November 19, 2005

"It's a bloggerly day in the blogging world/A bloggerly day for a blogger..."

In the unintentional humor category, over at OSM, the top news under "Current Headlines"-- I kid you not! -- is: "AP: Winnipeg bowler advances to semifinal of Qubica/AMF Bowling World Cup."

And in the intentional humor category... we have a winner.


nada said...

That is going to be tough to beat, but for the intentional humor category I nominate: Homocon: Not In Our Name (A Satirical Open Letter to OSM)

tiggeril said...

Oh, now you're just poking The Crazy. :)

Goatwhacker said...

It gets even better - they call the Winnipeg bowler Michael in the first paragraph and Mitchell in the rest. A real slap in the face to all Winnipegians, er, Winnipegi, um, people from Winnipeg.

AnechoicRoom said...

Oh yes, Winnipeg. Spent a summer there as a lad once. A long, long time ago. My Aunt and Uncle the most gracious of hosts.

Of course .... that doesn't have anything to do with [what is everyone moanin' bout in the sphere again? (I forget)]

Oh well, got to go the store anyway, and stock up on pea shooters, spud cannons, water ballons, and super soakers.

There's a whole bunch of p*ssed off folks around the right sphere, who need some cheering up (so I hear).

Signed Winnipeg [from the native term Winnipi. Meaning muddy water (from memory, what's left of it)].

P.S. I didn't receive an invitation, but Jeff G. doesn't like me. Does that count?

XWL said...

Hey, I've submitted a link to their carnival of intelligence (insert joke here).

If they accept it I'll have to reverse field and tell you to lighten up, you 'berkeley house' whore.

And if they don't accept it, well then I get to pile on.

Pancho said...

Just whom are you trying to offend, bowlers or Canadians?

Mike Ziesmann said...


The term is Winnipegger, or more simply just 'pegger.

And anechoicroom is right, it means Muddy Waters (named after the silty rivers, not the bluesman).

~ a native 'pegger