July 12, 2011

At the Backward Café...

... don't back down.


t-man said...

Any word on recall primaries?

Carol_Herman said...

It's easier to hold a sign on a stick, than having to hold one up in the air.

When you use two hands, though, you could break out in the YMCA song.

chickenlittle said...

@Carol_Halsey: Because we were talking about the Navy earlier elsewhere, this one's for you!


What would Halsey say?

Paddy O said...

Any suggestions about alternatives to Netflix?

chickenlittle said...

Paddy O said...
Any suggestions about alternatives to Netflix?

Have you watched everything?

garage mahal said...

Real Dems sweep fake Dems. Cost to the state to run the fake primaries = roughly four times to repair "damages" to the Capitol.

ALH said...

T-man -
32nd district went for the "real" democrat, Schilling...70% - 30%. Not sure of the others. I'm afraid my man Kapanke will be her next victim.

Paddy O said...

"Have you watched everything?"

Not nearly. But they announced they're just about doubling their prices from what it was earlier this year, so I'm curious what other options are out there.

Meanwhile, I'm consoling my frustration with fresh mint/creme de menthe ice cream. It seems to be working.

Meade said...

t-man said...
Any word on recall primaries?

All the so-called fake Democrats lost to the real fake Democrats.

Oh well.

ALH said...

since when do liberals care about the cost of things??

This is what democracy looks like, man!

MarkG said...

Any suggestions about alternatives to Netflix?

No, but I wanted to say that I'm finding Netflix a fine alternative to TV. Except for sports and weather, for which it's a poor substitute.

David said...

Regular democrats have won all the recall primaries. With one exception, it wasn't close, and that one wasn't recall close. (Thank God.)

David said...

Paddy O said...
"Any suggestions about alternatives to Netflix?"

Sex. Sleep. Both. (In whatever order you choose.)

David said...

It's a beautiful summer in Wisconsin, eh?

Pretty nice nuthouse we have here.

Paddy O said...

"I'm finding Netflix a fine alternative to TV."

Me too. I was absolutely and wonderfully and evangelistically pleased with Netflix. But, with the price increase I'm curious what other options there are out there. Though, I fear Netflix sprung this price hike/no service change because they know there's no present competition.

Meade said...

After a grueling morning taking New Media video up at the Capitol, I was workplace bullied into having a delightful lunch today at Fromagination's on the square. It really was quite a treat. Thank you.

David said...

That really was the most pathetic demonstration I ever saw.

Looks even worse ass end forward.

Karl said...

Take away all the signs - I can still find my gate to home at Sky Harbor.

It's the one with the endomorphs wearing t-shirts and fanny packs.

edutcher said...

The Blonde gets back in a couple of days. Can't wait. It should cool off a little by then.

Meade said...

After a grueling morning taking New Media video up at the Capitol, I was workplace bullied into having a delightful lunch today at Fromagination's on the square. It really was quite a treat. Thank you.

She works you like a dog.

Of course, The Blonde always says, "When I come back, i want the dog's life".

AlphaLiberal said...

All 6 fake candidates went down in ignoble defeat. Bunch of losers.

But they delayed the general election for a month, which will give Republicans time to ram their partisan redistricting maps through -- even though most local government have not finished their part of the process.

All they care about is themselves.

AlphaLiberal said...

Hey, all you Fox News viewers, do you think Fox News bugs phones, rifles personal medical records or otherwise engage in the same sort of criminal activities as found at other Murdoch news organs?

Oh, you don't even know that scandal exists? Murdoch is going down in a blaze of ignominy, baby. Say bye bye. That's right. Uh-huh.

Tapping phones of 9/11 victims!

AlphaLiberal said...

Hacking scandal has Murdoch on ropes

How long can the right wingers pretend this doesn't exist?

Rupert Murdoch is no ordinary person. He is your leader. When his Fox News tells you who to hate, you fall in line. He calls the tune and the right wing dances.

And he's looking more and more like he's ready to wear an orange jumpsuit. I just hope we get to lock him up here, in a regular prison. And his boy.

AlphaLiberal said...

Murdoch tabloid scandal reaches 9/11 victims, ex-PM Gordon Brown

These are new charges, in addition to those already admitted to by the now-shuttered News of the World. No "alleged" there!

Among Monday’s allegations:

• Details surrounding Brown’s infant son’s battle with cystic fibrosis were allegedly stolen for a 2006 story that appeared in The Sun;

• The Guardian reported that Scotland Yard found references to Brown and his wife, Sarah, in the personal effects of Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator hired by the tabloid who has already served jail time for his role in hacking the phones belonging to three royal aides;

• Brown’s lawyers were tricked into handing over legal files to a conman working for the Sunday Times, while a man impersonating Brown was reportedly able to access the former prime minister’s banking details;

• A former New York police officer, now working as a private investigator, is claiming he was asked by News of the World reporters to hack into voicemails on mobile phones belonging to 9/11 victims, according to the Daily Mirror.

Now, finally, will any of your criticize this conservative, this billionaire crime boss, Rupert Murdoch?

chickenlittle said...

OMG Alpha, whatever would FOX news do without daily marching orders from the very top? I know I'd stop listening to FOX!

I'm so confused I feel leaderless--I'd better check with what Rush thinks tomorrow.


Paddy O said...

"All they care about is themselves."

This is what democracy looks like.

Paddy O said...

Only right wing politicians have earned invasive personal scrutiny!

It's a unique outrage if other people get their emails read and voice mails listened to!

North Dallas Thirty said...

