December 20, 2004

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays.

It seems as though everyone picked today to talk about the insidious plot to replace "Merry Christmas" with "Happy Holidays." Rush Limbaugh: "Boy, it's a big battle this year just saying, "Merry Christmas." Mark Steyn: "Say 'Merry Christmas' while you still can." The San Francisco Chronicle: "Frighteningly retro as it sounds, the honest truth is I miss saying "Merry Christmas."

But I note that President Bush, at his press conference today, said "Happy Holidays" twice. In fact, he made no mention of Christmas, even when responding to a question that asked about troops spending Christmas in Iraq.

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syl said...

I will always say Merry CHRISTMAS and Happy New Years. I been saying this for years and will keep saying this till the day I die. This should not be argued about because people know it is Merry CHRISTMAS and this should not change for nobody either I say. President Bush should be ashamed of himself for saying happy holidays and not Merry CHRISTMAS. This is my point and I will never change even if I offend people, to bad I say if you don't like it don't respond back I say.