November 15, 2005

TimesSelect + New Coke.

Google count: 64. Ha ha. But not everyone observes the official absence of space between the esses. So add 37. Aw, too bad. Can they please stop it now? They've got to know they will have to stop sooner or later. What good does it do dragging out the death of a mistake?


Dave said...

What prompted that query?

Ann Althouse said...

My own observation that TimesSelect was like New Coke. I wanted to see if others had said it first, which I figured they probably had.

Hoots said...

Brilliant inspiration.
Ann is to blogging what Ansel Adams was to photography.

Dave said...


I made the connection right after I posted the comment.

Too early in the morning for such subtle thinking. And I'm an hour ahead of you. How do you do it?!

Ann Althouse said...

Dave: Believe me, I am not trying to get up this early.

RobbyB said...

Since Diet Coke came from New Coke, do we have to wait 20+ years for the NYT to release the better tasting Coke Zero?

I hope not.

XWL said...

So the next project would be to replace the President with TimesSelect when googling 'miserable failure'.

(that would take some work, those lefties love their google bombing, but clearly some righties have gotten in on the game cause Michael Moore is number two on the 'miserable failure' list)

Gordon Freece said...

How can you ask someone to be the last columnist to languish in obscurity for a mistake?

Anonymous said...

What good does it do dragging out the death of a mistake? Well put. Time to leave Iraq in an orderly fashion. Time to impeach President Meirs. Glad to find two things we can agree upon.

knox said...

quxxo: time to stop your inane trolling

Ann Althouse said...

Quxxo: TimesSelect may be killed off. Iraq is a place that will remain. Are you proposing to let it die?

Anonymous said...

Not Iraq, no, of course not. But our involvement in Iraq? Absolutely. I will let my party, the reality party of Dean, Clark, Reid, Edwards, Gore, Kerry, Kennedy make the plan (I note the Democratic Plan was recently plagiarized by the Republicans and passed in the Senate.) You should read what each of these leaders has to say.

No one wants to see Iraq turn into anything less than a democracy. (Well no one except the floundering Bushites that is). No one wants to see the Iraqi people have another dictator.

But you should agree that it is a reasonable question if America's Army and American Diplomacy as it is now can keep this from occurring.

Ss Kennedy has said and has been noted by current and former ambassadors and generals and leaders at the pentagon, our continued presence in Iraq itself is responsible for much of the antagonism of the people and the activities of the insurgency.

Economists have a concept of sunk costs and opportunity costs. Now would be a good time to really understand these issues with respect to Iraq.

And leaving Iraq is not "cut and run". Leaving Iraq is setting out realistic goals and measuring those goals and making sure that the Iraqi people and the American people understand those goals. Check out Juan Cole's thoughts on the subject.

Check out Matthew Yglesias' thoughts on the subject.

Thank you for asking me this question and I hope you're feeling better soon.