These women support violence against Republican women, including calling for them to be raped.

Hypocrites all, especially AlphaLiberal.

And isn't it interesting; AlphaLiberal is screaming about Murdoch, but not about the fact that AlphaLiberal's precious Barack Obama signed off on giving guns to Mexican drug cartels that were later used to kill American and Mexican law enforcement officials.

North Dallas Thirty said...

And as for 9/11 victims, we should remember that AlphaLiberal and his fellow Obama Party members called them all "little Eichmanns" who "deserved to die".

Funny how AlphaLiberal never talks about that. Probably because Alpha is a desperate, violent little brat who is too busy living out his rape fantasies about Sarah Palin and bombing Republican houses.

Carol_Herman said...

"Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me."

Did you know back in the 1940's this was common knowledge among kids?

Same rules apply today. Same bullies.

I was a very skinny kid. VERY SKINNY!

And, the school had a fat bully. Girls and boys were separated at recess in different play yards. And, bully came in ... The teachers thought he'd kill me. But by the time they ran over, I had him on the ground. And, I had him by the ears. Lifting his head up and down on and off the cement.

I was pulled off. And, my dad was called. To take me home as some sort of punishment. As if going home from school, early, was punishment. So, my dad walked over. The store was only a block and a half away. As soon as we were past the school gate ... he began laughing. And, I got hugged because I fought back.

It's a good lesson to know that you also have a good defense, when you begin laughing at your opponents.

How come we don't get more humor, here? It's pretty funny stuff we're seeing ... Because if it wasn't, we wouldn't come back.

Hopefully, tomorrow, we'll see the results of the six primaries, today.

Cindy Martin said...

So Anne, will you respond to Pam Gellers comments about you?

Chip S. said...

Congratulations to Wisconsin's Democrats for their solid victories in their party's primary elections yesterday.

Palladian said...

"So Anne, will you respond to Pam Gellers comments about you?"

Jesus, is this place going to descend into the link whore trading post?

Carol_Herman said...

Oy, chickenlittle at 10:57 PM ... I read it fast ... and thought you said Hulsey!

Then I got it. But Halsey is dead. He's not going to say anything.

And, I wasn't impressed with the music at your link. I'm not much of a listener to that stuff, anyway.

Plus, these guys looked like actors out of central casting. Even the chest medals looked like they came from some costume place. Could they have been hired to do a commercial? It's not the old motto: "Join the Navy and see the world." But a McHale's Navy Hollywood varient?

A girl freind of mine married a sailor. He said when a ship passed the eqator all the guys took their clothes off. He liked it. He became a nudest. My girl friend learned to do it. They had three kids. So running around without cloths was how they lived. Grown up, now, only one of the three daughters disrobes ... even though there's a mixture of dressed and undressesd people in the same room.Different strokes for different folk.

The nudity is caused by the navy? works for the people who like it.

Lem said...

Netflix is raising their prices.

Dustin said...

It does seem a little aggravating that Netflix would increase my bill from $10 to $16.

but I know I'd happily pay that much for it. I know there's a lot of talk about how Netflix has to pay this company or that one, and this is forced on them, but that's all BS. Netflix did a study of some kind and learned they could charge more for their product. I know I've been using Netflix for months and have been amazed it's so cheap.

That's all this is. They are trying to make as much money as they can. For the time being, Amazon and Hulu do not compete against Netflix very well. I don't really need the DVDs, but my wife likes them. If it were just me I would go streaming only. But I am not picky about what to watch. Some complain about Netflix's selection, but to me, it's beyond what I could ever need already. I just don't want commercials. I'd pay $20 for this streaming service with no commercials. I bet Netflix charges that much sooner than later.

hoyden said...

I will discontinue Netflix because of the price increase. I have all 6 seasons of "Corner Gas" and it will take me several months to get through them before I am ready to watch them again. I also have the Amazon Prime video thingie so I will explore that option.

wv: discheat

Ann Althouse said...

"Rupert Murdoch is no ordinary person. He is your leader."

I've rarely written about Murdoch on this blog. He's a left-wing obsession. I blog about what interests me, and I haven't been interested in The Murdoch Empire in the past. If I'd been promoting him somehow, I might feel a need to cover these misdeeds. But I don't have anything interesting to add. The news reports are right there for all to see. What am I supposed to do, point at them and say that's bad? It doesn't work for me, following my blogging patterns and standards.

poppa india said...

Rupert Murdoch is my leader? Get a life. Go outside.

ken in sc said...

Alpha, Fox News is largely the creation of Roger Ailes. He talked Murdoch into financing it. Murdoch is a political pragmatist. He held a fund raiser for Hillary Clinton during the Demo primary. He does not micromanage his holdings.

AlphaLiberal said...

Well, Ann, you were accusing Al gore of "propaganda" elsewhere. The most blatant propaganda outfit in America today is Fox News.

Or, you could look at at the legal issues for criminal activities in England being prosecuted here.

It's a story rich with opportunities for commentary.

Murdoch has conservative media outlets propagandizing all over the world. It's his thing. Ailes is just an employee.

I never called anyone an "Eichmann." Least of all 9/11 victims. Who did? Oh, Ward Churchill. Yeah, he's not my responsibility. {insert rolling eye emoticon here}


AlphaLiberal said...

Not to mention Murdoch's boy is directly involved in the scandal in the UK and Murdoch jumped on one of his planes to fly to UK after the first con newspaper went down in flames.

Where is Rudy Giuliani on this? he is more loyal to Fox News than the survivors of 9/11?