April 13, 2007

"Oh by the way, the person you've been chatting with for a week is me, Halle Berry."

How celebrities escape from the grueling life that is being a celebrity:
"I was just trying to chat anonymously and just be another person in the chatroom having a conversation," Berry said.

"When I decided to say: 'Oh by the way, the person you've been chatting with for a week is me, Halle Berry,' they thought I was just some kook.

"They were like: 'Right, sure, get out of here.' They didn't really believe me at that point. So chatting hasn't gone that well for me."
I don't get her conclusion. Why would their disbelief -- which is justified -- ruin the experience? If you sought to escape from the restraints of fame, and you got people to talk to you as if you were an ordinary person, why do you feel unfulfilled? You got what you sought. The disbelief was part of that, absolutely the way people would react to an ordinary person. Why are you miffed? Seems like you really wanted the diva treatment after all.


Omaha1 said...

That's kind of funny - they didn't believe she was who she really is!

And by the way I am Madonna!

David53 said...


No, it's not funny and I am the REAL Madonna!

the Rising Jurist said...

I thought the same thing when I read this. She clearly wanted to induce a starstruck moment in her chat buddies.

Kevin Lomax said...

I'm Elvis. Quite a few people believe me when I drop the bomb.

Omaha1 said...

Sorry Kevin, everyone knows that Elvis is dead.

love, Madonna

p.s. pay no attention to that impostor, david53!

B said...

Elvis is dead?!

bill said...

No. Elvis is alive in an old folks home. I refer you to the documentary: Bubba Ho-Tep. Also explains what happened to JFK.

Anthony said...

I've always wondered whether some of the people I've chatted with in fora over the years have been famous people posting anonymously. Apparently, back in the good old (free) days of Salon's Table Talk (charter member here) Arnold Vosloo (the mummy in The Mummy movies) used to post (just another parenthetical remark to be a goof).

I suppose Ann is now famous so, like, I'm NEVER GOING TO WASH MY FINGERS AGAIN if she responds to this comment.

Flexo said...

you got people to talk to you as if you were an ordinary person

I've known (and been friends with) one or two famous people -- folks who I knew before and after they became celebrities -- and what has struck me is that, deep down, they are just ordinary persons. They have the same wants, concerns, and worries as everyone else. True, some let the fame go to their head, but deep down, they are the same person they always were. For the most part, in their private moments, they are nothing special, but just plain everyday people like you and me.

So if they are disguising themselves when chatting with others, it is not surprising that no one thought that she was a "celebrity." Unfortunately, that is when the hubris of some kicked in and she felt the need for adulation and urge to yell out "Hey look at me! I'm important!"

No, honey, you ain't all that important. You're just everyday folk. So deflate that big head of yours and come back down to earth.

Tibore said...

Stupid f****** Blogger and their forcing of me to make a Godd*** Google account!!!! Why can't they just let me sign in with my Blogger name???!!!

Sigh... was wanting to post something funny, but STUPID BLOGSPOT'S JUNK-A** SIGN-IN STUPIDITY'S KEEPING ME OUT!!!


Pogo said...

Halle discovers the somewhat sad (but actually quite liberating) reality of life, that none of us is terribly special, most of us will die grieved by few, and the vast majority will pass and soon be forgotten in the decades to come.

Except for a very few artists, scientists, philosophers, and statesmen, the only longevity we might enjoy comes through our children, and in how we treat others. That is, the things we've handed down.

I find that comforting, actually.

Gahrie said...

I am spartacus!

Paul Zrimsek said...

Well, I didn't believe Halle. And neither did my wife... Morgan Fairchild! (Whom I've seen naked!)

B said...

Pogo - how well said!

Doyle said...

Ann Althouse criticizing anybody for "wanting the diva treatment" is laugh out loud funny.

Anthony said...

Come to think of it, I have interacted with a couple of semi-famous people online. I once got into a tussle on Table Talk with rather famous Native American author about archaeology. And I corresponded over a period with a minor porn star named Brandy Alexandre; she wanted to know the source of a quote by William Gladstone (it's the one funeral homes nearly always have on their web sites).

Lou Wainwright said...

I'm not sure we are giving Hallie enough credit. I can easily believe the article failed to communicate the complexity of what she was trying to say.

For example, let's imagine you had an online friend that you'd been chatting with a lot for a few weeks. You're probably going to want to talk about your day to day life, right? Well a big part of her life is being a movie star. Even more, she views herself, I'm sure, as a movie star who is just a regular person. That's probably exactly the dichotomy that she'd want to talk about with an online friend.

