September 19, 2006

"The greys will eat anything, leaving few hazelnuts for the red, which also like beech mast and the seeds of pine cones."

"Unfortunately, although large areas of Wales were planted with conifers, they were not pines, so the red squirrel could find no comfort there."

Are you following the troubles they are having in England with bad American squirrels squeezing out their good squirrels?


XWL said...

I had hoped there would be some squirrel blogging, just so I could link to this Tammy Bruce post.

class-factotum said...

The only good squirrel is a dead squirrel. Darn tomato-eating, petunia-killing buggers.

Ann Althouse said...

The only good squirrel is a red squirrel (in the British view).

Truly said...

Is that a Beatrix Potter illustration? My mom used to read me those stories when I was little. I got my keen enjoyment of woodland-creature-anthropomorphism early, I guess.

I agree with factotum, though: squirrels are varmints. They're just rats with fuzzy tails!

Ann Althouse said...

Truly: Click on it.

J. Peden said...

There are no bad squirrels, only abused squirrels. That explains the Islamofascists, where they came from, and where the red squirrels have disappeared to.

Cedarford said...

From the article:

But the greys carry the Paravox virus, which does them no harm but kills the reds within four days.

Much of the world is confronted with destructive alien invasive species that destroy native presence, even existence.

A bizarre form of multiculti is to insist that the invader animal or human - the Grey Squirrel, the Zebra mussel, Muslim Grey humans in a native Red West of infidels...are entitled to try and triumph without intervention, over native and presumably precious life...

Lest we be "discriminatory".

While many [Open Borders, Free Traders] insist that the 40+ species of native Hawaiian birds "deserve" to be wiped out and eliminated if they lose their survival war with the Guamanan brown snake imported......and similar existential struggles be it invasive vermin vs. "inherently better and faster breeding species" at least deserves the shot to perservere.

JDM said...

Ah, the desquirrelling of Britain. I understand Pogo can tell us more about when it was devoled, to continue the rodent-blogging theme.

Actually, I first learn about the red v grey squirrel "problem" in studying Law of Restitution back in 1994 - Peter Birks used it an an example in an excellent English text.

I know they are simply tree-rats with furry tails, but I do enjoy watching squirrels, and miss that there are no free-roaming squirells down under.

As to Ann's original post...imagine if it was happening in France, trucks would be driven into the local McDonalds!

As it is, yet another example of US culture overpowering regional diversity! Even mother Gaia is on board with US exceptionalism it seems.

J. Peden said...

"at least deserves the shot to perservere." Cedarford

Cedarford, are you God, or do you have as much brains as evolution?

As the Coasters opined: "What about us?":

He goes to eat at the Ritz
Big steaks
That's the breaks

We eat-a hominy grits from a bag
What a drag....

We're two too worn out souls
Girls wouldn't touch with ten foot poles

What about us
What about us
Don't want to cause no fuss
But what about us?"

Who deserves what, Cedarford? As usual, you make no sense.

Fenrisulven said...

I know they are simply tree-rats with furry tails, but I do enjoy watching squirrels, and miss that there are no free-roaming squirells down under.

Me too. I love to hear them bark at each other and taunt our cats. We name the distinctive ones - Rocky, Piewacket, Caretaker.

By weird coincidence, a new one tends to flirt, taunt, then run away. Her chirps are not even close to "stop mocking my breasts", but I named her anyway.

J. Peden said...

fenrisulven, purely by chance, I've been watching a particular little squirrel as I work. It's got a small plot of territory and is gathering fir cones for the winter, which will sock into it with about 7 feet of snow at an ave. temp. of about 0-10 degrees F., dropping to -30 degrees at times.

It's so cute and accepting that I want to tame it and "save" it. But it's already tame enough. And there are many other squirrels and other animals who are the same, and in the same straits - as are we.

Why the morons focus on the "hegemony" of one kind of animal, or the plight of another, is a question only answered by their willful ignorance and their need to use these animals as "only a pawn in their game".

Of late, the morons are complaining about bullfrogs, who are "carnivorous", imported by settlers, allegedly, and who now occupy the status of being a threat to all life on Earth.

Give me a break.

The Drill SGT said...

Interesting role reversal. In upstate New York, my in-laws hate the red squirrels, but love the chipmunks and like the grey squirrels.

I wonder if those are "bad" foreign English reds :)

David A. said...

