August 26, 2005

The Amsterdam Notebooks—Page 26.

It's Day 26 of this 35 day project. (The set thus far.) I'm in the museum, but passing the time by reading. If you're following the series, you already know, the book I'm reading is "Walden." Why should I feel lonely?

Amsterdam Notebook

Amsterdam Notebook



miklos rosza said...

I'm enjoying the varied Amsterdam Notebooks entries. I don't know if you judge a given post as successful or unsuccessful according to how many comments each receives, but I enjoy these.

Besides Mark Beyer, my favorite comic was (it just came back to me) "Dirty Plotte," which I think was by Julie Doucette (sp?).
(I have some of them somewhere in a drawer.)

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks. I mentioned my love of Julie Doucet back in this post. I have a big pile of "Dirty Plotte" comics. In terms of pure drawing, she's the only one I like as much as Mark Beyer.

Paul said...

Were you as lonely as you wrote then? Or have I misinterpreted again?

Bill said...

Okay, the last is Thoreau, but who wrote the others?

ALH ipinions said...

You are, evidently, a very creative person Ms Althouse. And, it may be that your loneliness feeds that creativity. It certainly provides excellent fodder for your blog. (I envy the mind that is so unaffected that it can be drawn to "Walden" in a museum....Pardon me madam, but is that chair taken...)