But how do you talk about that without revealing who you are? You could invent a persona and downplay your success, but then you can't really be honest about the real issues in your life. Besides, you'd need to give an IMDB'able name or you wouldn't be trusted anyway.

I'm very sympathetic to her. I suspect she was sincerely trying to develop relationships with people and discovered that the fact she couldn't be honest about herself meant that the relationship couldn't develop.

There is an easy solution though, she should start a blog.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

To the best of my knowledge, I am the only famous person I know.

Superdad said...

"No Elvis is not dead, he just went home." Agent K, Men in Black

peter hoh said...

Doyle, OMG, I'm so glad you're still posting here. I can barely type I'm so excited!!!!!! Please say something more!!!!

TMink said...

Doyle, Ann wrote: "Seems like you really wanted the diva treatment after all."

Where is the criticism? Where is a pejorative word?


JohnAnnArbor said...

Obviously, Halle needs a blog.

Ron said...

Now listen. It's pretty simple. I am Ross Perot, always have been. Didn't want to be found at first. Called myself Ron, stands for Ross On Net, pretty clever eh? Now I'm lettin' you know, I've cloned Nixon and we're back in '08. Nixon will handle the Middle East, and I'll bail the country out with my personal money. I've got a chart about it, but I can't DeBloggerize it so it fits in this little square box.

But it's all true, so prepare y'all, we're gonna be big!

Omaha1 said...


Prepare for a fight.


Or is it Madonna?

I think I'll go take my meds now...

Maxine Weiss said...

Ann, that's why I've been saying, don't restrict the commenting, and allow in anonymous comments.

As a matter of fact, just right here in these, here, comments....there is a MOLE lurking amongst us.

Who can it be?

Love Maxine

Seven Machos said...

I think it's hilarious that there are two or three people who come here solely to insult Ann Althouse.

Have you considered therapy to get over your strange blogcrush, Doyle?

Omaha1 said...

Maxine, a MOLE???

Like a skin lesion or that should be examined by a dermatologist?

Or did you mean a small burrowing mammal?

I know you like my long hair but what do you think of my beauty marks? Could they really be MOLES??

Love, Madonna

(or is it Hillary? I really should go take my meds now!)

Synova said...

She might have said it didn't go well for her because after making friends she wanted to have those friends *as herself*.

I can see that.

But no... no one would believe her.

I was playing an MMORPG with a kid who all of a sudden started to claim his uncle played with Mettalica (not sure how to spell that.) Maybe he does, and I can see wanting to share this cool thing about his family, but people probably won't believe him.

Now what if he was claiming *he* was the rock star?

Pogo said...

maybe Maxine means a gun moll?

MadisonMan said...

There was a Happy Days episodes when Richie's Rock Star friend (cousin?) came to town and forbade Richie from talking about him, and when he told his girlfriend, she didn't believe him ('cause he couldn't get good seats), but the Rock Star verified the story from the stage, so girlfriend came back but Richie then spurned her. Fonzie then gave Richie the thumbs up.

So if one of you is Madonna, I say I believe it.

Doyle said...

Peter "Nappy Headed" Hoh, Seven, thanks for the reception.

I've actually gotten a lot better getting over my profound dislike of this blog. Two things I attribute this to:

1) Ann has stayed away from political subjects almost entirely these past two weeks, and that's always a good thing.

2) The GFR blowup revealed that Ann is not as popular as I'd thought. See it's not so much Ann it's Ann's popularity (to the extent it exists) that drives me nuts.

So hopefully this will become more just an enclave for her devoted fans, and Simon, who is truly in a class by himself.

Pogo said...

Re; "it's Ann's popularity (to the extent it exists) that drives me nuts."

Doyle, what a misanthrope you are; what a pernicious and pusillanimous nosebeed. Don't you have a scab to pick over at Kos's place?

Doyle said...

Hey sorry, Pogo. Peter said he wanted more!

And a misanthrope doesn't like people in general. Nothing could be further from the truth. I like people. That's why I do what I can to alert people to the inanity and insanity of Ann Althouse. It's a public service of sorts.

Ann Althouse said...

I like this idea of being popular by being unpopular.

Doyle said...

As long as you're not popular for being a "formidable law blogger" or "centrist Democrat" I'm fine with that.

Glenn Reynolds has to link to somebody, am I right?

Marcus Aurelius said...

The guy who wrote the song "There aint no good guys there aint no bad guys, there is just you and me and we just disagree" (I doubt that is the name but the older here will recognize that) was a Manitowoc native.

He used to frequent a bar where I tended and if someone thought to honor him by playing his song on the jukebox he would get up and leave.

He wrote & performed with the Happy Schnapps Combo and then passed away.

