August 17, 2009

At the Orange and Purple Café...


... you can be colorful as you like.

(Photo from Silverton, Colorado.)


bearbee said...


Can't make up my mind.....grapejuiceorangejuicegrapejuiceorangejuice.....

Lem said...

Althouse appears at the WSJ The Best of the Web today.

Blogress Ann Althouse has some fun at the expense of the Whole Foods boycotters. She starts by linking to a blog post that claims Mackey has "managed to piss off his company's core demographic" and "shot his company in the face."
The blogger in question writes for a site that styles itself the "moderate voice."
Althouse, a law professor at the University of Wisconsin, reports on her own weekend visit to Whole Foods:
There's your comedy in a "moderate voice." And of course, Whole Foods does sell cola, cheese puffs, hotdogs, and grits

JAL said...

I wonder how much Jamime (AKA Ramesh) is paid to post ads in the comments sections of blogs?

And does one have to wear sunglasses walking down this street?

WV motestiv
Not testing modesty-ishness

rhhardin said...

Wingstem, which stands in for goldenrod until September, alongside the ironweed.

ricpic said...

So that's wingstem, huh. That stuff is invading my garden big time.

former law student said...

For me the biggest story in the NY Times today was the memorial service for the 90 year old "ladies man," whose appointment for a "sexual liaison" with a 30 year old ended in his death.

He had apparently ignored the advice of his former business partner: “I advised him to stay away from certain people, certain girls,” Mr. Rodriguez said, “but it was very difficult for him. He loved the girls.

“I told him: ‘Find one girl. You’re going to get in trouble.’ ”

NKVD said...

Upon hearing the advice he said "If she dies, she dies."

WV - blerg - a frozen blog.

Big Mike said...

Pretty darned good camera that the juxtaposition of colors that bright didn't ruin it forever.

Bissage said...

I have no comment, but the verification word is “semprini.”

Beth said...

fls: oh no. another "At least he died doing what he loved" moment.

Bissage said...

There is exactly zero chance I am ever going to die doing what I love because I am absolutely positive I don’t love dying.

Chip Ahoy said...

Please pardon the repost but I'm not sure very many people caught this link the fist time. Here are a few close up shots of hummingbirds, larger than the birds themselves, actually, and in remarkable detail, if I may say so, in various aspects of flight. With a bonus link to even more photos.

Beth said...

Just got back from a 2 week break, most of it spent in New Mexico and Arizona. We were dizzy in the altitude and awed by the vistas.

I fell in love with green chiles, and brought home a big burlap bag of them. While roasting them last night, to prepare them for the freezer, I saw a brown recluse spider crawl out of the bag. Oh boy. That thing spent two days in the trunk with my other bags.

Soon I will attempt a green chile stew, which I liked damned near as much as gumbo. Anyone from those parts who has a great recipe, please do share.

Synova said...

The green chile is fabulous, isn't it? One of my favorite things about New Mexico. You can get it on the side in any restaurant or on your pizza in any pizzaria.

I'm afraid I don't have green chile stew recipe though. I tend to make it on the fly... potatoes and onions, garlic... browned and some sort of meat, maybe ground pork, a few cans of chicken broth (unless I'm doing beef), a can of corn, cubed up summer squash would be good, and at least a cup of chopped green chile. So the consistency is more like a thick soup than stew or chili. Serve with tortilla chips.

Lots of people put beans in it and make it too hot for my taste. The chiles come in mild or hot.

I suppose if someone were to make green chile stew with the itty bitty cans it would take three or four of them.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

The people in Silverton must be colorblind. Those are the kind of colors my mother (who was color blink) would have loved. Colors that made the retinas of your eyeaballs vibrate.

Synova said...

I think colors like that are fabulous. I suppose it's almost getting ordinary now, but I know that driving past a similarly brightly colored little victorian always made me happy, not because I'd paint my house like that but because the person who did, *could*.

"Old stuff" used to be brightly colored too... classic statues were painted, the sculpture on big old stone buildings was painted... and then all the paint chipped away and we got the impression that all those ancients had wonderful good taste to avoid the garishness of modern times.


knox said...

Green chiles are good on almost everything. I've had some great stew, but always made by someone else!!

Lem said...

Has anybody seen the Julia Child movie yet?

I bet Chip has.

Deb said...

We just got a call that the dog we were fostering for a couple of days, and whom we all had fallen for, has been adopted. We were just discussing doing exactly that since the four cats seemed to accept him. We're all very sad. We have to take him back to the shelter tomorrow. He is a very sweet, loving dog.

Paddy O. said...


I use an aftershave called Semprini.

WV: boonidmo! That's totally the new "awesome" for the west coast. Soon all the kids will be saying it.

"That semprini is boonidmo!"

Cedarford said...

Althouse - you really have gotten the lighting just right in your Co photos. That is hard!
Your extended vacation/honeymoom must be a real treat for you.

Hope Meade is having a similar great time. I suspect he is. And his treat, of course, begins by being with you.

john said...

C'ford - very nice of you to say that. What the hell got into you?

Does Janine cut and paste her crap into blogs individually, or is there some sort of bot that can read or defeat word verification?

kentuckyliz said...

It's all the fault of the Joooooos. There, I said it, because C'ford didn't.

I think it would be fun and interesting to have American flags done up in alternate color schemes. Purple instead of blue, orange instead of red. Etc. Although I'm sure it would irk some people.

