April 20, 2005

A slow blog day.

It's been a long, hard day, beginning with the lack of bloggish inspiration with what was for me the excessively Pope-focused news. But there was a lot to do at the law school, including teaching one of the last Constitutional Law classes of the semester. Later, it seemed like a good idea to spend $50+ getting my toenails painted "Pompeii Purple," to have my chiropractor pop my vertabrae into a more appropriate position, and to pick up a shredded beef burrito at Chipotle. I arrive home and walk up the front path, under the arch formed by my two redbud trees, which are in bloom now. All I really want to do is to pour a glass of wine, unwrap my burrito, and turn on the television. A nice, quiet evening at home. Maybe I'll find something bloggable -- there's always the "American Idol" results show -- and I'll be back to replenish the blog.


EddieP said...

I'm certain that your readers will find the idea of you munching on a burrito and taking a pull on your bottle of vino to be quite appropriate.

You don't even have to blog American Idol for all of us!

The Best

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Eddie. And note that I never drink wine straight out of the bottle. I did pour it in a glass.

Meade said...

Is anything more gorgeous than the Eastern Redbud?