February 8, 2006

"Project Runway."

Spoiler alert. Of course!

Oh, that was painful. I hated seeing Nick leave. He was one of my favorites all along.

But what an interesting challenge! They had to design for each other, but they are in competition with each other. How could the hostilities not pop out all over -- bursting and puckering the seams? And the men! They need to design for women, but they have all that horrid hostility toward the women. Meanwhile, the women showed generosity and good feeling toward the men through their styles. Chloe and Kara came out on top. What Santino did to Kara! Unforgivable! I wouldn't want one person to see me sausaged into a jumpsuit like that. Even the color was putrid. Pudenda -- isn't that the name of that color? Oh, the shame swirled around the men tonight!

Nick, who got the kiss off, was the one person who designed for a member of his own sex. And then what did he do? He picked a feminine fabric, a feminine color, a feminine design. A "Golden Girls" jacket, that belonged with leggings, the judges said. Oh, the abject humiliation of it all!

But I was glad Santino didn't get cut. He is more entertaining than Nick. Of all the designers, he's the one whose Fashion Week line I'd most like to see. He's cramped and constrained by the assignments. So let the man loose. Let him fall on his face... or be brilliant.


Jen Bradford said...

I started out adoring Nick, then he got really pouty a few weeks back and lost me. (Although I liked what he said about his Mom and Dad at the end - probably very true.) Even the beautiful Daniel V. got the bitch bug during the Q&A tonight - blech.

As much of an egomaniac as Santino has been, he makes me laugh like a seal. His line of the night:
"Is this a space suit?"
"Because my ass is out of this world!"

dan said...

Sorry to disagree with your "men were horrible but the women were so grand" theory. But Kara shouldn't get points for an outfit that Santino clearly designed. Those madras pants that Nina Garcia "just loved!!" were entirely his idea. He even picked out the fabrics. She has been dead wood for the last few episodes.
I agree the jumpsuit was dreadful tho. Santino is still more interesting and more talented that Janx.

price said...

I'm usually completely in favor of creative obstructions because they often encourage problem solving and then greatness... like a short time limit and $100 budget... but I really wish I knew what it was like to see any of these great artists get to go a little crazier. Particularly more than last season, this group seems way more last minute, and that they are just scraping by as far as the designs go. Especially in the beginning, the assignments involving used clothing, ice dancing outfits or identical fabrics may have been compelling television, but I really think we're missing out on what Santino or Daniel could come up with if left to their own devices. It's the celebration of actual, tangible art and originality which is what makes this show kind of special. I just want to see more creativity if anything. Am I crazy?

Ann Althouse said...

Dan: My "women are great" point was only about the difference in how considerate they were toward their "client." Both women received clothes that expressed hostility toward them. It was really awful. The fact that Santino got clothes he requested is consistent, not inconsistent with this point.

Price: I think it was $200, but still.

Re: not enough time. This is why Nick was a fool to undertake to make a suit. They should plan something that takes account of the short time. I think Chloe has done well all season because she does this (except in the plant episode).

jinnmabe said...

I agree with Ann (and Michael Korrs and Nina, who have said it in past weeks) about Santino (and others) not caring about the actual woman that he's going to put his clothes on. Usually Daniel doesn't fall into that trap, but he made Chloe look...well, not good. And she's a cute girl.

Does the fact that all the men on the show are gay factor into their fashion decisions? I mean, the same network, Bravo, has another show whose whole gimmick is that gay men know more about fashion (and food, and furniture, etc.). Would a straight male designer be designing things differently? I'm never quite sure if it's ok or not to believe that gay men have different abilities (fashion-related or whatever) than straight men.

lindsey said...

I'm shocked they liked the jumpsuit as much as they did. That sucker was hideous.

Moanique said...

There's some fine boundary that's difficult to see where one side is having your client design the clothes and the other side is pleasing your client by using their suggestions about what they like. I think Kara is OK on this one...and she made Santino look good.

Would that Santino had returned the favor.

Craig Ranapia said...

Sorry to sound like a stuck record on this, but Santino's "F**k you" attitude may be entertaining but (yet again) I've just seen more evidence why I wouldn't want to give him a job or finance a collection. In the real world, and in Kara's position, I'd have told him the only way I was going to pay for that abortion was on the business end of a court order.

Vulgar, tacky, poorly executed but fussy design. And ALL about Santino. I've got a good idea what he'd wear to a drag party, but this wasn't a good make-over that gave Kara's "look" a twist while still reflecting her personality. (Something Kara did for Santino, IMO. Damn the guy may be a jerk, but he looked good.)

And I don't like to say this, because it's such a cliche, but what is it about so many gay male fashion designers that they need to signal their utter incomprehension of (if not outright contempt for) the female body in seventy foot high neon?

Pogo said...

Project Runway Math

1. Santino - Kara = Zulema
2. Daniel - Nick = the loneliest number
3. (Pumpkin Skirt+Moss Carpet+Tears) - (Gutter Dress)= No Andrae
4. Rebecca > (Danyelle+Rachael+Lesley+Grace+Heather) -Tarah