December 14, 2007

"The Freak Show Comes to Life."

Don't you love when a headline becomes the URL and remains the URL even if you change the headline? Some funny stuff can happen that way. It can be real "Mush From the Wimp," if you know what I mean. (If you don't know, read this.)

So here's the blog post, sedately headed: "Hillary's New Pitch: 'No Surprises.'" The title says one thing, but oh, that URL:
It's from Michael Crowley at TNR's blog The Stump.

Let's read and see what's up with the unsurprising freak show:
Hillary just held an extraordinary press conference here after taping an interview with Iowa public television in which she introduced a provocative new theme to her candidacy...

"I’ve been tested, I’ve been vetted," she said. "There are no surprises. There’s not going to be anybody saying, 'I didn’t think of that, my goodness, what’s that going to mean?'"
So she's saying "no surprises." Not Crowley. Crowley may look on and think the freak show comes to life. But will he tell us?
Hillary smiled with the patience of a grandmother stuck babysitting bratty kids as reporters barraged her with breathless questions about whether Obama's drug history is the sort of surprise she's talking about and whether she thinks general-election voters might punish him for it.

But Hillary wasn't biting. "I am only talking about myself," she insisted, looking unusually resplendent in a dark suit with a red blouse and multicolored necklace....

Hillary's cool mien only really wavered once, when she was asked about her own experiences with drugs and--given that we already know she avoided them--the basis for her decision-making about them. A peevish look crossed Hillary's face as her press secretary, Jay Carson, audibly chortled with disdain. Hillary said she had already answered those questions: "I refer you to everything I've said in the past."
Ugh. I can't wait for the next 4 years of press conferences. I refer you to everything I've said in the past. Great phrase. I can picture myself using it with students. Got any questions? I refer you to everything I've said in the past. Try it in your next fight with your spouse or partner. I refer you to everything I've said in the past. It's quite the catchphrase. It could be the "Let me make one thing perfectly clear" of the next administration.
After forcing Billy Shaheen out of her campaign, Hillary has now pivoted to a "no surprises" argument which at least seems to spring directly from the Obama-cocaine talk--and is certain to keep that talk alive...
Hmmm.... keep that talk alive... freak show comes to life.... no, I really can't figure out what Crowley may have had that justified the headline memorialized in the URL.

Readers, help me out in the comments. Take Crowley's post and rewrite it so that it would fit the headline: "The Freak Show Comes to Life."


Roger J. said...

Ann: will let your more gifted commenters rewrite it--I was interested in TNR's phrases: "resplendent in..." and "cool mien wavered only once..." Clearly the TNR is no longer credible in anything.

Ralph L said...

Oh, the irony of reposting with a new headline. Intentional?

Perhaps the "resplendent" comment was sarcastic.

Ann Althouse said...

roger said.."Ann: will let your more gifted commenters rewrite it--I was interested in TNR's phrases: "resplendent in..." and "cool mien wavered only once..." Clearly the TNR is no longer credible in anything."

Yeah, and don't you think Crowley must have had much meaner stuff there originally?

Ann Althouse said...

ralph: yeah. my little joke.

Titusluvsu said...

Michael Crowley is very hot.

I would definitely do him.

Titusluvsu said...

Is Michael Crowley a mo?

That would be hot.

He has nice lips.

He wreaks of Ivy League and I love that.

Titusluvsu said...

He got to be gay. No hetero male would use the word resplendent.

He has nice hair too.

Looks like he has a decent body as well.

My sense is that he shave his couch.

Now if we could get a better look at his package that could be helpful.

XWL said...

If you wish to know my response to this particular post I ask that you refer to all my previous comments at all previous posts.

George M. Spencer said...

But Hillary wasn't biting.

The head off of the hen thrashing in her left hand.

"We are only talking about Ourselves," she insisted, looking unusually resplendent in a dark rubber catsuit with a meat-lined corset and multicolored tattoo around her neck.

Nor would she bite the bird when asked by CTHUL's Al Crowley whether she would flatly declare that "a carny's ‘indiscretions' with me, Madame Dimanche, should be an issue for paying ticketholders."

After what I telephatically sensed was a moment of attempted Jedi mind control, she concluded by shouting, "Hey, Rube!

(Scroll down the link for 'cornu cutanem.')

Laura Reynolds said...

You know, as much as I don't believe Hillary on just about everything, I can almost believe she could live in Berkeley, CA in 1971 and not do drugs. We used to have a word for people like that but I can't remember what it was.

Revenant said...

I can almost believe she could live in Berkeley, CA in 1971 and not do drugs.

The big unanswered question for me is WHY someone would want to live there in 1971 if they weren't doing drugs. :)

Laura Reynolds said...

She was about saving the world via the legal system and she's always been about opportunity. I said "almost".

Jazz said...

Hmmm, never thought of shaving my "couch," but did once give the love seat a good trimming.

EnigmatiCore said...

The deception with tact, just what are you trying to say?
You've got a blank face, which irritates
Communicate, pull out your party piece
You see dimensions in two
State your case with black or white
But when one little cross leads to shots, grit your teeth
You run for cover so discreet

Titusluvsu said...

What a couch shaving does is get some of the gnarly hairs away from from the Hog and as a result it actually makes the hog look bigger and more pronounced.

It is a win win.

Please fellow republicans start shaving your couches.

