December 14, 2004

A Madison oil change.

With scheduled exam activity done, I take my car over to Zimbrick for an oil change this morning. The more free-form activity of grading the exams remains ahead, but the exam-writing, review sessions, and proctoring are all accomplished. Exam grading time is a good opportunity to accomplish assorted errands and to do various things I've put off, like finishing hanging those blinds, cleaning the house, and rearranging the furniture. These undesirable tasks become breaks from the hard work of grading.

So here I am at Zimbrick. Hoping there'd be wi-fi, I brought my computer. Too late I realized Zimbrick has Ethernet outlets. I should have brought a cable. Ah, well, I have the paper New York Times, which I read, taking notes on things I want to blog about later. I do the crossword puzzle. I notice the cute kids' room near me, with a Disney TV. It has two mouse-ear style speakers on top.


The room is nicely glassed off, so kids can have fun, stay put, and not bother the staid old newspaper readers like me. Next to the kids room is a glassed off TV room for adults. I hate TVs in waiting rooms, because I always bring something to read. Nice to make a separate room for the TV.

So I sit here, at a nice table. See the flower vase? It's a bit like the flower vase in a New Beetle.


I read the paper and note four things to blog about later.

UPDATE: An emailer writes:
Prof. Reynolds blogs from the tire shop, now you... tire-blogging the Next Big Thing?

Only if it makes Andrew Sullivan talk about me.

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