June 4, 2006

Audible Althouse #52.

Idle talk, convergences, and a blind item about some nasty bloggers. It's a hot new podcast. Stream it here.

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Wickedpinto said...

I want to comment so much, but, I don't know how to keep it all in order.

I love it, I get. . ."ehhhhh"ish, but you are so comfortable, in your voice, and you are getting better everytime, so I will wait till I judge.

Not just one one page, not on 10, or 20, but I will wait till I know.

You have offered man aspects so far.

Keep it up.

As yet, you have succeeded, failed, won and then lost, you have been broad, personal, professional and perseverring, you are in just that place that I can't really bitch yet.

Wickedpinto said...

"Third, you're wrong if you think formulating a series of questions in law school style is done just to jerk people around. Channeling a discussion can make it more interesting and exciting."

"jerking around" does not mean that you are getting me to create flaws in a selfish masturbation, which I believe is what you think.

Rather "Jerking Around" means, that you DELIBERATELY create a false antagonistist in one lane of the fork in the road, when the IN FACT conflict exists elsewhere.

"Jerking Around" is not etymologicaly attached to masturbation, rather it is attached to the FACT that those who have failed were caught offguard.

"that came from left field"
"where did that come from?"

are just two examples of "jerking around." Righties, hitting against fastball pitchers are expected to hit to right field, but if you are a right who pulls a tight hit into left, you expect a double, that is the source of "that came from left field."

If you are "jerked around" you are "startled by the source of . . . . . " attack, assault, conflict disagreement etc.


If you have EVER deliberately taken the least expected position KNOWING it's the least expected position from you? then you were "jerking around.

I'm getting preachy, it just bugged me a bit.

Wickedpinto said...

and it is "SOO-DOE-Nimh-uh-nuhs"

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks for the pronunciation guide. Other than that, could you be a tad clearer?

reader_iam said...

Huh. Don't know what I was expecting in this comments section, but it wasn't this, whatever's going on. Or maybe I listened to the wrong podcast?

Think I'll just tip-toe away.

Johnny Nucleo said...

Good episode. Not as good as last week, which was the greatest episode of Audible Althouse of all time, but still good.

Don't worry about calling Tom Lutz "Tom Lust". I do it all the time because he is so hot.

I've been thinking about the mystery of the spelling of the word "dilemma" and I think I have the answer. You, your ex, and others are correct. It actually is spelled dilemna - in your Home Universe. You see, because of quantum physics and wormholes, humans from time to time shift from one dimension to another. Usually, the universe they pop into - and they don't even notice it happened! - is exactly the same, but for one or two minor differences, like the spelling of a word, or a certain fact of history. I myself once shifted into a universe where Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Governor of California!

Ann Althouse said...

Last week was the all-time best? Was it because of the spider?

Johnny Nucleo said...

No! It was because you quoted me, and Knoxgirl too, but mostly me. Actually, the Knoxgirl quote was almost totally negligible. The idea behind the quote, that was hers. But really, who can say that an idea is theirs? I mean, I had the idea too, she just got there first. Really, it was my idea.

Palladian said...

Yeah, I think I missed whatever Wickedpinto is talking about...

What was the all-time best Audible Althouse? Hmm.... I did rather like the marathon 60-minutes-plus ones that happened a few times. For some reason I remember as a good episode the one where you had to make 100 different appearances on radio/tv in one day and went to the wrong studio. That one had a nice flow.

Have you standardized the duration of the show? I notice that at least 4 recent episodes are 33:16.

Wickedpinto said...

"pseudonymn" "eh" "nous" accent on the first, third, and fifth syllables.

I didn't sleep all weekend so I decided to not comment, but then I lied to myself. :) Sorry bout that.

Basicaly it's "anonymous" with Anon, being replaced with pseudonym

(I ain't a speller so get off my back ALREADY! :)

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Wicked. That's a helpful way to remember it.

Palladian: Yes, I'm standardized at 35 minutes now, because of the software. Remember how some people had problems with the recording being speeded up? I had been changing the beats per minute in Garage Band to allow for a longer show, and I guessed that might be the problem, so now I'm keeping it at the defaut of 60 beats per minute. You're only allowed to do 999 measures, so that's the limit. It's not what I like otherwise.