May 11, 2006

"You can hit me and I won't think much of it..."

"... but you can say something and hurt me very much."

Floyd Patterson, RIP.


Joe said...

As Arthur Daley observed, "His was the sad and touching fate of the born loser."
I so disagree with that sentiment. Here was a fighter who never gave up. He was the first to regain the championship after losing it, he later lost to Liston twice and to Ali twice. I can't call someone a loser who has such heart.
I was an Ali fan - like most young boxing fans in the '60's - but Ali had a real cruel streak that was unbecoming. He did torture Patterson in the ring, and Ali's treatment of Joe Frazier was also disgraceful. But the media loved Ali and he always received a pass.

SippicanCottage said...
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Joe said...

You couldn't help but like Patterson. He always seemed like a gentleman, what a true champion should be, gifted, modest, humble.

goesh said...

Yup, just the opposite of Mike 'the rapist' Tyson

Joe said...

Patterson stuck with Cus D'Amato - Tyson bought into that racist crap of Don King, rejected D'Amato, and it ruined his career. In fact King ruined boxing as well as the careers of so many fighters.