Roger J. said...

Titus: you are simply a wealth of information! Thanks for sharing!

rhhardin said...

More Mush from the Wimp made the WSJ editorials, I remember. They were criticizing the Boy President all the time and so jumped right on it.

Apparently the left does not in fact believe the clowns they support ; they just play to what they figure is the intelligence of the readers.

Titusluvsu said...

Roger, thank you.

My purse is full of fun facts.

AST said...

Doesn't she realize that "No surprises", in her case, is NOT an attractive pitch?

How about, "No Bill in the White House!" If she thinks having him as an adviser is a winner, she's farther out of touch than I realized.

Mortimer Brezny said...

Obama's drug use is no surprise, as it was detailed in a best-selling and critically acclaimed book.

But I am surprised that Hillary is trying to steal Obama's cool factor by titling the new phase of her crippled campaign after a Radiohead ditty.

No Surprises: Too Hip For Hillary

Before you know it, she'll be hosting a spoken word town hall with Bill blaring his sax in the background and her mama and Chelsea in doo-rags singing back-up. Preach, sistah. Preach.

Oops! I forgot. She already has an advert out about her No Surprises theme.

Ralph L said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trooper York said...

I thought "The Freak Show Comes to Life" is the title of the series of commenter meet ups you have scheduled for the new year. It's a lot catchier than Annapalooza.

Ralph L said...

get some of the gnarly hairs away from from the Hog
Some of us don't need to worry about this, due to the enormous size of our hogs. I thought it was done to reduce crab transmission.

Crowley is a Yalie, according to Wiki. Haven't seen his picture anywhere. Titus, you'll just have to check all the package pictures that are online until you find one that matches the rest of him.

Ralph L said...

Trooper, you brought a tear to my eye!

ricpic said...

Bend Over America
From HRC, With Love

I've been tested, I've been vetted,
My dildo's at the ready;
Now prepare for penetration,
Steady, steady, steady....

AllenS said...

"The Freak Show Comes to Life."

Hillary!: "Come on in folks! This is no fat lady, alligator woman, woman sawed in half freak show! Watch Bill hide the cigar!"

Titusluvsu said...

If any of you are interested I know the name of an amazing cooch trimmer in NYC.

For an extra 50.00 you can have a cooch trim with release.

He put some amazing pre cooch oil on the cooch and afterwards has a splendid combination of after cooch balm and astroglide.

The last thing any of us wants after a cooch trimming is razor bumps and the oils eliminate that testy (hee hee) problem.

Hello fellow republicans and lovers of the Bush Doctrine. How is everyone tonight on this fabulous Friday?

I have had my cooch trimmed the following ways:

full brazillian
hitler mustache
sqaure around the paremeters of the hog with a line seperating the hog from the bush
and shaving where all that is there is a minimal about of cooch hair-think of a baby's head.

Also, always make sure there is no bush anywhere directly on the hog or on the balls-that should be a given but no one want to suck a hairy hog or balls-that is just gross.

Palladian said...

This Michael Crowley is much hotter than the pasty, tiresome Eli one.

Trooper York said...

Titus, when you refer to the Bush Doctrine are you referencing the proper way to trim the cooch?

Palladian said...

" but no one want to suck a hairy hog or balls-that is just gross."

Speak for yourself. Men that shave should just go ahead and have their balls lopped off. It's unmanly and, were I single, I'd toss out anyone who slipped off their pants and shorts and revealed that they pruned themselves.

Especially repellent are "men" that shave their chests.

Ralph L said...

What a blog this is! Global warming analyzed on one thread, advanced pube-trimming on the other.

EnigmatiCore said...

We are waiting for someone, perhaps the vanquished (or is he) Christophe to pick up the slack, Ralph, and blog about the impacts of Brazillians on global climate change.

I'd argue that it would cut down on global cooling (or global warming, depending on which decade we are in) by having men more interested in staying home, enjoying some Custard Pie (tm Led Zep) rather cruising the town, destroying the environment.

But despite Blogger's labeling me a blogger, and despite me having a blog (not updated in months and months), I am not that blogger.

Christophe, the world turns its lonely eyes to you...

Trooper York said...

Not so strange really. Advanced pube-trimming causes Global Warming. Or least that's the best explanation I have heard so far.

former law student said...

The flagpole always looks taller when you cut the grass around it -- old Boy Scout proverb.

Someone should ask Hillary how she has put the principles of her book, "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child" into action. Because, after all, isn't concern for the world's chirrun a vital part of our Former First Lady?

ricpic said...

The Gospel According To Titus

Sucking cock and sucking balls:
O Holy Trinity.
But only if they're hairless:
Hirsute they lose divinity.

Patm said...

I can almost believe she could live in Berkeley, CA in 1971 and not do drugs. We used to have a word for people like that but I can't remember what it was.


Mortimer Brezny said...

Especially repellent are "men" that shave their chests.

I am amused.

Ben Masel said...

Yet she claims to be "experienced."

rhhardin said...

Limbaugh audio clip of Contessa Brewer (``Imus doesn't know how to treat beautiful women'') finding Hillary and Obama in a ``statesticle dead heat'' in Iowa.

submandave said...

The first thing I thought about when I heard HRC's "no surprises" comment was "yeah, when you lock up all the documentation about everything you've ever done and refuse to release it there's not much oportunity for surprises."