September 1, 2006

It's the weekend.

Pink flower

ADDED: If the flower didn't lift your spirits enough, gaze upon this:

Happy now? To take the edge off that happiness:
"The poor little guy stuck out like a sore thumb," [said T.J. Zambrano, 25, president of University of North Texas's Albino Squirrel Preservation Society].

Students will reminisce at a service at noon today near the Student Union Building, the squirrel's favorite scampering spot, university officials said.

"Some students saw the hawk and tried to shoo it away, but it was too late," Zambrano said. "Some animal control people took the body away.

"The squirrel wasn't shy, and people constantly fed him. He had a good life."

This is the second albino squirrel that has lived on campus, he said. The first, Thelonius, inspired the founding of the preservation society in 2002 and vanished in 2003.

"We can only hope Mother Nature will bring us another albino squirrel," Zambrano said.
What? So he can stick out like a sore thumb like the other two? But why not? Sometimes Mother Nature does the hawks a favor and serves up an easy lunch.


knoxgirl said...

...a THREE-DAY weekend!

The Drill SGT said...

Sometimes Mother Nature does the hawks a favor and serves up an easy lunch.

me thinks our hostess has it in for fuzzy rats

MadisonMan said...

Sometimes Mother Nature does the hawks a favor and serves up an easy lunch.

Reminds me of the joke on here two weeks ago about the rabbit and the hawk and the marines.

knoxgirl said...

Ann, why'd you have to harsh my mellow like that?

Bissage said...

1. Beautiful flower!

2. Natural selection in action.

3. I did once successfully "shoo away" a hawk. However, I have since found it much more effective to make a "crow distress call." I have done this many times and the hawk has always failed. Crows hate hawks and the hawks know it.

4. I know, I know. Hawks have to eat, too. Well, they can do what they like, but they can't do it here. Not on my watch.

5. Awwk, awwk, awwk, awwk!!!

XWL said...

Sometimes Mother Nature does the hawks a favor and serves up an easy lunch

Easily caught prey does a predator no good in the long run.

(for one or two meals, sure great, but easy pickings makes for lazy predators that will have trouble adapting when the easy prey is gone)

(think of easy prey as government price supports, a false and pernicious benefit if there ever was one)

Daryl Herbert said...

It's good to see that your hatred of the squirrel race is not limited by color boundaries.

tcd said...

Ann's not a racist, she's a speciesist.
Happy 3-Day weekend, fellow althousians!

Ann Althouse said...

I like the squirrels, actually, even the ones all over my yard. I just need to be sure they never get in the house. Ditto bats.

At least I've never had even a suspicion of a raccoon in my house... unlike some people I know.

Davos said...

What kind of flower is that?

Pastor_Jeff said...


Thanks for the nightmare fuel, professor. My theory? The caged monsters in Room 101 were related to rats. Orwell was too kind to mention the pale fur, bushy tails, and creepy red eyes.

Those hawks can't get here fast enough.

MadisonMan said...

That's a dahlia.

Hollywood Freaks said...

It'd be typical and hilarious in my opinion if the college Republicans held an event at the location to honor the hawk.

DBrooks said...

Years ago, when I was at Ohio State, there was a white squirrel who was always hanging out with a black squirrel. I don't know if the two of them were ostracized by the other squirrels, but they stayed together away from the others.

Wickedpinto said...

MadisonMan said...
That's a dahlia.

No it's NOT!, cuz it's not cut in half!

As for the squirrel, don't you watch any movies madame Ann? Albino's are EVIL!

Matrix Reloaded
the crappy movie with chevy chase and dudley moore, and Kurt russels Wife.

Albino Aligator is all about killing an innocent.

The Davinci' Code

Albino's are evil.

Johnny Nucleo said...

It's the weekend is right! A three day weekend! I was all happy about it, then I read about that damn albino squirrel and now I am all sad.

It went away! I was only sad for two seconds, then I thought, to hell with that freak. I am happy again! I think I'll get drunk.

Now I am drunk and I am sad again. That poor freak squirrel. He never did nothing to hurt nobody. All he wanted to do was hang and eat nuts. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna kill that hawk.

Ann Althouse said...

I only like the first Matrix movie, which I also love.

Ann Althouse said...

Johnny: But don't you believe that funeral crap: "He had a good life"? They could also have said, He died doing what he loved, you know, because he was hanging around in his scampering spot, waiting to be fed.

Johnny Nucleo said...

No I don't. Don't try to talk me out of this. I will have my revenge.

Synova said...

Albino is generally caused by a single recessive gene. The gene is obviously present in the squirrel population on campus. It wouldn't be too hard to isolate the gene and breed them on purpose. :-)

In any case, the chances of another albino squirrel appearing are pretty good, provided said squirrel's siblings live to reproduce.

ronin1516 said...

Anne - were you a member of the "Michigan Squirrel Club" when you were at U-M? The Club meets at the Diag, and feed the squirrels and do other squirrel-related activities!! :)

Kev said...

UNT is my alma mater, and, while the albino squirrels didn't start coming around until after I'd graduated, the preservation society (which has its own website), has gotten plenty of local press in the past several years. According to legend, anyone who saw the albino squirrel on the way to class during finals week would receive good luck on exams.

Johnny Nucleo: The squirrel lived pretty close to here, if you really want to exact your revenge on that hawk.

noah said...

Reminds of an article I read about marking zebras for research purposes. The marked zebras were soon killed apparently because their predators could then concentrate on killing those particular zebras.

class-factotum said...

Anyone who likes squirrels (or other rodents) has never tried to grow his own tomatoes, figs or petunias. Death to them all, I say. A painful death. A long, lingering painful death. Nasty beasts.

Bissage said...

Big Johnny: I humbly suggest you consider taking your revenge wearing this and using any one of these.

Jack Bauer uses the Halo III SA satin, probably because it cuts flesh with an audible SHHHIIING!

Happy hunting.

Bensilly said...

ann- the quality of your photo`s are great :)

dave said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Johnny Nucleo said...


I hope you are joking. If you are not, let me remind you of something.

It's a squirrel, you psychopath.

On a lighter note, I killed that hawk. It was a very complex, supercool fight. I won't bore you with the details, but after much give and take I ended up stuffing a grenade down the hawk's throat.

My "kill the badguy" witticism was this: "Eat this, hawk!"

Oddly, I was not satisfied. I felt empty and cold afterwards. Alas, revenge is not so sweet after all.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Johnny, but I had to excise Dave's comment for stupid language, but it was stupid comprehension on top of that. He seems to think I want the squirrel to die when I'm saying wishing for another albino squirrel is wishing for a squirrel that will be easy prey.

Bissage said...

Johnny Nucleo is way cool!

Even way cooler than this!

“Scratch, one hawk.”

Ann Althouse said...

The hawks have shown their favor to me. They have free rein to feast upon the squirrels and rabbits and, yes, even the chipmunks in my yard.