July 18, 2006

"I'm not going to put that on my blog."

Yeah, that's the last thing Tonya says in the vlog I helped her do, which is on her blog (and contains a bonus appearance by me). I have been demonstrating to various people the incredible ease of vlogging via Quick Time Pro, and more than that I've been showing them the pleasures of Photo Booth. But why explain that in writing, when I can vlog it?

(That was Althouse Vlog #6.)

ADDED: Here's a 4 1/2 minute clip of Steve Jobs demonstrating the new Photo Booth to a delighted audience.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

I think comedy in general has declined when sipping a beverage from a mug causes raucous laughter.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Spit take? Yes.

Sip take? Not funny.

Jonathan said...

Wow, this is like law-professor webcams. Very entertaining.

Dawn said...

Photo Booth has been a huge hit with my kids, especially the youngest one.

Got my G5 iMac for a Christmas/Birthday combo from the husband, and I love it. Never going back to Windows machines, ever!

SteveR said...

Ann: I can appreciate the attraction of the podcast and Vlog from your perspective as well as mine (someone who comes around on a regular basis) but I get a lot more out of the plain ole written posts. First, I like your writing and I have to work to catch what your are trying to say. Plus I can skim over and focus on what interests me, especially as comment threads develop.

My habit when watching and listening, is to be lazy intellectually. I'm also not always in a good spot to listen.

Ann Althouse said...

SteveR: " I have to work to catch what your are trying to say..."

Yeah, that's what the students say... But, why so averse to work?

SteveR said...

When reading you, I like to "work" are you being sarcastic? what are you aiming for? its challenging. Throw in some good comments and I enjoy it.

Most things I deal with are mind numbing. I suppose students may not like to work at it but if I didn't want to, I'd just hang out on Your Tube all day

Ann Althouse said...

SteveR: Oops, I misread you. I thought you were saying that listening to me talk in the vlogs was too hard!