I came to this blog as a result of the rude and indefensible treatment of Jessica Valenti. I posted a couple of posts, which had responses from Ann herself and a couple of others. I wasn't abusive or sexist or ageist in my statements. I was then unable to respond since Ann shut down the comments section, which I can actually understand from at least two perspectives: a) it had long since passed tedium, and b) if I'd embarrassed myself as much as Ms Althouse did over this shameful episode, I'd try and make it all go away too. (Actually, no I wouldn't: I'd like to believe I'd have the fortitude to apologise to Ms Valenti, then hope it died a quick death).

Anyway, out of curiosity, I picked a random thread to see if there was anything worthwhile on here, and since the distribution patterns of squirrels has to be a fairly light and innocuous topic, settled in to read. Right away, the cavalier lack of basic respect toward anyone outside of your little bubble hits me: a statement about squirrel trouble they're having in England links to... a story about squirrel trouble they're having in Wales! Christ, you don't even need to click on it, just mouse over the link and read the URL.

Petty of me, right? Wrong. Try calling Wales "England" in Wales and see where it gets you.

Now, I've seen how this blog and its supporters treats those with which (with whom?) it disagrees, so I can anticipate the belittling responses and personal attacks, and how I'll be ridiculed that this is a matter of little import (just like an attractive young blogger being invited to a dinner with a former US president, and otherwise doing absolutely nothing wrong deserved no more than a "good for her" followed by a "move along, folks, there's nothing to see here"), so I'll just sign off now with a disappointed "later, Ann: you could have gained at least one reader and a bit of self-respect had you swallowed your pride, and I'm genuinely saddened that you spurned the opportunity" and a smartass pre-emptive rejoinder if you once again completely dismiss my point: "How's the weather in Madison, Saskatchewan?"

Fenrisulven said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fenrisulven said...

Dave A: a statement about squirrel trouble they're having in England links to... a story about squirrel trouble they're having in Wales! Christ, you don't even need to click on it, just mouse over the link and read the URL.

The first line quoted in Ann's post is: "Unfortunately, although large areas of Wales were planted with conifers..."

David A: Petty of me, right? Wrong. Try calling Wales "England" in Wales and see where it gets you.

Ann's next sentence: "Are you following the troubles they are having in England..." is supported by article here: "This was introduced from America to England in 1876..."

and also here:

"It now outnumbers the native red by 66 to one and has wiped out the red from vast areas of mainland Britain. The red survives in isolated populations on Brownsea Island in Dorset, the Isle of Wight, and in Thetford Forest, Norfolk, and in parts of Cumbria, Durham, Northumberland and North Lancashire."

In short, you are an idiot and I can't believe I wasted my time responding to you. Go away.

J. Peden said...

fenrisulven, you beat me to it, you rodent. So, let's just see if the Endangered Species Act protects you. Uh, well... I better not think about that one anymore. Damn, just Damn.

Fenrisulven said...

Slaying Pests So You Don't Have Too! Yummy.

At least he was entertaining. 371 words to play some petty gotcha game? What is wrong with these people? Britain [not Wales] would have been more precise than England [gee, he's even dumber at second glance].

When he reports back, I wish he'd ask Jessica why the lunch only included White squirels. Several minority squirels are steamed. [hey, I'm trying to stay on topic. kinda]

We'll see more of the DU/Kos/Huff rodents this week. Prob best just to ignore them.

Daryl Herbert said...

David A. thinks that...

Ann shut down the comments, but he's going to post anyway

He's so smart he's going to correct us, but he's the one who's wrong

He predicts personal attacks, but instead gets a factual refutation

He's so special that you would want him as a regular reader/commenter, but... (you can fill in the rest!)

Cousin Don said...

In Ithaca, NY, there were an amazing variety of squirrels. There were grey, brown, black, and red. I always thought Ithaca was a "racism free" squirrel town.

But now I know! It was just a squirrel reality TV show where they divided the contestants up by the color of their fur for a chance to win a million pine cone seeds. I always wondered what those squirrels were doing with Tiki torches.

Ann Althouse said...

I know Wales isn't England, but I read the quote as saying the reds can't go to Wales because of the lack of pine trees, and that their hope for survival is therefore not in Wales but in England. And I preferred saying England because I thought the quote sounded very English.

Why not stop and think if I had a reason for writing things the way I did before getting all critical? Well, I know. You're looking for something to criticize me about, as with the previous incident, and you have no disposition to try to read me with understanding.

Shanna said...

