September 1, 2004

"He was much less uptight as a Democrat."

So says Ron Silver's 21-year-old daughter, quoted in this NYT article about the actor who spoke at the Republican Convention Monday night.
[H]e is still a registered Democrat, and Mr. Silver told his convention audience that he has not disavowed the left's social agenda. But at the moment he represents a particular slice of the American political spectrum: voters who put national security before ideology and want to keep President Bush's hand on the nation's rudder.

"I'm a 9/11 Republican," he said. "If we don't get this right, all the other things don't matter worth a hill of beans. I'll live to fight another day on health care, environmental concerns and sensible gun legislation. But this is such a predominant issue that it towers above all others, and I'm not certain both parties are capable of handling it the right way."

Well put. I think a lot of people agree with him.

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