March 5, 2006

At last, the blook!

Richard Lawrence Cohen, who's been my ex-husband for lo these many years, has had a book manufactured from what he's decided are the best posts on his blog. I've linked to his blog a lot, so you probably know if you like the style or not, and I know some of my commenters have become regular commenters over there, so clearly some of you do.

So how do blog posts look in book form? He observes:
It looks good, and I'm pleased that the posts, placed one after another in a nice typeface on good paper, form a unity that makes them still more meaningful: a literary self-portrait in several forms, covering the course of a year.

In a second post today I'll tell give you some further glimpses, but in this one I just want to offer you the table of contents (which is very long because the book contains 89 posts). Those of you who are familiar with my work can go back to any of the listed posts if you wish, and remind yourselves of what you liked in them. Those of you who haven't read certain posts before -- ones from months ago, perhaps -- can dip into them as previews of the book.

The posts are arranged in chronological order, except for the last one listed. An author's preface introduces the book.

To find a post on this blog, type or cut-and-paste the title into the white search bar at the top of this page. Then click "Search This Blog". Click on the link provided by the search results.
That is, you totally don't have to buy the book to read every single thing in it (other than the preface). Info on buying his book is in the sidebar. It's great that you can sell your blook through the major bookstore sites!

"A unity that makes them still more meaningful"? So he's asserting that his own blog posts are meaningful? Well, the very act of publishing your writing is an assertion that what you've got to say is meaningful. Or do we bloggers seem to be saying only here it is, for whatever it's worth. I'm not saying it means a damn thing. It's just the latest thing that dribbled out of my head.

Nevertheless, when you blook your blog you're definitely asserting that these posts were meaningful and I'm now making them even more meaningful. So what the hell? Why not say it?


Brendan said...

You two crazy kids should get back together. It'd be worth it just for the combined blog.

Ann Althouse said...

Brendan: There are two women standing in the way of that. His wife and me.

Steve Donohue said...

Are we condemned to a world where almost all new computer-publishing terms sound as though they were created in a Dr. Seuss name generator: Blog, vlog, blook? Podcast is decent-enough sounding, although I wouldn't be suprised if one day I woke up and the preferred term was an oobluck or some such nonsense. But still, an interesting concept, and RLC's blog seems particularly condusive to blooking.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

You bleeding heart liberals make me laugh. Stop misleading these poor deluded minds. They'll never get to be millionaires if they waste time on left wing delusions. We've got a war to profit from... You can be the (Rich) Quick or the Dead. I'll take Rich. Richard Quick

Seneca the Younger said...

WTF was that?

I can't tell if it's spam or just some nut.

Seneca the Younger said...

... anyway, it's probably better to assert one's blog entries are meaningful than think they're meaningless.

Steve Donohue said...

No- the way to multimillions is through spamming blogs on Sunday afternoons!

See, would have agreed with you, Seneca, except that I'm sure our wealthy friend abolve has a blog of his own he's (strangely) promoting above, and I tend to agree that the entries are worth less than the light from my computer screen needed to read them.

Semanticleo said...


I have blogged at numerous sites both left and right wing and have never seen
such a display of self-importance and disregard for the opinions of those who
differ from your own.

You embody every negative aspect of Academia available rolled into one
piece of work carved from the dead wood of meglomania. You apparently
fear thoughts which counter your own, and scrub them from your comments
and your grey cells, apparently. That sort of mentality belongs buried
with the radioactive material, and Soviet methodology, at Chernobyl

You are a despicable, and raunchy paragon of denial and have no place
in a public University where young minds need open and honest
reality, not your brand of closed-loop faux-feminism and egregious

Perhaps you've noticed your posts average about 12 comments per.
I shouldn't wonder if that doesn't concern you, as the pap you administer
relates mostly to popular entertainment and drivel that others say and
you, like your alter ego Instapusillanimous, merely reference, to avoid
the untidy results which sometimes accompany a principled position.

Go feed your ego and bank account. Enjoy them while you are able.


Dave said...

Who's this semanticleo guy and why is he so annoyed?

Cake said...

Dave: He is obivously competing with Silky Johnson for the title of Biggest Player Hater. ('s_Show)

EMC said...

More important question: does RLC include any comments in his blook?

Freeman Hunt said...

Wow! Who knew RLC's blooking would send someone right over the edge like that? Semanticleo, are you alright?

I think that the blook idea is neat. I wouldn't mind having a few blooks of my favorite blogs.