[i]When he reports back, I wish he'd ask Jessica why the lunch only included White squirels. Several minority squirels are steamed.[/i]
Heh. I was wondering what would happen if you introduced the nasty black rat squirrels from DC into the mix. I would also like more information about who brought the grey squirrels over in the late 1800's. I think the lesson here is if you introduced a non-native species into the environment, be prepared for the consequences.

If this were true in the south we would just make squirrel hunting of grey squirrels legal year round, and maybe offer a reward. I'm sure there are still some recipies for squirrel meat laying around somewhere.

Derve said...

Just a follow up:

Did you end up editing comments on those Jessica threads before you closed them?

Nothing wrong with that -- I just keep looking for something I saw there, and wonder if you had to selectively cut the more critical or off-topic ones. I thought you had said you were leaving everything up though.

Shanna said...

Apparently the DC black squirrel is Canadian!

Ann Althouse said...

When did I say I was leaving "everything" up? I may have said I'm not deleting some things that I thought showed the vicious sexism that betrayed liberal values. I didn't say everything got to stay. I delete what I want.

Pogo said...

Aaaagh! It's off-topic Derve!

Where are the grey squirrels when you need them?
Someone take his nuts away!

Now the thread needs to devole.

Derve said...

Thanks for the clarification. I thought the ugliness sounded more one-sided on reread -- against you, that is.

Pogo -- take your meds, honey.

(If the hostess doesn't react in the manner you do, maybe you should follow her lead and not be so quick with the insults?)

Pogo said...

Re: "take your meds, honey ... you should follow her lead and not be so quick with the insults"

Meds? Insults? Honey?
1. That was mocking. Insults are far more derisive.
2. I take Zocor. Do you think that'll help?
3. Geez, me own ma hardly calls call me honey no mo'. You make me all teary-eyed n' stuff.

class-factotum said...

Ann, you wrote The only good squirrel is a red squirrel (in the British view).

I would say, "Better dead than red."

rhodeymark1 said...

Someone take his nuts away!
Shhh - Darwin's working on that.
I wonder if the British can get the reds to eat kudzu? Then we could really help them out.

altoids1306 said...

Don't gray squirrels have an equal right to become British squirrels? They should institute a "path-to-British-squirrelhood" program, because, clearly, these squirrels constitute an important part of the local ecology, eating bark and nuts that red squirrels won't.

Giving preferental treatment to one type of squirrel is discrimination! They should not be judged by the color of their fur1

Fenrisulven said...

They should zone off the grey's in no-go zones. Then the red's can isolate themselves in the interior cities and pretend its just squirel "youths" rioting over a lack of opportunity. Works for Paris.

The Drill SGT said...

I see a win-win and a possible Knighthood for the ol'sarge. Convince the Hunt Clubs (who now feel victimized by not being able to chase foxes) to instead ride to the grey squirrels.

1. a few less greys
2. lots of happy hunt clubs
3. a couple of greens happy that their red squirrels have defenders
4. 2 pissed of naked PETA gals (with boobs?) demonstrating in Hyde Park. Trust me, don't try to cover yourself with live grey squirrels in each hand.
5. retraining program for hounds, to teach them about tree climbing
6. cat breeding program to find the best "squirrelers"
5. Queen Knights me for service to the Empire :)

oh, and hire EDS to herd your cats.

exhelodrvr said...

So is it safe to start wearing by grey squirrel fur coat again?

Mike said...

Ann said: "The only good squirrel is a red squirrel (in the British view)."

A grey squirrel makes a passable meal. The reds are small, stringy, and taste like pine sap.

tdocer said...


No real recipe, but had some grilled grey a few years ago at a game dinner in far northwestern Virginia. If memory serves, it was lightly seasoned, then grilled til just cooked through and plated with a lovely pine nut and spinach polenta.

Dining on the tree rats was excellent retribution for the pain they inflicted on us in college, when they'd sit in the oak trees in the middle of campus and hurl acorns at us as we ran to class...maniacal bastards.

Hatcher said...

Alas, it's not just the grey squirrel pissing off the Brits. Our own crawfish, about half again as large as the indigenous British crawfish, is pushing it into the last corners of its existence.

What is it about those American imports? Why won't they assimilate? Instead, they just take over the damn country.

Sort of like starlings, I guess...

sally said...

What a waste of time. I was hoping I could get advice on how to identify and eliminate a pest that comes on my deck every night and eats my petunias and other flowers. Instead I got a bunch of fighting, name-calling, and obscentities. Too bad.