July 9, 2006


"Oh, get over it... So what if people want to make fun of us? Every city has its own particular brand of strangeness. For some it may be gangs or drugs or troubled youth. We just happen to have some over-Botoxed blonds with oversexed tendencies."


Troy said...

Part of my childhood was spent in a small Texas town called Childress. An even smaller town down the highway called Chilicothe had to close its junior high for a few days after a lice outbreak. Headline in the local paper the Childress Index: CHILICOOTIE.

The high school football games (I can attest to the accuracy of Friday Night Lights) were especially heated for the next few years.

And my Dad likes to endlessly tell me I live in the People's Republic of California. I lauged once cuz it was kind of funny. The other 500 laughs are because I love my Dad.

David said...

The college Arizona State University is located in the area. Most of the shoppers look like crazed extras for the banjo player in the original DELIVERANCE movie!

If you want a date with one of these 'beauties' you better be driving a Beemer or better, have at least one tattoo, and a body part pierced, no matter where it is located, that can be relatively easily observed.


Dave said...

One of the most obnoxious people I ever met lived in Scottsdale.

AJD said...


And an excellent way to distract people from the major story of the day: Rep. Hoekstra's letter about more Bush law-breaking.

Old Dad said...


You mean the letter exposing the anti Administration caval within the CIA?

Jennifer said...

Ann, did you forget to check with AJD about the publishing schedule for the day?

vnjagvet said...

Who's distracted?

Bruce Hayden said...

Actually, ASU is in Tempe, which is across the Salt River from Scottsdale. And the part of Scottsdale next to Tempe is the older part - which isn't nearly as nice as the northern parts.

Scottsdale is one of the things that I most like about Phoenix. I would never live there - you can get twice the house for the same price ten mintes away by freeway. Indeed, my house in Phoenix was 15 minutes away, once the 101 was finally opened, and we spent most Fri. and Sat. nights there as a result.

We would dress up, and go mingle. Most of the guys we would run into would be in the 45-65 range, with money, whether they lived there or not. And the women would be in the 30-50 range, dressed to kill, and looking to snag one of the guys.

Of course, everyone knew what was going on, and most of the time, the women were disappointed.

I should note that, at least in the Phoenix area, the women with money tended to hang out around north Phoenix, while the gold diggers were in Scottsdale. You could pick out the ex wives looking for another sugar daddy at 100 ft. - they would most often have perfect bodies and tans, with a lot of cleavage hanging out, and showing a lot of jewelry. Rather gaudy.

Bruce Hayden said...

I should also note that Scottsdale has a serious crime problem - that it goes to great pains to hide. Of course, it has the major scams, and was the scene of Bob Crane (Hogan's Heros) 1978 death. But it also has a serious drug problem. For a long time, it was primarily a coke problem, but more recently, it has been hit with meth problems, almost as bad as Phoenix's. The Phoenix gangs also are known to intrude there. Also, the mob has had a presence there for decades.

The city goes to great pains to suppress this information - for good reason.

Bruce Hayden said...

Final note for awhile. Scottsdale has/had photoradar, and is known to have posted significantly lower speed limits on major streets coming in from Phoenix, with the photo-radar right after the speed limit signs. Oh, and the automatically generated tickets were twice as expensive as those issued by DPS or Phoenix PD.

I got such an automaticly generated ticket from them maybe 5 years ago. The problem was that it was not criminal, but civil, and required delivery of the summons and complaint either via certified mail or personal service under ARCP. I ignored the certified letter and didn't answer the door when they tried personal service, so it was dropped after 120 days. Most though faced with such tickets foolishly go into court to contest them, and the city gets jurisdiction based on that, then only has to show speeding by a preponderance of the evidence - which is not that hard to do.

About this time, the Phoenix police chief forbid his officers from serving photo-radar summonses and complaints from Scottsdale and Tempe - because some of the officers were spending over half their time doing such. It was so obviously a money making scam on the part of these cities, and Phoenix wasn't sharing in the fruits.

McKreck said...

I grew up in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, which is a village surrounded by Scottsdale. I still go back to see family 3 or 4 times a year. The story and the comments here pretty accurate -- its grown a lot -- but it's a little cheesy to read this in the Tribune, the local paper for places like the Gold Coast and Wilmette.

It's also a little cheesy to hold Bob Crane against us -- we've advanced quite a bit since 1978, and celebrities now travel freely amongst us, unafraid for their persons.