March 16, 2005

"I want to kiss your smile and feel the pain."

That's a horrible line from the group song tonight on "Amercian Idol." As the contestants take turns singing lines, we get a chance to make close comparisons, and the terribleness of Mikalah is obvious. Anthony seems pretty awful too. What's worse, though, is the way everyone sings so hard, and loses any semblance of taste, sensitivity, or soul.

Ooh, look at Bo! They've taken a flat-iron to his hair. Judging from the glassy slickness, I'd say they've used the same powerful T3 I use to crush my hair into submission.

Constantine is safe. So is Nadia. Anthony is too. Lindsey -- she's got to be in the bottom three. She is! Bo, of course, is safe. Carrie, as expected, is safe. Scott mouths a prayer as his turn comes, and he is safe. Mikalah's in the bottom three. Anwar, Jessica, Nikko, and Vonzell are left. I expect Nikko to be the last of the bottom three. Anwar is told he's safe. Oh, it's Jessica who's at the bottom. We see her elderly mom in the audience, booing loudly.

At the ad break, we see our contestants doing their first commercial. It's not so bad.

We come back to the bottom three. I note all three are white females. The only white female not in the bottom three, in fact, is Carrie. I consider this significant because there have been accusations at times that the voters don't give the black contestants as much support as they deserve.

Jessica is told she's safe, so she got up and got to sit right back down. We see elderly mom in the audience again and she's bouncing and clapping. So either Lindsey or Mikalah is going. Both richly deserve ouster.

And "America" got it right: Lindsey gets the boot.

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