October 14, 2005

Men make women fat!

"Men are very bad for women really" -- says some doctor. What's that all about? Pleasures?


Paul said...

Isn't there anything you can find which is positive about a male?
Even Dr. Haslam at the end says there are positive influences and gains - but if he knows of any, he didn't enumerate them.....sigh. I'm going to think about it and if I can think of one, I'm going to post it....I'm still thinknig

Too Many Jims said...

And we wonder why you don't want us around to be dads.

Simon said...

Presumably it simply never occured to Dr. Haslam that the reason many women AND men who are married or cohabiting is that the principle biological imperative for staying trim - the attraction of a mate - is obviated in such a relationship.

Goesh said...

If women can drive bulldozers and race cars and fly jets, why can't they snarf down a 20 oz. prime T-bone steak too or a whole rack of ribs and toss back a few stiff belts of top-shelf bouron while they are at it? Damn right! 4 fingers of top-shelf bourbon after a big steak would do any woman good. Part of the gusto of life is enjoying a hearty meal, so why would women hold back? I don't think women are any more concerned about being fat than are men. What does shacking-up, being married have to do with it?

Pastor_Jeff said...

Who knew that men have such power? Silly me - I always thought women had control over what they eat and whether they exercise. "Now we see the violence inherent in the system! Help! I'm bein' repressed!"

From the facts given, couldn't the article just as easily have said "Women living with men choose to be lazy and undisciplined"?

"I am woman; hear me snore!"

vbspurs said...

Dateline, Lascaux, 7000 BC:

"Men drag Women by the hair!"

Dateline, Egypt, 3000 BC:

"Men mummify Women!"

Dateline, Mexico, 2000 BC:

"Men throw Women...erm, virgins, into volcanos!"

Dateline, Greece, 340 BC:

"Men make love to each other not to Women!"

Dateline, Moscow, 800 AD:

"Men kill Women's first-born sons for better harvests!"

Dateline, England, 1589 AD:

"A Woman rules over Men!"

(oops how'd that get in there, backspace)

Dateline, America, 1870's AD

"Men make Women bear 14 children on average!"

Dateline, New York, 1910 AD

"Men forfeed suffragette Women!"

Dateline, Madison, 2005

"Men make Women fat!"

...progress, Ann, progress.


vbspurs said...

Isn't there anything you can find which is positive about a male?

That's what I thought too at first, Paul.

"Geez, another anti-male thread. This is getting to be predictable."

But, back up a mo'!

Ann has a keen sense of humour, and was just pointing out this funny BBC article.

That's all.

It was funny too.

And like all truly amusing things in life, it's kinda sad as well.


Freeman Hunt said...

I think Simon is exactly right. Who doesn't know that many women, once they find a mate, become complacent? (Men too.) In college don't they call it the Freshman Fifteen? For couples how about the Twosome Twenty?

Steven said...

Ah, yes, another article on weight gain coupled with the standard dehumanizing picture of a heavy person from the neck to the knees.

Ann Althouse said...

Paul: Do I have to get out my sledgehammer? And no, I don't mean to .... ah, forget it ....

Pastor_Jeff said...


It was indeed humorous and begging for satire.

Eddie said...

Ann sounds like a woman jaded. Don't blame her, it's the man's fault :)

SippicanCottage said...

I saw the picture of the woman.

How many men did she eat, before they apprehended her?

Paul said...

Ann, Victoria, strictly tongue-in-cheek. I KNOW there are positive things about males.........I just know it.
Possibly our finest attribute is giving women something to laugh about when they go to their secret meetings.
Ann, let's not bring Maxwell's Silver Hammer out just yet......

XWL said...

Did the doctor do a comparison study of committed lesbian couples?

I've known more than a few lesbians who were happily coupled and extra wide (though I don't think the pressure to lose weight when single is as strong in that community (svelteness being a masculine imposition on womyn and all), but I don't know for sure, my research doesn't extend past The L Word).

Are women bad for women too?

And what about obesity rates amongst nuns, as partners go is God bad for women also?

Meade said...

He said research showed women tend to gain weight once they... blah blahdy blah blah.

Yes, well... my research shows that women make men short.

M!kester™ said...

Ok, now listen once and for all. This is simple: Men don't make women fat. Butter does.