Ms. Berry has to recognize the reality of chatting, there are no faces no voices etc. For all the her fellow chatters knew she was a guy.

Christy said...

Funny, I've always chosen to believe you were all important people commenting semi-anonymously. Did I never mention that I am Christina Applegate?

Drew W said...

Lovely comments all, but I think you're missing the larger point here. It really doesn't matter how people react to Halle Berry's participation in their online communities.

The important thing is this: For every moment Halle Berry is sitting at her computer, she is not behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Automobile accident statistics for Southern California have no doubt shown marked improvement as a result.

Pogo said...

Doyle said, "I like people. "

It shows, man. It really shows.

Simon said...

Doyle said...
"So hopefully this will become more just an enclave for her devoted fans, and Simon, who is truly in a class by himself."

Why, Brian, I'm truly flattered. :p

Pogo said...

Re: "I like people."

Gosh, I hope he didn't mean in a with some fava beans and a nice chianti sort of way.

luagha said...

"The important thing is this: For every moment Halle Berry is sitting at her computer, she is not behind the wheel of a motor vehicle."

Actually... I find it quite likely she has a digital-capable cellphone and is perfectly capable of chatting or even blog-posting while driving. Just makes sense.

Hillary said...

There's a lot of Democrats here, I like that. Hi Doyle. Yesterday, I was making calls to a few of Imus's victims at Rutgers, I realized I should delurk so we could all have a conversation, a dialog.

I don't understand why Ann abandoned our party, those rumors about Bill and all of the Trailer Park Hoes are false. You know, that vast right wing thingy?

Does this suit makes my legs look thick?

blake said...

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog. Or a celebrity.

It was actually pretty common back in the mid- to early-'90s. But usually, when a celebrity "came out" (as it were), it was to one person at a time, after establishing a certain degree of trust. It made the "in" crowd just that more "in".

As for me, well, I'm not Blake Edwards as some of you might have thought; I'm William Blake.

"Look out, a tyger!"

See? Idiosyncratic spelling of "tiger". You can't fake that.

Synova said...

"Look out, a tyger!"

LOL. Most excellent.

Anyhow, maybe Doyle is on to something. Proof by popularity was the primary evidence brought by fundamentalist Christians against both Harry Potter and Pokemon as satanic influences on our youth. How could they be so popular unless the devil was behind them?

I never thought that made any sense before now.

B said...

Oh by the way, the person you've been chatting with for a week is me, Doyle.

I am Sparta- I mean, Doyle!

reality check

David53 said...

Doyle is actually one of my many discarded boytoys. His real name is Donnie Imus.

The REAL Madonna

peter hoh said...

I still haven't found any evidence to disuade me of my favorite bizarre theory: that the Althouse blog is a performance art piece created by Bill Clinton.

Doyle: I wish for nothing more than the declining popularity of this blog. It was becoming so crowded around here that everybody stopped commenting on the threads.

Simon said...

Peter - what declining popularity?

Gary Carson said...

I've written a couple of poker books, so a lot of poker players know my name. I use my real name when I play poker online. PokerStars allows you to use a personal icon when you play and I use a photo of myself.

Sometimes people ask me if I'm really Gary Carson, then don't believe me when I say yes -- I play for small stakes online and they don't think a big time poker writer would play for small stakes.

Once that happened and an observer gave him the URL of my website, where their's a photo of me. He told him to look at the photo on my website.

Since it was the same as the icon I used he decided I was really me. I guess he didn't realize anybody could have downloaded the photo from my site and used it as an icon.

madawaskan said...

Doy said-

it's Ann's popularity (to the extent it exists) that drives me nuts.

Please now you're blaming Ann for driving your nuts-?

take some responsibility-


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Do it for the children, erh....well not the children...

Maxine Weiss said...

Hey Doyle, let's make a pact: You don't go around calling people a Nappy-headed Ho, and we won't call you a Faggot !


Love, Maxine

peter hoh said...

But I am, on occasion, a real nappy headed Hoh. Babies find it very funny when I put a diaper (clean, unused) on top of my noggin. I'm like Carrot Top for the Sippy Cup set.

peter hoh said...

Simon, I know that our host is riding a wave of popularity. It's just that I miss the old days when one could catch up on all the threads in a couple of minutes. Where everybody knew your name and all that. Now there are too many drive-by commenters.

TMink said...

Doylee wrote: "I've actually gotten a lot better getting over my profound dislike of this blog."

Take it outside! I am weird, I avoid blogs I do not like. It would be different if you occasionally posted something relevent or thoughtful, but I can't remember any posts you wrote like that off the top of my head.