving Indian Spring (or is it Winter?).

As are we all.

80 through Thursday.

Lem said...

I hear reports on the radio of loud strange sounds in the middle of the night in Wisconsin.. loud enough to wake people up.

Carnifex said...

I just saw on WND that the poster Mick has gotten himself representation, and is suing to have BO removed from the ballot in Fl. You may remember him saying that he was going to do it on this blogsite. I was surprised to learn Mick is a democrat.

Good luck Mick. I don't think any judge will rule in your favor because of the press he would receive, but you have the power of your convictions, and I salute you for it.


Those loud clanging sounds are the bricks being thrown up at the current NCAA tournament.

Chip Ahoy said...

So you meet a person who lived in a place that they know all about, or their family did, and they tell you some words in that language and one of the words you always be sure to learn first is always shit.

For ASL it's not in any textbook or online but it's still one of the first words you learn. And by you I mean me. Here's how:

Say you're right handed. Make a fist with the thumb sticking up, that is, bend your fingers around. Grab the thumb with the other hand. Now you have two fists one on top of the other with the bottom thumb being held.

The left hand really should hold the thumb of the right hand. The right arm with the thumb up is held loosely, it's dead weight. When released the hand falls with its thumb still sticking up. Thud. The left hand stays stationary in the air. It looks very much like a turd dropping out and you can make all kind of variations for comic effect, like instead of thud, go splat.

"O shit" really looks bad. And hilarious at the same time. It's a very important word.

Coketown said...

If anyone read Chip's essay on ASL without physically acting out his directions, I recommend you go back and do so. It really is hilarious.

Carnifex said...

Nice piece Masterful Crack. You pretty much nailed my objections to the whole republican front runners, and back runners. Der Mittens practically wrote Obamacare, and was pushing for it. Newt was for a one provider system before he were ag'in' it. Santorum never met a problem a little more money couldn't solve.

The only one different is Paul, and he's a crack pot(no insult intended).

So when I look over the field, I don't get inspired. These goobers are talking about Rubio, or Christie for V.P. The V.P. nominees are better than the presidential nominees. Bleh.

Way,way back, months ago, I predicted a Romney/Paul ticket. Do not be surprised. Mitt brings the money and organisation, and Paul brings the heat. What is with these guys choosing lightweight veeps. Started with Bush/Quayle, and hasn't improved one bit. Except for Sarah(she had nice getaway sticks, and rack).