August 13, 2005

They're remaking "Westworld."

With the director Tarsem Singh – who made the "The Cell." "The Cell" was kind of bad as a story but it had beautifully visionary dream sequences. I believe "Westworld" had a good story. (Right? I haven't seen it.) So the remake should be good, I'm going to predict.

Here's my old post on "The Cell":
If you enjoy seeing people suspended from the ceiling in a horizontal position, trekking across sand dunes in glamorous gowns, and watching their own intestines being twirled onto a rotisserie held up by statues of seahorses, this is the film for you.


John A said...

I enjoyed "Westworld", but is it worth a remake? Not this soon, if at all. In truth, probably the best thing was the way Yul Brynner strutted about: if you enjoyed John Cleese'a "Ministry of Silly Walks" on Monty Python, Yul's arrogant swish/swash could have fit in.

chuck b. said...

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I'm watching Stalker right now, and by right now I mean for the next several days. I think someone on Volokh was talking about it. I didn't care for Tarkovsky when I was in college and all my friends would not shut up, but now I see.

XWL said...

This may or may not have politcal consequences too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was attached to this movie, and was his next project before he decided to tackle the political mess in California.

Going ahead with this project means one of two things, Arnold stepped aside, or they are doing pre-production work with an eye towards including Arnold as his return to acting (and signalling his unwillingness to continue to be bludgeoned by the partisan press and politics infecting the Golden State).

According to current stories on the project Arnold's people deny he will be part of the picture, but the likely summer 07 release date would be after he leaves office should he not run in 06. It seems also that he was slated to play a park visitor rather than the main menacing robot, so maybe a cameo as the Governor could still be worked out.

Or maybe the producers decided comedy is hot and replaced him with Will Ferrell (it's Hollywood, worse could happen).

knoxgirl said...

I'm guilty of kind of enjoying "The Cell" but you hit the nail on the head here in your review:

"There should have been a complex and amazing secret to be unraveled in the dream world, something only comprehensible inside the mind, which was intricately tied to finding the victim."

The ending was definitely a letdown, even though that far into the movie, you pretty much have no expectations.

Neil said...

It seems as if the studios have decided to save some money and just remake every moderate hit from 1973-1979. Is Dog Day Afternoon next?

Patrick said...

Westworld is an entertaining movie, but there doesn't seem to be any reason to remake it. They really must have run out of ideas. I can't imagine that anyone who has seen the orginal will rush out to see what they changed.

Sloanasaurus said...

Wasn't there a remake of Westworld already in a Simpsons episode?

I still get chills thinking about Yul Brenner's face melting with that computer board underneath.

Face it, Westworld was a B - Movie. Any remake would be better.