October 27, 2006

"In few places is the power of global climate change celebrated as it is in Wisconsin..."

It's the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.


Eli Blake said...

OMNITrax, Inc. is also celebrating it. The Canadian shipping company has invested millions of dollars in upgrading port facilities in the port of Churchill, Manitoba and improving rail access to the town anticipating the day not too long from now when the fabled 'Northwest Passage' (the search for which was once the frozen and icebound death of many an unfortunate mariner) will be open due to the melting of polar sea ice and allow direct shipping between eastern North America and Asia.

MadisonMan said...

The NYTimes map makes it look like the trail is complete through Dane County, and it's nowhere near a fait accompli. Every few years the local paper prints something about how development (and lack of funds) threatens the Ice Age Trail completion.

Roger Sweeny said...

Located a little SW of Boston, I sometimes ask my high school sacience students to close their eyes and imagine that they are transported back in time 15,000 years. "What would you see when you open your eyes?"

The correct answer is, "Nothing. You are at the bottom of more than 1,000 feet of ice."