Those colors hurt my eyeballs.

Word verification:

def 1. a salty Asian sauce used in cooking.
def 2. my boo's front lower leg zone.

Beth said...


That's enough of a recipe for me. It's just about what I was planning, save for a few details, like corn. But that seems like it would be yummy, too, so I'll throw it in, or hominy if I have some in the cabinet.

I stood over the grill for two hours roasting these yesterday. It was a lovely experience, with such a wonderful aroma.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

"I saw a brown recluse spider crawl out of the bag. Oh boy. That thing spent two days in the trunk with my other bags."


I hope it didn't lay eggs in your stuff.

: )

Deb - that sucks. From the dog's point of view, however, two families wanted him, and that beats nobody wanting him.

john said...


The best part about chiles is their roasting. Especially on a cool fall evening, with some friends over drinking beer. Outside of course.

I would like to drive over to Hatch and get another bag, but we still have most of last years in the freezer. Might do that anyway and give them all away after roasting.

Synova, do you know when it's best to be there for the harvest? A few years back I drove through Hatch looking for chiles, about a week too late, and the whole town seemed closed down.

Michael Hasenstab said...

Beth - I've made a killer good green chili sauce by cutting up a bunch of tomatillos, some garlic and onions and cooking them in a pot until well done. then add some roasted green chilis and cook a while longer. then put the whole thing in a processor of blender and whiz it up until the chunks are gone. Delicious as a dip, as a sauce for chili, and excellent for making chili verde. Freezes well also.

Maxine Weiss said...



Shanna said...

I saw a brown recluse spider crawl out of the bag.

That would freak my out. We see them in my office at work periodically (building is 100 years old) and have to get the exterminator to come.

So many silverton pictures! I don't think I ever spent more than a few hours there, it's so tiny. Are these pictures being rationed out to a few a day?

Just made the peaches/tomato salad. Good, but strange.

Beth said...

Thanks, Michael. I have a nice supply in the freezer, so I'll try that, too.

As for the spider, I grabbed it up with my tongs and stomped it. Yes, I'm not happy thinking about it in the car a few days, but I can't see it crawling out, laying eggs in my socks and t-shirts, then crawling back into the bag. Let's just hope it didn't have any pals.

Spiders that eat peppers. Damn. I respect that.

Beth said...

The roasting smell is what grabbed me. We stayed at a nice little dive hotel in Santa Fe - the Silver Saddle - and walked outside in the morning to that smell. Right by the roasting setup was a food truck where we had wonderful green chile breakfast burritos. After that, I was hooked. Green chile stew. Green chiles on hamburger. Chile rellenos. Green chile-stuffed sopapillas. Side of green chiles with anything else I happened to order.

I tend to stay with a thing when I like it.

Rockport Conservative said...

Not fair. By the time we get away for a vacation Silverton and Ouray will be closed down for the season. I love those places and haven't been for a couple of years. Next year.....
Thanks for the wonderful photos.

Lem said...

The Obama Joker Poster creator has been found.

Well.. he didnt create the poster but he did create.. or created the photoshop of the image.

William said...

Those too bright colors are like the flash suit of someone anxious to show the world that he has arrived and is successful. Silverton looks like one of those western towns whose founders weren't sure they would stick around. They probably didn't. Nobody expects to leave a clapboard house to his grandchildren. Nonetheless, against the odds, the clapboard houses are still standing and freshly painted to boot. I suppose this generation feeds off the ski enthusiasts the way an earlier generation fed off the silver veins. They hope their luck holds, but you can see the wrinkles under the rouge. A small pivot of public taste, and this is a ghost town.

blake said...

Everything looks better in black-and-white.

Synova said...

john, I don't know when the best time for chiles is except that they showed up at the grocery store about a week ago. I imagine that most of them come from the Hatch area and are probably picked pretty much all at once.

News Blog said...

Nice Post

XWL said...

Via Throwing Things, came across this time waster, Translation Party.

It takes a phrase in English and translates into Japanese, then back into English, and again in Japanese, and so on.

Here's what becomes of, "The way things look from Madison, Wisconsin"

",Judging from the Madison"

"at the orange and purple cafe" becomes

"Cafes, purple, orange"

From a recent post, "I'm also trying to think of the proper term for the opposite of a euphemism" after the party

"Given enough time to oppose the efforts of euphemism"

It's amazing that anyone ever understands what anyone else means within cultures, let alone people from different linguistic backgrounds.

(and just to prove my point, after putting the above sentence into Translation Party, out pops the nugget below)

Surprise anyone, and cultural meaning, people, please select a different language.

That sums it up nicely, "people, please select a different language".

Lem said...

"people, please select a different language".

that sums it up for me.

JAL said...

Nice hummingbird pictures, Chip. Shutter speed?

Good morning, Lem.

WV - conym
When questioned about how to change the electorates' mind, the president said "Conym."

Largo said...

Every post needs a theme song.

WV = koofti = I don't know what it means, but I love saying it. Koofti, koofti, koofti!

Sissy Willis said...


pduggie said...

So if a black man can walk around with an "assault" rife at an Obama speech and not get hassled by the cops, I guess that whole Skip Gates thing really did teach the cops to let people exercize their civil rights

former law student said...,sun-times-columnist-robert-novak-dead-081809.article

Robert Novak died.