December 6, 2006

"I can't get past the fact that she's an abusive maniac who can’t tolerate insolence, no matter how inadvertent."

When divas collide.


milwaukee39 said...

The interviwer, Bernard Chapin, himself has a large body of work regarding, among other things, the relationship between men amd women, written from a refreshingly male perspective.

Zeb Quinn said...

Try as I might, I'm having trouble categorizing the inability to tolerate insolence as a bad trait. I would've said that she is combatively tempermental and, along with the abusive maniac part, all bases would have been covered.

But besides, she as much as admits that she set out to provoke Paglia from the get go, and apparantly for no reason other than for the fun of it. And she seriously wanted a professional interview? And she didn't get one? And she's left surprised by that? What's that all about?